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TEARS OF JOY photo 1

this had to be the easiest and fastest project to date. I had my stickers made on etsy by seller tickledpinkpaperink (48 for $16). I purchased the glassine envelopes on ebay and the tissues came from the local dollartree. Each envelope holds 2 tissues. then & I used leftover ribbon just to add a little extra to the whole idea. Total for everything about $25 with extras remaining of course. =)


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Thanks to Crafty Eddy... we'll have our very own initial caketopper. I plan to pain it in gold with the possibility of a little bling =)

Cake Topper photo 1Cake Topper photo 2

BEFORE                                                              AFTER

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broach bracelet asking $40

flowergirl earings (never worn) asking $20

Bridesmaid pearl/crystal earrings (2pair) $20 each Jasmine earrings asking $40

dalfiya boutique crystal earrings (never worn) asking $30

por la victoire bridal shoe 4" heel (size 6.5)

retail $150 - asking $90 *only worn for ceremony

Davids bridal flowergirl heels (color: champagne size: 10) *worn for ceremony only

asking $15

2 pair of never worn bridesmaid shoes (sizes: 7 & 8.5) asking $25 each or both for $40

peach flowergirl dress (only worn to try on decided on different look for ceremony)

(size 6) asking $25

peach/pearl pomander asking $15

Ivory stretch flowergirl headband asking $10



PAYPAL ONLY!!!! please PM ME if interested in any of the items listed. most prices include shipping.





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The FI and I have decided to take a step back and reevaluate everything. Rather than focusing on the wedding of our family's dreams, we want to do it the right way and make it the wedding of ours. So we've dropped all previous plans... and are going DESTINATION STYLE!

12 Months or more

  • Cut out pictures and articles that inspire you. Keep them organized in a binder. Martha Stewart has a great binder that has pockets to keep photos, cards of vendors, swatches, etc.
  • Start looking at bridal magazines and look for local bridal faire to attent. This is a great way to meet wedding vendors and see their work first hand
  • This is the hard part. Set a realistic budget.
  • Start on your guest list. Invite those that you want to spend your wedding with. Destination weddings are smaller more intimate affairs so do not feel guilty about not inviting your coworkers that you barely know. Be prepared that some of the guests you invite at the wedding may not be able to come for financial or logistical reasons.
  • If you plan on getting married out of the country, be sure to check the laws to make sure your marriage is recognized in the states. If it is a larger wedding, you may want to look into hiring a wedding coordinator who specializes in destination weddings.
  • Start researching different locations for a destination wedding. Things to consider: travel time, seasons/weather (you do not want to have your wedding during hurricane season), cost of accomodations, etc.
  • Choose a wedding date and start working on Save The Date Cards.
  • If you are planning a wedding at a resort or place you have never been before, negotiate a site visit. Some resorts even offer a free site visit or at least a reduced rate.

Determine your budget

  • Considerations: airfare, hotel, document processing, meals, transportation, activities. Don't forget the all important wedding items such as attire, photographer, flowers, ceremony fee, etc. If you are having friends or family, you must consider if they can afford the expense of the trip.


  • Make sure the wedding day is not during the local hurricane season or wet months? How many people do you want to be there...just you and your future spouse? Friends? Family? Are you also planning on honeymooning there or somewhere else?

8-10 months prior

  • If you can make a wedding planning trip it will be really helpful to meet with local vendors like: florist, baker, photographer, etc.
  • During the site visit would also be a great time to take your chosen photographer for a test run. Maybe take some engagement pics on the beach for your Save The Date Cards.
  • Create wedding website with travel information and FAQs for your family and friends.
  • Contact a travel agent specializing in Destination Wedding to help negotiate a lower room rate and block your rooms.
  • Decide if you wnt a legal or symbolic ceremony. If you would like to get legally married outside the US, be sure to verify the local marriage residency requirements.
  • Start looking for wedding invitations.

Research the marriage requirements

  • It may be as simple as going to the local courthouse to sign a marriage license, or it may be as complicated as having to be a resident. There are destination wedding coordinators who will handle the entire license processing for you. If you are planning on having a legal ceremony in Mexico, it does require a blood test.

Wedding Theme

  • You may want to decide early on what colors or theme you would like. Make sure the bouquet you dreamed of will work at your destination wedding. A lot of flowers can be shipped in if not grown locally but make sure in advance.


  • Book your reservations early! Many resorts and hotels are booked months in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.
  • If your group is larger, you may want to consider blocking rooms for your guests.

6-7 Months prior

  • Start looking for your wedding dress. Some dresses can take 4-5 months to make.
  • Start looking for the groom and groomsman attire.
  • Order groom and groomsmen attire. Take into consideration that linen suits are seasonal and may only be available to purchase in the spring.
  • Shop for wedding rings and jewelry for your big day.

3-4 Months prior

  • Finalize your wedding invitations and mail them out.
  • Start ordering items for Out Of Town Bags or wedding favors.
  • Start working on your wedding ceremony. Consider writing your own vows to make the day more personalized.

1 Month prior

  • Release any unnecessary rooms
  • Finalize all wedding day itineraries
  • Confirm travel arrangements with the hotel/resort

2-3 Weeks prior

  • Make sure you confirm and re-confirm EVERYTHING with your vendors before the wedding

3-4 Days prior

  • Arrive at your destination.
  • If you plan on using a local styilist for your hair and make-up, do a test run with your veil or hairpiece.
  • If you are having a legal ceremony finalize all the local requirements to make it legitimate.
  • Meet with the hotel events coordinator or your wedding coordinator to go over the final details.
  • Have a welcome dinner in lieu of a rehearsel dinner to thank all your guests who have travelled so far to share this event with you.
  • Relax, you're
  • Contact a travel agent specializing in Destination Wedding to help negotiate a lower room rate and block your rooms. on vacation!

Residency requirements

  • Once you arrive at your destination, how many days do you have to wait in order to get married?

The day of

  • Be sure to eat a bit and keep hydrated.
  • Enjoy your special day. You deserve every bit of happiness that comes with it!


Marriage Requirements


Residency requirement: None for U.S. citizens
Necessary documents: Couples must obtain a marriage license from any Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Both parties must provide the Clerk's Office with a valid photo ID. If either party has ever been married and divorced, or widowed, the date of the divorce or date of the spouse's death must be supplied.

Note: The license does not need to be issued in the county that the ceremony will take place in, and is valid for 60 days. Florida residents have a 3 day waiting period and must have taken a state-sanctioned marriage preparation course within the last year in order to obtain a license.

License by Mail:

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Yummy...Flower power!!


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The Ring How It Came To Be photo 1The Ring How It Came To Be photo 2


Isn't she adorable? The FH and I selected her together. I'm an antique type of girl and she has a bit of that look/feel. My proposal was in no way traditional. We had of course talked about marriage several times, over many years. Then one day he called me while at work and said, "Baby, its time... we need to decide on a day and go ring shopping. & I want you to come along to pick exactly what you want, because you deserve it! " (LOL). ... and so I did!