Sep 19, 2009

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My MOH, mom and I went everywhere trying to find "the perfect dress". I was beginning to feel like it wasn't going to happen...until we decided to go to Justina McCaffrey's. I knew they were pretty pricey, but my mom was like well lets just go, you never know. So I called and booked an appointment, and we went...and I found my dress :). The dress was in the window, and as soon as I saw it, I kept saying omg that is the dress. Sure enough, I try that dress on first, and INSTANTLY fall in love..I knew right away, and I look over at my mom and shes bawling, we both said yea this is it!

Now for the price....
I ask how much it is, and she says "well our dresses are not cheap, but they are worth every penny..they are custom made for each bride, you get all your alterations for free, and you can change the dress however many times you want...then she tells us the price. $4900 without my veil. The veil is another $850. I for sure thought it was wayyyy to much. I love the dress, but I could never let my mom spend that much money. Shes a single mom, she has her own little hair salon in her house, I mean she makes good money, but still it felt so wrong!
She told me since I didnt go away to school, that she was going to buy it for me. I was freaking out I honestly could not believe I was getting this dress hehe:).

I already went to get fitted, customized it a little bit, and we gave them the deposit! So now I have to wait until July to see it. Boo! Here are some pictures of it for your viewing pleasure :)
Let me know what you think! *

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The Proposal The Ring photo 1

So I absolutely LOVE how he asked me...I will never get sick of telling this story he he :)

It has been almost 5 years when he decided to finally ask me! He did the whole ask my family for their blessing.
He went to my moms house, and brought her aside and said " Heather I'm so nervous right now, I'm going to ask Steph to marry me, do you think she is going to say yes?!" and my mom being her goofy self says "Of course she is Perry, and hey...if she says no, I will say yes!" hahaha soo funny, anyways, he then moved on to my little sister, and asked her. She was so happy and excited that he asked her, she wasn't sure she could now keep the secret from me until my birthday.

So its 9 AM on my birthday, and my FI wakes up and says the whole happy birthday thing, and then tells me he needs to go into Ottawa to do some things for work, and wont be back until after lunch. I freak ( I'm so dramatic, and of course I had to make a big deal..Hey it was my birthday lol). He feels so bad, and says trust me I will make it up to you tonight at dinner..I'm still pissed, brush it off and go hang out at my moms till he gets back. He had made the reservations, and off we go to dinner with my mom and sister as well.
*Note : All day he was acting so weird, like sweating, and distracted..poor guy haha.

We get seated, and I keep asking him, hey..are you okay? you look like you are going to be sick!! He says he's fine, but has to go to the washroom for a minute. So here I am thinking he is gone to the washroom to barf all over the place, meanwhile he goes to the kitchen, and asks them if they can put my ring in my ice cream!

He comes back, and the whole time my mom & sister know what's going on lol. This part is funny...after we eat, I'm so full and not really feeling the whole desert thing. FI is trying to convince me to just order some ice cream, and whatever I don't eat he will. I still say no, too full. Then my mom says "Steph just order some friggen ice cream okay!" I'm just like fine god order it then jeez. Out comes the ice cream, and I look around and notice almost everyone is starring at me, but I don't think anything of it. They put the ring on top of the spoon, that already had ice cream on it so I wouldn't see it. I take a bite, and I feel the ring in my mouth and freak!!!!!
I take it out and he then asks... Will you marry me. Of course I say YESSSS!! Then typical me move, I jump up to give him a big hug & kiss, I totally wipe out.. :( But it was okay, I was just so excited and happy I didn't even care LOL!

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Alright, so I think it's about time I post some info about me and the FI!

Actually, its a funny story how we met. It was summer time, and a girlfriend and I went for a walk down our main street ( In my crummy small town called Carleton Place LOL ) and I see this really nice car keep driving my friend was like " Ohh that's Perry, I'm going to set you guys up on a date!". So later on that night we sent him a text telling him to drive by my house ...I wanted to get a closer look to make sure he wasn't sketchy looking before she hooked us up before I agreed to the dateski. So he drives by, and I got a better look at him, and he sure was a hottie...hahaha I know I'm such a dork.

Anyways, long story short...we went on that date, and instantly I knew he was my perfect man! I know it sounds cheesy, but for real he is perrrfect!! Of course we have been threw ups and downs, but hey who doesn't?! I was 14 when I met him, and he was 16....and 7 years later here we are getting married :)!!

We are currently living with his dad & brother. Been trying to find a house for so long...not so good luck though! We do allot of activities on the ski-doing, boat, ice fishing, snowmobiling. so it only makes sense for us to be on the water. Only problem is, the houses we have looked at are either wayyyy to expensive, or shacks :(. We still have 6 months before the wedding, so I'm sure we will find one.... well we better haha!

I'm actually truly such a lucky girl. He spoils me rotten 24/7. And our families are so close, I couldn't ask for a better life ;). I have a 12 year old sister that adores him, they are best buds, which means allot to me. Family is soo important, and I don't think I could be with someone who doesn't get along with my family.

I will add more det's here and there, I just cant really think of anything else right now :)

Thanks for viewing!! xo

So I forgot to put the part that was funny about our story...haha...when I saw his car, I was obsessed with it, and after we started dating I told him..Hey you know your lucky you have this car or you would never have got the chance to meet me;). And to this day I still tease him about the car..It actually sounds kind of mean, but its just a joke, I love bugging him :)

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