Jul 11, 2009

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Hello Everyone....

I have attached alot of pictures of items that I will have for sale after my wedding on July 11th...I am having a beach wedding with the colors of aqua, coral, and rustic brown...My theme is mostly seashells and starfish...PM if interested...

I am negotiable on my pricing just let me know...As a lot of my projects were DIY projects..


Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 1

Place card frames-27- $25 for all includes shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 2

Gold picture frames with aqua seashells on them- 5 of them- $15 plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 3

Here comes the bride banner- $15 plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 4

Centerpieces- 5 of them- $125 plus shipping for all of them

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 5

13-of the ones with sand color paper with twine and a seashell (DIY project)

17- of the ones with bear grass and a seashell (DIY project)

All 30 of them for $25.00 plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 6

10 brown organza runners (they are on 60" round tables)- all for $30 plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 7Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 8

Treasure chest- $30 plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 9

Favor box kit- 2 boxes- 100 count (never opened or used) $10 plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 10

10 large clear envelopes (never opened or used)- $5 includes shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 11

Picture frame w/ marker (can use as your guest book)- fits a 8x10 picture in the middle- $25 plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 12

Tealight holders- 4 small 2 large-6 total- $25 plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 13

Plastic seashell bowl-$15 plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 14Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 15

Glass seashell serving platters- $20 for both plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 16

Gold easel $10 plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 17

Fish bowl- $5 plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 18

Polaroid camera- $20 plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 19

2 large bamboo bowls $15 plus shipping


Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 20

2 brown baskets (was going to use them for the paint brushes) $15 plus shipping


Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 21

5 sets of seashell salt and pepper shakers-$5 each plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 22

Head table salt and pepper shaker- $5 plus shipping


Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 23

8 aqua lanterns- $25 plus shipping

Wedding Items For Sale After July 11th photo 24

6 (3 per pack) small hanging white lanterns (not using them) $10 plus shipping


I will add more stuff after July 11th once I know for sure everything what I will have left...

Thank you....





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Below is a picture of my programs that my daughter and I designed...

DIY Project II More to Come photo 1DIY Project II More to Come photo 2

In my program we had 6 different sections which were:

Front Cover

About Boca Grande

In Loving Memory

Wedding Participants

The Ceremony

Thank you to our parents and friends

These turned out soo awesome...We are soo happy with them...

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Below are my invitations that I designed from scratch and let me tell you they were alot of work, but the end result was perfect and everyone loved them...

DIY Project More to Come photo 1


It is a shadow box picture frame filled with sand, sharks teeth, sea shells and sea glass that was all found on the beach at Boca Grande...The background of the invitations matches the colors of the wedding...

The peom reads:

His love is the beach sunshine

that keeps me warm

To me, she's the lighthouse

during the storm

His love gave me wings

it has set me free

And wherever she is

that's where I want to be

We invite you to be with us

as we begin our new life together


July eleventh two thousand nine

at six o'clock

Boca Grande Beach

Boca Grande, Florida

Holly and David


Below is the "RSVP" I designed also:

DIY Project More to Come photo 2

It says:

say "we do" and respond by June 11th, 2009

------we'll help make your day complete

------we're unable, but hope your day is sweet

-----total number attending


Below is the map that my FI and I designed (this project took like 5 hours)

DIY Project More to Come photo 3


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We are having our wedding in Boca Grande, Florida...Boca Grande is a secluded island that many do not know about or have ever seen....Below is a step by step walk through our beach ceremony to the reception....

Our ceremony will happen on the beach..

This is my inspiration:

Our Wedding Day photo 1

This is my fabric and pillows I picked up to make this same set up for my wedding...

Our Wedding Day photo 2Our Wedding Day photo 3


The walkway will have bamboo lantern holders (handcrafted by my FI) with aqua lanterns hanging that have sand, seashells, sea glass and candles in them...Below are the lanterns...

Our Wedding Day photo 4

This is my inspiration bamboo terrace...Mine will have seashells hanging down from it instead of the flowers...My FI is currently working on this project with our son...

Our Wedding Day photo 5

My inspirational picture of how I would like our rings to bepresented at the ceremony...

Our Wedding Day photo 6

As we all know the beach in July will be very hot...Soooooo

Each guest will be given a fan (shown below) this is how my fans will look but they will have an aqua ribbon on it...

Our Wedding Day photo 7

There will also be a bucket full of cold water bottles and I am also making a tub (cooler) that will be filled with ice cold wash cloths (wash cloths shown below) that have been soaked in peppermint water..this will help with the heat of the summer and also give a refreshing smell....

Our Wedding Day photo 8





The reception is only about 50 feet away from the beach ceremony as the the chapel is located right on the beach also.....So no need for transportation from one place to the next...Below is where the reception will happen...this chapel holds 75 people...and I am only having about 45 people...small and intimate

Our Wedding Day photo 9


As everyone walks up the boardwalk there will be a basket full of paint brushes for them to brush their feet off with...(shown below)..Each paint brush has been stamped with shells and tied with a aqua ribbon...

