Jul 17, 2010

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After getting engaged, we both decided we wanted to wait a few years before *officially* tying the knot. When we got engaged in August 2008, we were both going through a lot of transistions - I had just finished school and was starting a new career and Mike was in the process of furthering his education. On top of our new career and educational endeavours we were moving in together for the first time in a home we had purchased. Rather than having a wedding as soon as possible, we opted on a longer engagement for the least amount of stress possible (least stress on my part anyways :p).

That said - our wedding date is officially JULY 17, 2010!

So far, I have purchased my dream wedding shoes (yes, shoes are far more important to me than any dress..on any day..for ANY occasion), booked a breath taking venue (Grouse Mountain - North Vancouver, British Columbia), and found a great photograper (not booked - but fleshing out the details).

And although our wedding is more than a year away I am starting to plan my little heart out now so that I can incorporate as many DIY projects as I possibly (and reasonably) can!

Planning Part I photo 1

UPDATE - After receiving many PM's about these shoes I thought I'd add a blurb about them. They are a limited edition style from Town Shoes in Canada and are from the Barbie collection. Unfortunately they are no longer available but they have come out with a new line.

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We had always known that we were "the one" for eachother, and although I didn't know the exact details of when and where we would get engaged, I knew that we would eventually get married! Mike proposed to me in the most surprising and meaningful way - at the first viewing of our brand spanking new home together! We were scheduled to have a walk-through of our brand new apartment/condo, and I was so excited to take a million pictures of our new place. As soon as the walk-through was over, I was still pre-occupied with taking pictures of our new closet when Mike pulled me aside and got down on one knee to pop the question.

During this time, I kept thinking "but I didn't get a good picture of our shelves yet!" As soon as I grasped what was happening, I just said "YES!" I feel awful for saying this, but I can't remember everything Mike said prior to asking "Will you marry me?" The reason was because I had a billion things running through my mind like - when did he get the ring?! Why didn't I wear something cuter?! I can't believe he set all this up!?

After he popped the question, we went to one of our favourite restaurants (The Cannery - Vancouver, BC) and celebrated our engagement.

Here's a picture of my engagement ring (which literally took my breath away when I saw it)

The Proposal photo 1     The Proposal photo 2

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He was 19 and she was 17. She thought he was cute and told him so. He invited her out for a night out with friends. And they've been together since.

We had been together for 6 years when Michael proposed to me in August 2008. We've been through a lot with eachother and are both so excited to tie the knot!

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