Sep 08, 2007

Sisters Floral Design Studio
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
The most important thing to me when hiring vendors for my wedding was choosing people who were professional. I, more than anyone I know, understand that people/vendors can make mistakes and that other exterior factors can affect the results of your service. However, the one important thing that never has to change or be affected is the professionalism and respect that your vendor can provide to you when you contact them with concerns or constructive dissatisfactory feelings on the service they provided. Like all brides, I had my colors and flowers picked out for a long time. I was obviously dissatisfied when I saw my flowers on my wedding day and they were not what I always pictured. I contacted this vendor, a while after the wedding because it significantly bothered me that I didnt receive what I wanted, to provide them feedback on the service I received. The email I received from the management was written in anger and in poor taste, so much so that I have blocked their emails and have chosen not to respond. The email commented on a personal tragedy issue which was sad, irrelevant and hurtful considering that this person did not know what has happened in my life. I believe it was included in her email to set some justification for the other hurtful things she wrote, including me being teased with comments that their contract had a clause with my name in it. I found the email to be so unprofessional and outright hurtful that I'm no longer surprised why my services were so terrible. I felt I had the right to contact management with comments on the services that I received. I did not want to argue with this flower shop owner, I simply wanted to express my unhappiness with the service I received. The entire experience was handled so unprofessionally and I do not think that anyone should use this business. For as special and expensive as weddings are, everyone deserves to be happy...and if you're not sometimes a simple apology would suffice. There's no reason to make it worse.
Services used: Flowers