Mar 14, 2009

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It'll be a while until I can show some professional pictures from our fabulous photographer, Jerry Yoon.  For now, here are some pics collected from the guests to showcase how our wedding day went. 

Dad and I walking down the aisle.  I was so nervous just moments before this.

Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 1  Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 2 

The girls sitting there in all their glory.  I was actually nervous about the dress choice for the girls, but it turned out really really well and I loved how it was very flattering on everyone.  I also love the pop of color of the bouquets. 

Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 3 

I love the way he looks at me here.

Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 4 

Then it was time for the ring exchange.  Though the ceremony lasted about 45 minutes, it went like a blur (just like the priest said).  Next thing we knew, we were exchanging rings!  This was the part where I was most nervous about, but it went without a hitch.  We didn't stumble on our words at all, though I did tear up a bit.

Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 5  Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 6 

First kiss!

Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 7

I just like these shot of my wedding dress.

Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 8  Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 9 

Here I am with my sister and maid of honor. 

Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 10

Pictures with the bridal party.  I love them all.

Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 11  Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 12  Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 13  Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 14  

We spent about an hour doing the couple's portrait after the ceremony.  I love that one of our guests was able to take this picture of the groomsmen walking by in the midst of it all.  So oblivious!  That's just like them.

Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 15

First dance.

Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 16 

During the meal.

Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 17 

Cake cutting.

Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 18 

Garter dive!

Wedding Recap Non Pro Pics photo 19

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Wedding ceremony: Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph - San Jose, CA

Reception venue: The Hilton Hotel - San Jose, CA

Rehearsal dinner venue: Dave and Buster's - Milpitas, CA

Dress: Anjolique #930 in Ivory

Videographer: Anh Hoang Videography

Photographer: Jerry Yoon Photography

DJ: Turner Hayes of Elite Entertainment

Priest: Father Michael Hendrickson of St. Victor's

Veil: Candi Merle of Crowing Glory

Hair flower: JMG Jewel Design on Etsy

Shoes: Ann Taylor

Flower/Cake/Linen: Queen's Bridal

Make up artist/Hairstylist: Ann Ho of Styles by Ann


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I hate to say this, but I put up finding a hair and make up artist until the very last minute.  With only 2 months away, I was frantically trying to find someone who would do my hair and make up for cheap, with the options for my girls to do it also if they wanted to.  I searched high and low and everyone was way way expensive.  One day, I just did a google search and came upon Ann Ho of Styles by Ann.  I booked a trial session with her right away and absolutely loved the way it turned out. 

Hair and make up trial photo 1  Hair and make up trial photo 2  Hair and make up trial photo 3

The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Trial session: $150
  • Hair and make up for the bride on the big day: $300
  • Bridesmaids/mothers hair and make up: $120

Typically her costs are actually much higher than that.  However, because we are going to her for the big day, she's agreed to drop the prices lower.  I don't know what the cost is for bridesmaids/mothers if she had to come to you, but I know for the bride, it would be $500 compare to the $300 she's charging me. 

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As much time as I spent on my DIY projects, I spent the equal amount of time searching for the accessories that will be adorning my body on the day of.  I wanted a very simple look to accent my dress, because quite frankly I love my dress and it was a big splurge that I don't want anything to compete with it.

I will only be adorning earrings, a hair flower, a single tiered cathedral veil, and my pretty little pinks shoes.  I'm definitely against wearing a necklace as I love the sweetheart neckline of my dress.  I don't know if I will be wearing any bracelet yet, but if I am, I will be wearing a simple bracelet that FI bought for me as a present for Valentine's Day 2008.  Of course, I cannot forget about the most important thing that I will be wearing that day, my wedding band.

The Dress

Adorn me pretty my accessories photo 1  Adorn me pretty my accessories photo 2

It is an Anjolique #930 (shown here in gold) but mine is in Ivory.  I love the mermaid look, the sweetheart neckline and the long train.  I never imagined myself in such a dress prior to planning, always opting for a more simpler look.  But once I tried it on (the first dress I tried on), it stole my heart and I made the purchase.  It was love at first sight.  I got it at a local bridal shop for $1,100.

