May 29, 2010

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OMG these were a labor of love... we bought boxed sets from Joann and fancied them up.  I think they turned out great! :) Here they are kinda step by step! :)

Diy Invites finally done photo 1Diy Invites finally done photo 2Diy Invites finally done photo 3Diy Invites finally done photo 4Diy Invites finally done photo 5Diy Invites finally done photo 6Diy Invites finally done photo 7Diy Invites finally done photo 8Diy Invites finally done photo 9Diy Invites finally done photo 10Diy Invites finally done photo 11

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Our anniversary was a thursday...I had two huge finals that day and a final the next day and Chris was down on base...sooo we couldn't be together.  We were goin to Vegas that weekend for non anniversary stuff and Chris planned an amazing evening.  He took me to Bouchon, a cute French restaurant at the Venetian and then to see Phantom!! It was perfect!! I love my husband! :)

Our 1 year anniversary photo 1Our 1 year anniversary photo 2

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 Our DIY runners....just bought some costume satin and used steam n seam !!! :)


Table stuff photo 1

And these are our chargers!! :)  When I get a chance I'm gonna try to do a whole table mock up :)

Table stuff photo 2

5/12/10- Did a mockup of the table this week (minus real flowers so don't mind the fake ones in the vases lol..but I'm totally'll be simple and elegant with a touch of baseball in there :) Our tables are 60" round soo obviously my parent's dining room table isn't exactly right but it gave me a great idea of what it'll look like with our three different shaped centerpiece vases! :) The lil star dishes on the tables will be filled with cracker jacks and peanuts for a fun touch :)

Table stuff photo 3Table stuff photo 4Table stuff photo 5Table stuff photo 6



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Yay! I love it with my DIY veil! :)

First Fitting photo 1First Fitting photo 2

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I finished this last night!! :) The lace is from my mom's wedding dress :) I'm SO happy with the way it turned out :)

My DIY veil photo 1My DIY veil photo 2My DIY veil photo 3My DIY veil photo 4

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I love my hair and makeup!!! So excited to see it with my dress on the big day!! :)

Hair Makeup trial I m in love photo 1Hair Makeup trial I m in love photo 2Hair Makeup trial I m in love photo 3Hair Makeup trial I m in love photo 4Hair Makeup trial I m in love photo 5