Mar 14, 2009

( 4.0 / 5.0 )
The church is absolutely gorgeous. We planned everything around this church from the date to the timing of our wedding. It was unbelievably hard to find a date and time that fits, so we just picked one available date. Also, there is a discount for ceremonies held at 10am. That's what we choose. It turned to work out fine. As far as the coordinators go, Antonia is the main contact person until probably up to about 2 to 3 months out from the wedding date. She's very very hard to get in touch with, but is very nice once you do get on the phone with her. We were then assigned a coordinator to run our ceremony a month before the big day. We got Laura and she was super nice to work with. However, I was displease to find that she will not be the one to coordinate our ceremony two days before the big day. Things worked out fine, and our ceremony was actually perfect, but it was something unexpected nevertheless. As far as decor, the church is absolutely perfect. We did not spend any money on the decor at all. I think it would be more of a hassle if we did because they were quite strict with the use of decorations. Also, the church is very strict with the movement of the photographer and videographer. They are to remain station in specific areas. We were very fortunate that both our photographer and videographer had work in the church before and knows how to maneuver to get the best angle. This one is definitely a biggie. Make sure your photographer and videographer are familiar with the layout of the church.
Services used: Wedding Venue