The earrings

Adorn me pretty my accessories photo 3

I will be wearing this little baby for the ceremony.  It's a Nadri pave dropped earrings bought at Nordstroms.  I believe I got these for $80.

Adorn me pretty my accessories photo 4

For the reception, I will change to a more dramatic pair, also Nadri dropped chandelier earrings.  The ones shown here are gold, but I will be sporting a pair of silver instead.  I love them and cannot wait to wear them for the reception.  I also bought these at Nordstrom for $130.

The Hair Flower

Adorn me pretty my accessories photo 5

I bought a simple hair flower from Etsy designer JMG Jewel Design for $35.  I was going to go with designers such as Twigs and Honey or Oh My Deer!, but they are so expensive going for $60+.  Since I love only a simple piece, I opted to go with a less well known designer to get the most bang for my bucks.

Cathedral Veil

Adorn me pretty my accessories photo 6

This picture was taken from Mrs. Coconut over at Weddingbee.   I absolutely love her veil and tried contacting her to purchase it after the wedding.  Unfortunately, she had sold it before but told me who the designer was.  As it turned out, it was from Candi Merle over at Crowning Glory.  I contacted Candi to make me one just like this one and I received it after a week.  I absolutely love it!  Mine is a 108" single tiered, no trim, in white.  I got it for $60.


Adorn me pretty my accessories photo 7

I will be wearing these little babies with my, hopefully well pedicured little toes peeking through.  I got these at Ann Taylor on sale for $38.  I love the height and the jewels adorning it. 

The Wedding Bands

Adorn me pretty my accessories photo 8

The most important accessories of all, our wedding bands.  I never really cared too much about what my engagement ring will look like, because I wasn't going to wear it on a daily basis.  But, I care a great deal about what my wedding band will look like because after all this is really the one thing that'll tell the world, I am his and he is mine.  So, I put a great deal of thoughts into the band.  I knew I wanted an eternity bands with diamonds all around.  Since they can be pretty expensive, I worked with a local jeweler to create our bands for a great price.  I love the way they turned out.  The three wedding bands came out to a total of $2,000.  Not sure how much the engagement ring was.

from left to right: FI's wedding band, my eternity band, my plain wedding band to be worn with the engagement ring, my engagement ring.

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The one thing I enjoy most about wedding planning are the DIY projects.  Here are a few that I'm so proud of.

The entourage shirts:

Wedding DIY photo 1  Wedding DIY photo 2

The cardbox:

Wedding DIY photo 3  Wedding DIY photo 4

The table name:

Wedding DIY photo 5  Wedding DIY photo 6

The escort cards:

Wedding DIY photo 7  Wedding DIY photo 8

The floral monogram:

Wedding DIY photo 9  Wedding DIY photo 10

The engagement photobook (using blurb):

Wedding DIY photo 11  Wedding DIY photo 12

The program:

Wedding DIY photo 13 

Wedding DIY photo 14

The table overlay:

Wedding DIY photo 15

The votive candles:

Wedding DIY photo 16  Wedding DIY photo 17

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The invitations deserve its own separate section because I put so much blood, sweat and tears into these babies.  They took over 8 months go make from design to execution.  They are my pride and joy of the entire wedding projects.

I printed these invitations using the Gocco before they discontinued the Gocco supply productions.  With the new prices for the bulb and the screen, it is definitely going to cost an arm and a leg to make these equivalents.  The invitation consisted of the main invitation, four inserts (reception card, directions card and accommodation card and RSVP card).  

The main invitation

The Invitations photo 1

The reception card

The Invitations photo 2  

The direction card

The Invitations photo 3

The accommodation card

The Invitations photo 4

The rvsp card

The Invitations photo 5

All pages display in all its glory

The Invitations photo 6

The inserts (reception, directions, accommodations) are held together with eyelets and attached to the double fold invitation.

The Invitations photo 7

All done and ready to go.

The Invitations photo 8

The Invitations photo 9

The Invitations photo 10