Jul 17, 2010

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Milly Bridal Design Studio
( 2.0 / 5.0 )
Communication: C. I felt that communication between Milly Bridal and myself could have been better. There were times when the communication was great and other times where I thought they had completely forgot about my dress order. I also encountered some difficulty when I requested that they make the bodice of the gown longer in order to achieve the mermaid style (these requests were repeatedly rebuffed despite my obvious concerns). Timeline: B-. My dress was a month behind schedule. I would never have known had I not continued to follow-up with them. Product: C+. The dress is equivalent quality to some of the dresses I tried on in boutiques. There were certain area's which I was unhappy with - my dress was made of organza so there are many area's where the organza edging is visibly fraying. I also noticed pen marks beneath some of the ruffle layers (I'm guessing where they marked where the ruffle were to go). If I could go back in time I definitely would have just purchased a dress off the rack. Although I give Milly Bridal 3 stars I would never want to experience the same level of frustration over a dress ever again. It's just not worth it. --------- UPDATE JUNE 29, 2010 --------- I just received my dress from my seamstress/alterations person and she let me know the truth about the gown. She let me know that Milly Bridal was extremely careless with a lot of the ruching on my gown (organza) and that she had to take apart part of the dress to re-work it...but that there were more areas where this couldn't be done. All in all I would NOT recommend Milly Bridal to anyone. It is a gamble with something you should NOT have to gamble with.
Services used: Unique Services

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Overnight Prints.com
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
Designing them was easy b/c I did them on my own using Adobe Illustrator. You can download their blank template and design using that or you can build your own. Shipping - SUPER fast. Value - great. I got 50 post card save the dates for $20 after shipping (they are glossy on both sides and are printed in full color). Quality - good. The paper stock is heavy and it has a nice glossy finish. HOWEVER - they aren't as careful as I would have liked with printing the file. Both the front and the back are slightly "off". It is not centered as I laid the file out to be (and I KNOW I did because I do this for work 24/7 and have never had this quality issue before). That said - it's off by only 0.2cm so it's not a huge deal - but still something I noticed. All in all I'd use them again if I needed something cheap and fast.
Services used: Favors & Gifts, Invitations