Our Wedding Day photo 10

As they reach the pathway which leads to the chapel there will be a line of split bamboo centerpieces lining the walkway to the chapel doors (shown below)...These have also been handmade by my FI...

Our Wedding Day photo 11

Soooo.now we are heading into the chapel where there will be a seashell wreath on the door (being worked on right now) ...

At the guest table we will have a guest book (still working on it), a picture of my FI and I, and a time capsule (shown below)....This will allow the guests to have things to do as we are taking pictures with the photographer...

Our Wedding Day photo 12

I did my time capsule in seashell paper...The time capsule basically is asking your guests to predict the future of the married couple...This what is says basically...

Select a time 1, 5, 15, 25 years ahead (which is colored coded)

Write their prediction on the colored card that corresponds to the number of years ahead they want the married couple to read the message (just in case someone may not be sure what to write give them so ideas such as how many pets will they have by this date, where will they be living, how many robots will they have in their house, send a congratulatory note on reaching their anniversary, or offer your best advice for a happy marriage)

Fold the card in half and place it into the time capsule..

I think this will be a big hit...I can't wait to read the comments and/or suggestions


OOT Bags for each of my guests at the reception (shown below-picture a little dark) they will contain:

1 to 2 special gift(s) from me and my daughter to them


Bottle water

New Jersey Salt Water Taffy (the best)

Coffee and/or tea

Thank you note

I also added aqua tissue paper and starfish name tags on the outside of the bags...

Our Wedding Day photo 13

Also within the reception we are having a couple of picture frames (shown below) on the tables that state" In lieu of favors we have donated to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization on your behalf (it will look similar to the picture below-this picture made me think about how significant this organization was to me and the reason I am who I am today)...

Our Wedding Day photo 14


Our Wedding Day photo 15

I also wanted to incorporate in the reception the use of alot of candles, champagne colors (same color as my dress) with just a splash of coral and aqua to keep it intimate and romantic but yet fun...

So my seashell centerpieces will be on the all the guests tables (shown below-still in the box don't want to break them)

Our Wedding Day photo 16

The flower urns (so my daughter and I came up with this idea that we can put candles on the top of the urns to make them candle holders-we decided this when it was hard to find tall candle stands) as you can see on the top it is big enough to shape a candle in the top(shown below)....

Our Wedding Day photo 17

They are brown, with coral, and even an aqua color when in the light you can truly see all these colors...Sooo pretty..

These centerpieces will be used on the head table (bridal party)...

Our Wedding Day photo 18

I have also included some pom poms (shown below) which seem to be fun and give the room a little color with ivory paper ball lanterns (shown below)...

Our Wedding Day photo 19Our Wedding Day photo 20Our Wedding Day photo 21


These are my lovely dishes I will be using for the buffet....They are sterling silver plates with a very unique design on them...

Our Wedding Day photo 22Our Wedding Day photo 23









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I truly believe I have found it...I LOVE IT...This dress is very similar (same exact color and style) to my dress minus the flowery brooch beneath the corset top...I can't wait to wear this dress and see his face when I walk down the aisle...WOAH!!

Our Look photo 1


My FI will be wearing a very Caribbean style to keep the beach theme...His shirt will be Aqua Linen and his pants a Natural Linen Drawstring...Our best man and son will wear a coral shirt and drawstring pants....

Our Look photo 2Our Look photo 3


Our daughter, Matron of Honor, and Bridesmaid will be wearing a Chiffon Terracotta dress...Love it and it is great for the hot weather of July!!! this picture doesn't do the dresses any justice...

Our Look photo 4


I also have two beautiful flower girls (dress shown below)...I love these dresses they are so simple and pretty and they look soo cute on them...

Our Look photo 5


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I am new to this site but have found that everyone is very friendly and easy to talk to you...Thank you for making me feel welcomed...My daughter and I are the biggest DIY individuals..We want everything in this wedding to be personalized...If it wasn't for her or my best friend Sarah I would be lost through this process...

David and I are originally from Philadelphia and moved to SWFL about 2 years ago..We have been together for 5 years now...I love every minute of everyday spending time with him and truly believe I found my prince charming...He is my best friend and my soulmate...Our wedding is soo exciting as this has been a long time coming (as I was the one with cold feet)...LOL...We have 2 beautiful children, which is our world and everything in it...In our wedding that will both be a huge part in it..They will both be given gifts as a symbol of my love for them and to show them I am not only here for their father but for them also...This will be a very sacred day...

Below are our engagement pictures we took in the Dominician last year on our trip....Wow that trip so awesome and absolutely worth every penny...

About Us photo 1About Us photo 2

About Us photo 3About Us photo 4

David and I got engaged about 4.5-5 years ago in the St. John, USVI...We had the privilege of getting engaged at the family home, which is truly the most beautiful place on earth....This is where I proposed to him by designing a scavenger hunt through out the house, and the last clue ended him in the bedroom with a poem and bed of rose petals that asked him if he would marry me....This was the best day ever....

About Us photo 5About Us photo 6