Jun 19, 2009

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So my color scheme is David's Bridal "Watermelon", black, and touches of apple green and ivory. I let the ladies choose a dress style of their own style, as long as it was satin in material and Watermelon in color. Their accessories will be black (shoes, sashes, etc).

The Groom:

Attire photo 1

Attire photo 2

* With an Ivory shirt 

Attire photo 3

The Dads and Junior Groomsmen:

Attire photo 4

Attire photo 5

*With an Ivory Shirt

*Junior Groomsmen are rocking the Chuck Taylors

The Groomsmen:

Attire photo 6

Attire photo 7

Attire photo 8

Attire photo 9



The Junior Bridesmaid:

Attire photo 10


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I am a real foodie.

After contacting several bakers, Sedona Sweet Art's baker, Donna Joy, won my vote. She is fun, looooves what she does, has terrific ideas, has terrific pricing and is overall a joy to work with. Her cakes are SUPERB! 

We are having two flavors:

1) Pink Champagne: white velvet cake infused with champagne, with fresh strawberries and whipped cream filling.

2) My own concoction: white velvet cake with espresso swirls, with hazelnut custard filling.

The frosting is buttercream. My inspiration for the cake is below. We are doing this cake with watermelon ribbon at the bottom of each tier. The Live, Laugh, Love will be in silver frosting and instead of white sugar flowers, Donna Joy is making sugar flowers to match our floral arrangements: pink mini calla lillies, green dendrobium orchids and black berries.We are also removing the swiss dots.

Let ME eat cake photo 1

Our cake topper is a "W" in a pretty font accented with pink and green crystals. I forgot to take a picture of it prior to sending it off to the baker :(!

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We gave up hopes for a beach wedding in Mexico and decided to head 2 hours north to beautiful Sedona, AZ for our wedding. Our families were pulling us back and forth because I was raised in Oklahoma and my fiance was raised in Chicago. My family resides in Oklahoma, California and Kentucky while my fiances family resides in Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida.... We knew we wanted a warm climate and since both families insisted that we have in conveniently where they reside... we chose to stay where WE reside ... but move it to another part of the state for weather reasons and to still have it classified as "destination."

We viewed TONS of places in Sedona... most are over-priced... but Sedona Golf Resort was our winner for our intimate gathering.

Venue photo 1 The view from the ceremony site

Venue photo 2 The venue at night


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Since our colors are Watermelon and Lime (with black)... I thought it only appropriate we use limes and green apples in our centerpieces for a pop of color. We will be using bright pink hydrangeas for the tops. We will have shorter, square centerpieces and well as tall, cylinder centerpieces. Here are the inspirations:


Flowers and Centerpieces photo 1Flowers and Centerpieces photo 2


Bridesmaid's bouquets:

Flowers and Centerpieces photo 3


Bride's Bouquet: - only mine has bright pink mini callas in place of roses,  white dendrobium orchids in addition to the green, and snapdragon. It will also be hand-tied instead of a ball, just like the bridesmaids' bouquets

Flowers and Centerpieces photo 4



The guys will have green orchid bouts


Ceremony Flowers:

Our aisle will be coated in rose petals and the inner-row chairs lining the aisle will be marked off with what I call a rose rope. It's the heads of roses strung on clear thread so they look suspended above the ground!

Flowers and Centerpieces photo 5




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I'm a two-dress bride... but not like you'd think.

Back in September, I happened to be with my parents in Oklahoma (they live in Kentucky, I live in Arizona) and we got this crazy idea to try on dresses at David's Bridal. Needless to say I walked out with a dress that day (and then some).


A couple of weeks ago I discovered I'd lost too much weight for this slinky dress to be altered to fit me anymore. I panicked, having spent the money... and David's Bridal wouldn't exchange the brand-new, tags attached, in bag dress for one my size... they wouldn't even let me have a credit for what I bought it for towards a significantly more expensive style.


I am so happy I went elsewhere. I visited many boutiques... but I want to praise Scottsdale's Mariee boutique. I had the best experience there. It was relaxed... I did things at my pace.. and I found THE DRESS! 

THE dress photo 1

It needs some alterations, especially up top so excuse the funny,uptight pose... I was holding the top of the dress up :). I'll have to post pics of the finally fitted/altered dress!

Sooo happy! I can still use my birdcage veil/fascinator I bought on etsy.com and my shoes that I purchased as well. 


UPDATE: Here's the dress during alterations! Everything was done minus the bustle and we found out my chest shrank EVEN MORE so she pinned the center together to mock up what "cleavage" I would have when re-altered. Here are the last photos I have! I didn't take any at the final fitting, but you'll see them post-wedding!


THE dress photo 2


THE dress photo 3


THE dress photo 4

THE dress photo 5Reception Shoes :P

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My name is Tabitha and I'm 23 years old. I currently live in Phoenix with my fiance, Nate. We moved to Arizona from Chicago 2 years ago, and LOVE the weather and the fact we can choose to see snow in the winter if we want (Thank you, Flagstaff)

Nate and I met when I was 16 (he was 17). I had recently moved from Oklahoma. He was the best friend of one of the first friends I made in Chicago. When we met, we both had new relationships, but I REALLY liked this boy... I just had a feeling.

As time went on, we ran into one another a few times. Our friends had planned a large group outting to Great America, and coincidentally, everybody cancelled and no one had really told Nate or myself. We ended up just going with each other anyway, and had an absolutely blast! From then on out, we were best friends.

Four years later, we began dating... and the rest is history! We are getting married exactly 1 week before our 4 year anniversary, and we're so ecstatic to start our lives together!!

About Us photo 1


The Moment he proposed :)