May 29, 2010

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Just the two of us photo 1Just the two of us photo 2

Just the two of us photo 3Just the two of us photo 4Just the two of us photo 5Just the two of us photo 6Just the two of us photo 7Just the two of us photo 8Just the two of us photo 9Just the two of us photo 10Just the two of us photo 11Just the two of us photo 12Just the two of us photo 13Just the two of us photo 14Just the two of us photo 15Just the two of us photo 16Just the two of us photo 17Just the two of us photo 18Just the two of us photo 19Just the two of us photo 20

Just the two of us photo 22Just the two of us photo 23Just the two of us photo 24Just the two of us photo 25Just the two of us photo 26Just the two of us photo 27Just the two of us photo 28

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I LOVE pictures so we decided to do a first look so we could get plenty of personal and awesome pictures.  It was the best was totally a personal and special moment and it was STILL amazing watching him watch me walk down the isle :)

   First Look photo 1

First Look photo 2

First Look photo 3First Look photo 4

He's fighting back cute!


First Look photo 6




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Getting ready photo 1Getting ready photo 2Getting ready photo 3Getting ready photo 4Getting ready photo 5Getting ready photo 6Getting ready photo 7Getting ready photo 8Getting ready photo 9Getting ready photo 10Getting ready photo 11




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  • 0 Comments has been a lil busy since the wedding and I'm just now gettin around to posting all these here...our wedding was an amazing day and I wish we could do it all over again!! :)

We had our wedding at the beautiful Knollwood Country Club.

Kristeen LaBrot (Pw's kristeen), of Kristeen LaBrot Events was our day of coordinator and we could NOT have done it without her...we diy'ed almost everything and she was there to set it all up and make my vision all come together!

Our awesome cupcake tower was from A Sweet Design Custom Cake shop.  Again, another amazing vendor!! Couldn't have asked for a more perfect dessert on our big day! :)

All pro photos courtesy of Cari Hollis Photography (Pw's own Caribear).  She did our engagement photos and then we had the pleasure of being Cari's very first solo wedding!! :) She did an awesome job! :)

We had a Dodgers (baseball)/All-American themed wedding.  We diyed almost EVERYTHING (ceremony arch, isle decorations, flowers, bouts, cps, escort cards, favors, table numbers, accessories...the list goes on lol)...and it turned out just as I'd pictured it.  My hubby was in the Marine Corps so I incorporated some little Marine Corps accents here and there as a suprise to him! :)


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AHHHH they are here!! I'm sooo in love so far....all compliments of Cari Hollis Photography (aka our own Caribear)

Pro Pic Teasers photo 1Pro Pic Teasers photo 2Pro Pic Teasers photo 3Pro Pic Teasers photo 4Pro Pic Teasers photo 5Pro Pic Teasers photo 6Pro Pic Teasers photo 7Pro Pic Teasers photo 8Pro Pic Teasers photo 9Pro Pic Teasers photo 10Pro Pic Teasers photo 11Pro Pic Teasers photo 12Pro Pic Teasers photo 13Pro Pic Teasers photo 14Pro Pic Teasers photo 15Pro Pic Teasers photo 16Pro Pic Teasers photo 17Pro Pic Teasers photo 18Pro Pic Teasers photo 19Pro Pic Teasers photo 20Pro Pic Teasers photo 21Pro Pic Teasers photo 22Pro Pic Teasers photo 23Pro Pic Teasers photo 24Pro Pic Teasers photo 25Pro Pic Teasers photo 26Pro Pic Teasers photo 27Pro Pic Teasers photo 28Pro Pic Teasers photo 29 

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I made an apron for each girl...they turned out so awesome!! They also got the cute bag, a nail file, a SUPER soft robe, and a gorgeous compact!! :) Here's pics!

Bridal Party gifts photo 1Bridal Party gifts photo 2Bridal Party gifts photo 3Bridal Party gifts photo 4Bridal Party gifts photo 5Bridal Party gifts photo 6Bridal Party gifts photo 7Bridal Party gifts photo 8Bridal Party gifts photo 9Bridal Party gifts photo 10Bridal Party gifts photo 11Bridal Party gifts photo 12Bridal Party gifts photo 13

For my jr bridesmaid (she's 10) she got this cute duffle bag, a frame with pics of the two of us over the years, a lil set of bangle bracelets, a chapstick/lip gloss set, a notebook with her first initial on it and a necklace customized with her initial on it too :)

Bridal Party gifts photo 14Bridal Party gifts photo 15Bridal Party gifts photo 16Bridal Party gifts photo 17Bridal Party gifts photo 18Bridal Party gifts photo 19

Groomsmen gifts! Each guy got their tie, a capcatcher (a bottle opener that sticks to the fridge or can be mounted) that we had personalized for each guy, and a mug. :)

Bridal Party gifts photo 20Bridal Party gifts photo 21Bridal Party gifts photo 22Bridal Party gifts photo 23