Feb 04, 2010

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Our day was amazing! We had a rough start to the week with the sudden death of my grandad just 5 days before the wedding and the obvious emotional rollercoaster that ensued was nothing short of draining. There were a few hiccups on the day (the band was 2 hours late and the transport we'd organised to take us to our photo location was late) but nothing that preperation and a good MC couldnt fix. We'd had the forethought to load our ipod with a few dinner and dance music playlists and our MC was johhny on the spot with his mobile phone and contact lists!

It rained in the morning, but it was perfectly sunny by the afternoon, perfect for our 5pm ceremony! The wind even died down for us! James looked spectacular in his suit and even though we cried a little, all the little things we'd written into our ceremony that were 'us' made us both laugh again.

Our photographer had us traipsing up hill and dale (litterally) and I lost my patience by the end of the day, but I'm sure the photos will look stunning. (Update: They werent! So I've got my Pro Pics (below) from a talented friend who came to the wedding - Rohan Smith. So grateful he was there!)  

All the little details that I had spent hours preparing hadn't gone un-noticed by the guests either, with a lot of them commenting on how unique and special it made our wedding. I felt especially rewarded for all my hard work though when my new husband gave his speech and thanked me for all my hard work. It was definately worth it!

Our first dance was what I had dreamed of and it was the only part of our day that I felt there was no-one else in the room but us. The funniest part of our day was when I drove our rental car home after the reception and I had to hike my dress up to drive the car (our photographer got that precious moment on film too).

It was impressive, emotional, beautiful and all that we had dreamed of, and I'm so glad that we put all the effort and time into it that we did.  

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Something Old: I'm putting my grandmothers broach on my bouquet

Something New: The dress is new! That counts dosent it?!

Something Borrowed: My FMIL is lending me her mothers engagement ring to wear for the day! It's breathtaking and has a similar setting to my e-ring, but best of all it fits my tiny little fingers!

Something Blue: I'm thinking of sewing a little blue heart into my dress down under the hem because I'm not wearing a garter, but I'm open to suggestions! Update: I wore the garter... : )Something old photo 1

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So I like the idea of ring dishes but couldnt find any I liked so I made some myself!

Ring a ding ding dishes photo 1

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Instead of throwing my boquet, I'm going with a traditional English "Ring Pull". Each single girl pulls a ribbon that has a charm attached, the charm is ment to symbolise somthing about their future husband. I decided to do something a little different and replaced the charms with leggo men, I also added a little fortune with each man. I had so much fun putting these together and I think the girls will love them!

Ring Pull photo 1 Ring Pull photo 2

Ring Pull photo 3 Ring Pull photo 4

Ring Pull photo 5Ring Pull photo 6

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Dress Fitting photo 1  Dress Fitting photo 2 Dress Fitting photo 3Dress Fitting photo 4


I love, love, LOVE the pink through my dress!

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So I've been meaning to post these photos for a while! Here are my beautiful shoes from Whittner

My jewelery was handmade and I purchased it from my dress designer (if you really want to know I'll find out for you) it has antique pink swarovski crystals throughout that match the crystals on the top of my dress.

It s all in the details photo 1 It s all in the details photo 2 

My fabulous shoes (from Wittner) & tiara

It s all in the details photo 3 It s all in the details photo 4

Earrings w/ matching bracelet...So pretty!!!

& Bridesmaids jewelery from Body Art: