May 01, 2010

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pro pics cocktails photo 1

my two maids of honor thumb wrestling to see who gets to sign the marriage license - one is also holding her champagne and the other is nearly 6 months pregnant!

pro pics cocktails photo 2

officially married!  love this photo of my husband!

pro pics cocktails photo 3

DIY signature drink menus in addition to the full bar service

pro pics cocktails photo 4

one of friends enjoying bill's favorite cocktail - the manhattan! or in our case, the bill-hattan!

pro pics cocktails photo 5

one of my favorite shots of my dad!

pro pics cocktails photo 6

as you can see, our wedding had many hilarious moments. everyone is amazed at how  many of them Jamie captured. so wonderful!

pro pics cocktails photo 7

one of the passed appetizers - sliders!

pro pics cocktails photo 8

yum! so good. couldn't resist! i think i had 2 or 3!

pro pics cocktails photo 9 

posing with my sis for another guest! she's gorgeous!

pro pics cocktails photo 10

our DIY guestbook created with our e-pics (also Jamie) and our DIY event signage

pro pics cocktails photo 11

and another extra special detail are my dads legendary caramels - of course making an appearance. we went through hundreds of these and only had 80 guests at the wedding!


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i loved our look and feel of the entire wedding, especially the reception. it was perfect! we had a dream team of vendors - highlighting here the stunning venue, Rosewood Sand Hill and beyond talented designer & florist Amy Burke. All photos are by Jamie Grenough - simply one of the best out there!

Our theme was "modern, romantic" as my husband is a sentimental romantic and I'm a modern minimalist - we chose romantic elements in modern arrangements and style - and focused our decor in greys, whites, and yellows. we chose the colors first and it happened that the venue matched perfectly down to the damask details on the hand painted silk wall panels. love. sigh. if only this was my reality every day...

pro pics decor photo 1 pro pics decor photo 2 pro pics decor photo 3 pro pics decor photo 4pro pics decor photo 5 pro pics decor photo 6 

centerpieces alternated in high and low styles throughout the room. table numbers were named after our firsts - i.e. first dinner together, first vacation together, first baseball game, etc. it was a nice conversation starter and a fun reminder of our history together.

pro pics decor photo 7 pro pics decor photo 8 pro pics decor photo 9 pro pics decor photo 10 

Rosewood provided all the gorgeous table top elements including the beautiful chargers, stemware, silverware, linen napkins, table clothes and overlays, votives, chairs, and table stands, and even the menu jackets as shown above in the napkin fold. it was gorgeous.

pro pics decor photo 11 pro pics decor photo 12

pro pics decor photo 13 

our escort and seating cards were a DIY project. folded panel cards were purchased at Papersource, along with the damask stamp, ink, powders, and embossing gun. Escort cards are shown above. Place cards used the same stamp inverted at the bottom of each card along with an entree designation in yellow as seen in above photos. My bridesmaid wrote all our guests names with her beyond perfect hand writing. love her!

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We started our reception with an introduction of our bridal party, then immediately into the first dance. We took lessons and had a choreographed routine by Kayla North, of Arthur Murray in Redwood City. She's amazing!

pro pics reception photo 1 pro pics reception photo 2 pro pics reception photo 3 pro pics reception photo 4 pro pics reception photo 5 pro pics reception photo 6 pro pics reception photo 7 pro pics reception photo 8



We had a 4-course dinner and two best men / maids of honor, my dad , and my husband. The toasts were funny and sentimental, and sweet - just perfect! here are a few shots of the action!

