Jul 17, 2010

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After flip flopping on my vase options I finally made the committment and bought "the ones"! They're actually candle holders but I thought they'd make fabulous vases.

The Centerpieces photo 1  The Centerpieces photo 2

The Centerpieces photo 3  The Centerpieces photo 4

I can't wait to see an actual mock-up of my centerpieces with whichever florist I choose!

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I originally thought I wanted just two bridesmaids at our wedding - but after giving it some more thought I felt that it would mean more to me if my bff and my sister were "upgraded" to be my Maid and Matron of Honor. So - since I already asked them to be my bridesmaids I thought I'd come up with a cute way to ask them to be my MOH's.

Here are the cards I created for them. All the materials were purchased at the dollar store!

DIY Will You Be my MOH photo 1  DIY Will You Be my MOH photo 2

DIY Will You Be my MOH photo 3     DIY Will You Be my MOH photo 4

And here are the gifts that I purchased for them (picture frames and potpourri).

DIY Will You Be my MOH photo 5  DIY Will You Be my MOH photo 6

DIY Will You Be my MOH photo 7

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In addition to having our fans as favors we will also be doing a cookie bar! My MOH's and I will work at baking lots and lots of mini cookies before the big day and freezing them.

Here's my inspiration:

DIY Cookie Bar photo 1

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Since our wedding ceremony is taking place outdoors in the middle of summer I wanted to make sure that my favor would be useful (even if it's thrown away right after the ceremony/reception). And at $0.10 each for these fans I really don't mind (gotta love Craigslist!!)! So, a new DIY project begins. Here are a few pictures of the fans.

DIY Fan Favors photo 1     DIY Fan Favors photo 2

 ~ * UPDATE * ~

After a few trials this is what I've ended up with! I used tissue paper and glue for sort of a "paper mache" look and attached labels. The labels have been stamped with "LOVE."

DIY Fan Favors photo 3     DIY Fan Favors photo 4

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Here are a few potential "looks" for the big day - now only to get my hair to cooperate and to find someone who can duplicate this at a reasonable price!

Inspiration Hair Make Up photo 1Inspiration Hair Make Up photo 2

Inspiration Hair Make Up photo 3 Inspiration Hair Make Up photo 4 

First pic is of the lovely Starg8zer - I love her make up and hair. And I love the hair style in the second picture.

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So, I know that I want fuschia as the main color for my wedding - but I'm debating between the other secondary colors.

Here are a few inspirational pictures I have found from various sources (please let me know if any of these photos belong to you and I will gladly list you as the source).

Inspiration Colors photo 1   Inspiration Colors photo 2

The theme colors for the wedding will be: Fuschia, Turquoise, and Green Apple with hints of white! 

Inspiration Colors photo 3    Inspiration Colors photo 4     Inspiration Colors photo 5    Inspiration Colors photo 6