Jan 09, 2010

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Wedding Portraits photo 1Wedding Portraits photo 2Wedding Portraits photo 3

Wedding Portraits photo 4Wedding Portraits photo 5Wedding Portraits photo 6

Wedding Portraits photo 7Wedding Portraits photo 8

Wedding Portraits photo 9Wedding Portraits photo 10

Wedding Portraits photo 11Wedding Portraits photo 12

Wedding Portraits photo 13Wedding Portraits photo 14

Wedding Portraits photo 15


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The Little Things photo 1

The Little Things photo 2The Little Things photo 3

The Little Things photo 4The Little Things photo 5

The Little Things photo 6The Little Things photo 7

The Little Things photo 8The Little Things photo 9

The Little Things photo 10The Little Things photo 11


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We had an afternoon wedding at a small Catholic church. 

Ceremony and Reception photo 1Ceremony and Reception photo 2

Ceremony and Reception photo 3Ceremony and Reception photo 4

The reception took place in an old citrus packing station. I love the dark wood and exposed brick.

Ceremony and Reception photo 5

Ceremony and Reception photo 6Ceremony and Reception photo 7

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All wedding photos were taken by Sakura Photography. I'm omitting photos of family, bridal party and wedding guests because I know some of these people would kill me if they found their faces online!

First up was hair.

Getting Ready photo 1Getting Ready photo 2

Followed by makeup...


Getting Ready photo 3Getting Ready photo 4Getting Ready photo 5

Meanwhile, Ryan went to get a straight razor shave.

Getting Ready photo 6Getting Ready photo 7

Then it was time for me to put on my dress!

 Getting Ready photo 8Getting Ready photo 9

We were ready to go!

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Our engagement pictures were taken by our wonderful friends at Sakura Photography.

Engagement Photos photo 1Engagement Photos photo 2Engagement Photos photo 3Engagement Photos photo 4
Engagement Photos photo 6Engagement Photos photo 7

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My name is Jackie and I married my wonderful husband Ryan in January of 2010. I found tons of inspiration for our wedding on PW but I never made a profile or interacted with others on the boards as much as I would have liked. We are expecting our first baby in September of 2012 and I now find the baby groups to be a great source of information for this exciting time in our lives!

Jackie and Ryan photo 1