Feb 04, 2010

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We bought our suits for the boys last weekend. We want to keep the feeling relaxed and elegant so we chose suits that were open and unembellished.

Our inspiration:

The Boys photo 1  The Boys photo 2

Our Groomsmen trying on their swanky suits

The Boys photo 3

What they looked like on the day - Hot Tomali!  The Boys photo 4

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We went to First Class Classics for our beautiful Silver Wraith Limo. It was built for the queens tour of New Zealand in the 1958. All of their cars are immaculate and incredibly impressive and I cant wait to be ferried to our wedding like a princess!

The Cars photo 1 The Cars photo 2

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Our rings were custom made by Peter Gordon Jeweller of Brisbane (Australia). They are fingerprint rings, James fingerprint is on mine and mine is on his. Our rings are made of paladium and white gold. Peter was so pleasant to deal with and I highly recomend his services. I cant wait to wear them everyday!

Wedding Rings   Our Rings photo 1

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I'd like to pin my great grandmothers brooch to the base of my boquet

Flowers photo 1  My original inspiration - small and sweet but unique

The main flowers will be orchids and the girls will have posies of roses

Flowers photo 2

UPDATE: Well I just got back from the florists and it would appear that I chose the most expensive and impracticle flowers for the time of year that our wedding takes place. So after a few cups of tea my fabulous florist and I teased out a few new ideas consisting of:  

Bridal bouquet to be round and is to consist of soft pink Hydrangeas, soft purple/ lilac Lisianthas, soft purple Roses, white Freesia, white standard and mini Roses- no greenery.
BMs are also to have round bouquet's, the colour will be slightly different with soft pink Hydrangeas, soft purple Roses and dark purple Lisiantas.
So glad I chose the right Florist! She's saved me thousands rather than just taking my order and charging me through the nose for somehthing that wouldn't have worked anyway!
What they looked like on the day:
Flowers photo 3 Flowers photo 4 Flowers photo 5
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I want something that wont be in my face but doesnt require 10,000 pins to hold it up either! I like these ones!

Hairstyles photo 1   Hairstyles photo 2  Hairstyles photo 3


Update: Went for my first hair trial today! I love the results!

Hairstyles photo 4 Hairstyles photo 5

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By Papermarc

Our Invitation Range photo 1  Our Invitation Range photo 2

Our invitations will be in the purple colour scheme...if we ever get them back from Papermarc. Quite frankly, I've found them to be rude and slack. I was meant to receive my invitations almost a month ago and I havent even received a phone call from them. They wont be getting a great review from me!