Jan 29, 2010

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FI loves my hair down and I wanted to wear it semi up something soft loose curls romantic so I'm thinking a compromise on this one maybe half up half down or down during ceremony up during reception. Not sure but here is some of my hairspiration!

Make me Beautiful photo 1Make me Beautiful photo 2I love this look!Make me Beautiful photo 3Make me Beautiful photo 4Make me Beautiful photo 5Make me Beautiful photo 6Make me Beautiful photo 7Make me Beautiful photo 8


I am a MAC girl all the way! I have been using MAC makeup forever and have my make up done by them anytime something special comes up! I definitely want a nautral/bold look for my wedding(if that makes sense) I want a very nautral soft face soft lips and cheeks but bold smokey eyes and lashes for sure! Here are some pics I found(on here of course) of the look I'm going for.

Make me Beautiful photo 9Make me Beautiful photo 10Make me Beautiful photo 11Make me Beautiful photo 12Make me Beautiful photo 13Make me Beautiful photo 14Make me Beautiful photo 15

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Thanks to Bride and all you PW ladies I have decided that I will more than likely go with something vintage and bold for my jewelry! I want to feel like a movie star so I'm gonna need some serious bling(but not too expensive of course!) Here are some of my favorites.

Glitz and Glamour photo 1Glitz and Glamour photo 2Glitz and Glamour photo 3Glitz and Glamour photo 4Glitz and Glamour photo 5Glitz and Glamour photo 6

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Ok I don't know what is going to be harder for me choosing a dress or choosing my shoes I will more than likely be a 2 pair or 3 pair Bride! I have a shoe problem. Anyways here are some that just make me drool!(if any of these are yours please let me know so I can credit you I am a habitual right clicker!)

SHOES photo 1SHOES photo 2SHOES photo 3

And last but most certainly not least The coveted Jimmy Choo(oh to be able to afford you!)SHOES photo 4 It was love at first sight!

I'm thinking I could find something very similar and DIY with the feathers what do you think?

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We chose to have our reception at the beautiful Augusta Pines FI and I both love the feel of their banquet room with the chandeliers and french doors and huge staircase private balcony and so much more here are a few pics I got from the internet and some I took myself.

Dancing the night away photo 1Dancing the night away photo 2

Dancing the night away photo 3Dancing the night away photo 4

FI and I will walk down these stairs as they announce us! FI was practicing his walk.(such a ham!)

I am still debating on centerpieces but here is some of my inspiration most of which I got right from PW!(if any of these photos are yours please let me know so I can credit you.)

Dancing the night away photo 5Dancing the night away photo 6Dancing the night away photo 7Dancing the night away photo 8

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Ok so here is the story to our Venue. I had always known I wanted to get married in December. FI and I both love Christmas and all the smells and colors and I had always dreamed of a December wedding with twinkle lights and snowflakes...etc.(you get the picture) Well FI had no sooner slipped the ring on my finger and I went to planning. We had picked our date and I was calling local venues making appointments and was on my way to my winter wonderland wedding! Well I quickly found out that having a December wedding was going to be difficult(mind you December was still 10 mths away!) I was going to have to compete with all the other brides who had my idea of this winter fairytale wedding and office Christmas parties on top of all of this I was shocked to find out that I would have to fork over some serious cash if I was going to have a December wedding! Most venues increase there pricing anywhere from $2500-$5000 just for that month!!! Well I knew from the get go that we would be on a tight budget and paying most everything ourselves! We sat down one night and really talked this whole December wedding thing over and decided maybe we should reconsider. FI's one and only requirement for the ceremony was that he wanted it to be a church or chapel. We went to our church and found out that they charge $750 to have a wedding there!!!! I was like are you kidding me I go here I give you money every week!!!! We looked at the church where my dad attends and they only charged $550 a little more reasonable but still high. I was beginning to get discouraged when I was sitting at my desk one day at work and my mom called. She knew how discouraged I was and knew I felt I wouldn't be able to find a place we could afford. Short background on my mom: My mom works for a lawfirm for a very wealthy well known attorny we also grew up with his kids same schools and such. He has the most amazing house and backyard(if you consider 27acreas a backyard) It's undescribable! Well just so happens she found out that he was a building a replica old english village in his backyard with cobblestone paths and lighting and cottages and wouldn't you know it a 150 seat CHAPEL! Well of course we got right to work seeing who we needed to talk to and ask permission about holding our cermony and sure enough within 3 days I had seen the chapel(AMAZING!) and had my yes to using it for our ceremony! Best part we are getting to use it at absolute no charge!! Thats right ladies this beautiful amazing chapel(in which I will be the first wedding) for FREEE! I felt like I was dreaming. I couldn't believe this was happening! Anyways sorry it's so long but I just had to tell the whole story because it is just too amazing not to share! I have posted some pics below it is not quiet finished but you can definitely get the idea and see why I am so excited! Inside Chapel should be complete by June 6 I will post finished pics once I go back over!!!

Going to the Chapel photo 1Here is the front(overlook the mud it rained for a week straight) where the scaffold is, is where I will make my grand entrace

Going to the Chapel photo 2Another view of the front on the left is a little reception type area we will more than likely have our rehersal dinner in there, also thinking about doing our recieving line in there(if we have one still not sure?) On the right is a quaint little 2 bdrm guest cottage where myself and the girls will get ready that day!!

Going to the Chapel photo 3Side view

Going to the Chapel photo 4Beautiful dome inside the chapel

Going to the Chapel photo 5This is where we will be standing when we say I DO!

Going to the Chapel photo 6Back of Chapel

Since the Chapel is already so beautiful I will be doing very little decorating wise but here are just a few ideas I had to create a very warm romantic intimate setting.

Going to the Chapel photo 7  Going to the Chapel photo 8

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