May 29, 2010

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Here are my wedding earrings!! I'm in LOVE :)

Jewlery and DIY hair comb photo 1Jewlery and DIY hair comb photo 2

Here's my necklace...i really like it but think it needs to be longer!

Jewlery and DIY hair comb photo 3Jewlery and DIY hair comb photo 4

Here's my comb that I made from a vintage brooch! :)

Jewlery and DIY hair comb photo 5Jewlery and DIY hair comb photo 6

Got my bridal clutch in the mail today! It's so pretty and monogrammed with my married initials :)

Jewlery and DIY hair comb photo 7Jewlery and DIY hair comb photo 8

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Awww yeah i freakin LOVE them!! :) Baseball cards!!

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We went to the La Jewelry District on Sat and ordered my two, yes TWO, pave set, beaded/miligrain edge, sapphire bands!!! I should get to pick them up this weekend!! SOOOO freakin stoked! :)

Update 11/19/09- Went to pick them up yesterday and they were hideous! The "beaded edge" is jagged and uneven, one of the sapphires is a different size than the others, and the tops arent perfectly round..and they jeweler kinda just looked at me like i was being picky...I was SO upset and frustrated! He says they can fix them...we shall see :(

Update 12/8/09- Went last Friday to see if they were right...and they were MUCH better...but still not perfect...i told him I wanted my money back and he SWORE he would get them right I'm givin him ANOTHER also ordered the hubbys custom ring from him...and if mine arent right im just gonna make him put my deposit for MY rings toward the balance of his ring and call it even....this is a nightmare and i hate that he makes me feel bad for being picky about the rings im gonna wear for THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! Ugh..more to come later

Update 1/6/10- OMGGGG spent over THREE hours downtown today...getting my rings..and OMG OMG ARE THEY AMAZING..I love mine..but the hubbys is EVEN MORE AMAZING...It's a surprise...and OMG I can't wait to show him...but I'm waiting till a lil before the wedding..soooo like 4 months...I couldn't be MORE happy!  Here they are..mine with my ering..and's baseball stitches...could that get any more awesome!?!?! :)


Ordered my wedding bands photo 1Ordered my wedding bands photo 2

Ordered my wedding bands photo 3Ordered my wedding bands photo 4

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I know i want my hair all up and off my neck and out of my face!! :)

Hair inspirations photo 1Hair inspirations photo 2

Hair inspirations photo 3  Hair inspirations photo 4

Hair inspirations photo 5Hair inspirations photo 6

Hair inspirations photo 7Hair inspirations photo 8


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So i thought i wanted something REALLY simple with straps...and ended up with something lacy and strapless!! I love her!! Don't mind the AWFUL pics was SOOO freakin hot in my apartment! Maggie Sottero "Shirley"! SOO have to get rid of the tan lines before the wedding!! :P

The dress and shoes photo 1  The dress and shoes photo 2


I wanted blue shoes for sure...bought my flats like a month after we got engaged..HAD to have them..then found my heels about a month ago..LOVE them both! :)


The dress and shoes photo 3  The dress and shoes photo 4

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These are gonna be really time consuming but we're savin lots of money and they are comin out SO cute! :)

DIY Placecard holders photo 1

And here are a bunch of them all lined up ready to go! :)

DIY Placecard holders photo 2