My MOH's toast involved many of the nicknames I've had during my life. All my girlfriends took part with costumes and the likes. It was hilarious!

pro pics reception photo 9 pro pics reception photo 10 pro pics reception photo 11 pro pics reception photo 12 pro pics reception photo 13 

pro pics reception photo 14 pro pics reception photo 15 pro pics reception photo 16 

Our two best men gave amazing toasts, filled with memories, love and humor.

pro pics reception photo 17 pro pics reception photo 18 

pro pics reception photo 19 pro pics reception photo 20pro pics reception photo 21 

The guys ended their remarks with a surprise serenade to Bill - in College they were all in an acapella group and are quite talented. They recruited Aileen to be the acting lead, as Bill usually is the lead vocalist - it was so special for Bill. 

pro pics reception photo 22

There wasn't a dry eye in the house when my dad gave his speech. We are all very close and my dad often joked about having too many girls (3) and not enough sons (0). His speech centered on how much he loves all of his girls and how he feels blessed to have "adopted" my friends throughout my life. I was quite emotional - such a sweet dad.

pro pics reception photo 23 pro pics reception photo 24

pro pics reception photo 25 pro pics reception photo 26 pro pics reception photo 27  

my sisters and i with my dad after, followed by all my dad's girls! 

pro pics reception photo 28 pro pics reception photo 29 

Father / Daughter & Mother / Son Dance - we chose the song "Wild World" by Cat Stevens. 

pro pics reception photo 30 pro pics reception photo 31 pro pics reception photo 32  

Now not to be outdone, my adorable husband has a few things to say. He talked about his father who passed away about 6 years earlier and how much he loved me. It was funny, sweet, and truly one of the best parts of our wedding.

pro pics reception photo 33 pro pics reception photo 34   

Then my so talented husband sang "A Change in my Life" with his group. It was the best I ever heard him sing. 

pro pics reception photo 35 pro pics reception photo 36 

My husband had been teased by my sis all week long so to get even, he pulled her out on the floor and serenaded her with "Pretty Woman"... Hysterical!

pro pics reception photo 37 

My parents dancing! So sweet!

pro pics reception photo 38 

The party - some of our guests. I love this shot!

pro pics reception photo 39

I believe this may have been something along the lines of 80's hair metal band... too funny!

pro pics reception photo 40

It was absolutely the best day of my life the day I married Bill. I wasn't stressed or upset by anything and there wasn't a thing I would have changed. I love these upcoming shots because they capture the fun and the very special once in a lifetime feelings.

pro pics reception photo 41

these are my favorites because it was one of the very sweet private moments we had during the celebration. neither of us knew the photographer was there.

pro pics reception photo 42 

pro pics reception photo 43 pro pics reception photo 44 








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Cheryl Burr of Pinkies Bakery created the best, most delicious cake ever. Eac layer of our wedding cake was actually two layer combined. Flavors included devilsfood chocolate mousse and coconut chiffon. The whit fondant actually had a sparkle luster shimmer added for additional drama. Silver ribbon and a sugar peony flower finished the cake.

Our grooms cake is the larger than life Yankees themed chocolate cake and it was just simply amazing. 

pro pics the cake photo 1 pro pics the cake photo 2

pro pics the cake photo 3 pro pics the cake photo 4

pro pics the cake photo 5 pro pics the cake photo 6 

pro pics the cake photo 7 pro pics the cake photo 8pro pics the cake photo 9 pro pics the cake photo 10pro pics the cake photo 11 pro pics the cake photo 12

pro pics the cake photo 13

pro pics the cake photo 14 pro pics the cake photo 15

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pro pics ceremony photo 1

pro pics ceremony photo 2

 pro pics ceremony photo 3 pro pics ceremony photo 4 pro pics ceremony photo 5 pro pics ceremony photo 6 pro pics ceremony photo 7 pro pics ceremony photo 8 pro pics ceremony photo 9 pro pics ceremony photo 10pro pics ceremony photo 11 pro pics ceremony photo 12

 pro pics ceremony photo 13 pro pics ceremony photo 14  pro pics ceremony photo 15 pro pics ceremony photo 16

pro pics ceremony photo 17 pro pics ceremony photo 18

pro pics ceremony photo 19 pro pics ceremony photo 20 pro pics ceremony photo 21 pro pics ceremony photo 22 pro pics ceremony photo 23


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 just a few of the whole group!

pro pics the gang photo 1


the bridesmaids:

pro pics the gang photo 2 pro pics the gang photo 3


the groomsmen:

pro pics the gang photo 4 pro pics the gang photo 5