May 29, 2010

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Our day was always...a couple of really minor snafus but otherwise it was the MOST PERFECT day!!! :) Our reception room looked gorgeous and then we went back and partied in the hotel room later that evening !! :)     

We re MARRIED photo 1We re MARRIED photo 2


We re MARRIED photo 3We re MARRIED photo 4We re MARRIED photo 5We re MARRIED photo 6We re MARRIED photo 7We re MARRIED photo 8We re MARRIED photo 9  We re MARRIED photo 10We re MARRIED photo 11We re MARRIED photo 12

We re MARRIED photo 13We re MARRIED photo 14

We re MARRIED photo 15We re MARRIED photo 16We re MARRIED photo 17We re MARRIED photo 18We re MARRIED photo 19We re MARRIED photo 20We re MARRIED photo 21We re MARRIED photo 22We re MARRIED photo 23We re MARRIED photo 24We re MARRIED photo 25We re MARRIED photo 26We re MARRIED photo 27

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It was an amazing couple of days!!! Left in the am with our cars all decorated, did a lil shopping, went to the Dodger/Padre game, and then out clubbing in Gaslamp District in San Diego!! Slept in the next day then went and had great mexican food lunch for free!! (one of my girls cousins owns a restaurant!) YUMMY! I love my friends and family!! It was a great weekend!! Here are just a few of the pics!

Bachelorette party photo 1Bachelorette party photo 2Bachelorette party photo 3Bachelorette party photo 4Bachelorette party photo 5Bachelorette party photo 6Bachelorette party photo 7Bachelorette party photo 8Bachelorette party photo 9Bachelorette party photo 10Bachelorette party photo 11Bachelorette party photo 12Bachelorette party photo 13Bachelorette party photo 14Bachelorette party photo 15

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Our cake topper came out soo cute! :) It's a surprise for hubby!!

Lil details photo 1Lil details photo 2


We don't do wine or champagne so thought it would be silly to do glasses like that sooo we got Dodger pilsner type glasses instead they rock!! :)

Lil details photo 3Lil details photo 4Lil details photo 5

The cake serving set that we bought and then i embellished :)

Lil details photo 6Lil details photo 7

Flip flop basket

Lil details photo 8

The "beer centerpieces" I made to go on the bar...also a surprise to hubby :)

Lil details photo 9

Our well as my parents livin room FILLED with wedding stuff lol

Lil details photo 10Lil details photo 11

Our favors....we made the stickers and tags and filled them with cracker jacks, peanuts, sunflower seeds, a couple of pieces of Dubble Bubble AND my girlie made us candies shaped like stars in red, white, and blue that went in there too!! They were amazing !:)

Lil details photo 12Lil details photo 13Lil details photo 14


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So this past Saturday, my BM's and momma threw me a GORGEOUS shower!! It was a perfect spring day and they did a celestial theme with purple and blue as the colors!! My faves!! It was amazing!! I love my girls :) Here are a LOT of pics lol

the setup                                                           me in front of the gifts!

Bridal Shower 2 photo 1Bridal Shower 2 photo 2          the amazing centerpieces                         PUNCH!! with star ice "cubes" with blueberries in them!

Bridal Shower 2 photo 3Bridal Shower 2 photo 4                            diff centerpiece!

                    Bridal Shower 2 photo 5 

      Bridal Shower 2 photo 6                                                                                                          Me n my momma           Bridal Shower 2 photo 7

The presents!                                                      The FAB cake from A Sweet Design in Granada Hills, Ca

Bridal Shower 2 photo 8Bridal Shower 2 photo 9Bridal Shower 2 photo 10       

The candy buffet for favors!                                         The favor boxes! :)

Bridal Shower 2 photo 11Bridal Shower 2 photo 12             My present opening "throne"            "The little black apron" was a gift!! So cute!

Bridal Shower 2 photo 13Bridal Shower 2 photo 14

Bride to be glasses lol                                                  All my BMs!

 Bridal Shower 2 photo 15Bridal Shower 2 photo 16

Bridal Shower 2 photo 17Bridal Shower 2 photo 18Bridal Shower 2 photo 19Bridal Shower 2 photo 20

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These were super easy and I'm really happy with them! :) Send me your email if any of you ladies would like the template :)

DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 1DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 2DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 3DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 4DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 5DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 6  DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 7

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The guys are just gonna be in black suits and a blue shirt BUT we got their ties in the mail this week!! They rock! :)

Bridal Party Attire photo 1Bridal Party Attire photo 2

Here are the flowergirl and ring bearer outfits !:)

Bridal Party Attire photo 3Bridal Party Attire photo 4

Our ringbearer will carry a baseball glove instead of the traditional pillow...i just had to do it for our baseball themed wedding! :)

Bridal Party Attire photo 5Bridal Party Attire photo 6

Our flowergirl will carry this was plain white and i added the ribbon and flower :)

Bridal Party Attire photo 7