May 29, 2010

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So mom and I played with some of our short vases and I'm really happy with the result... we will probably add some blue ribbon around the vase!

Centerpiece trials photo 1  Centerpiece trials photo 2

Centerpiece trials photo 3  Centerpiece trials photo 4

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So, after agonizing and trying to be on a TINY budget for a 150 person wedding, Mom made the executive decision that we should up the budget so we aren't trying to put on the perfect wedding on a tiny budget in LA...So, since Dodger Stadium is WAYYY out of the budget, I didn't really care where the wedding was as long as the cermony was outdoors and the reception didn't end up in a borrring hotel banquet room.   Soooo we picked Knollwood Country Club!!!!!!! We LOVE the coordinator there and best of all she's best friends with an old family friend of ours so that makes it even more exciting!!  So we get to have our wedding outside with a beautiful backdrop of green trees and the reception room is SO pretty and elegant!  So glad to have this taken care of and off my mind!! Now the countdown begins to 5/29/10!

Virtual tour

(they have since put in new carpet, painted etc, WAY more pretty now) The Venue photo 1 The Venue photo 2

The Venue photo 3 The Venue photo 4

The Venue photo 5 The Venue photo 6

 The Venue photo 7






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So Chris reported back to active duty Monday and found out specifics yesterday....he won't be deploying til late September and therefore won't be home til the end of April at the earliest...that makes our original May 1st cutting it close...sooo to be safe we pushed our wedding back to May 29th....not the ideal situation but the date doesn't matter all that much to me!!!

Edit-11/19/09:  Chris isn't deploying...period!! We found this out some time ago...just forgot to update!

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  • 6 Comments I've decided...def gonna do a baseball/all American themed wedding!! I never pictured a REALLY formal wedding for us but I want to keep it classy all the same!  Soo I'll be trying to strike a balance between funky/quriky and elegant!  Not sure exactly how we'll do that yet but I've already found some really awesome ideas!! 

  • FIND A VENUE!!!!!
  • pick invites
  • print and assemble invites
  • baseball shaped cake/maybe individual cupcakes decorated like baseballs
  • baseball card save the dates 
  • DIY baseball placecard holders
  • DIY baseball ticket placecards
  • cracker jacks and peanuts for guests on tables
  • peanuts, cracker jacks, sunflower seeds in personalized bag for favors
  • white table linens with Dodger blue runners/napkins
  • make runners
  • short clear vases with red sunflowers/gerber dasies/waterbeads, tall blue vases with white tulips/some sort of blue flower (to diy day b4 wedd)
  • baseball stadium themed food or snacks for a late night send off
  • Bright blue flats to keep my feet happy!
  • Dodger blue heels....have a few in mind!!
  • DJ
  • dress!!
  • jewelry (wearing bracelet and ring he gave me) gotta decide on a necklace, earrings
  • BM dresses-i let all my girls choose their dresses!!
  • groomsmen attire(blue shirts, dodger ties, black suits)
  • must have songs
  • photography/videography
  • hair/makeup people, trial done!!
  • DIY custom water bottle labels
  • table numbers
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So Chris is a pretty quiet, shy guy.....he had been mentioning wanting to take me to dinner on friday the 13th of February and I actually had that friday off of work so it worked perfectly!  He was pretty quiet about where we were going but when I asked what I should be wearing he said it needed to be something "nice".  So I got a little dressed up and he took me to this super cute little french restaurant in Pasadena.  Dinner was amazing and it was quaint and romantic.  He left his jacket on allll through was NOT cold in that restaurant...When I said why dont ya take off your jacket he said, noo the breeze from people coming in the door is chilly..didnt really think much of it then...but he had the ring in his jacket!!! He kept holding my hand across the table and we had a great time.  After dinner I thought we were going home and he made a turn to to opposite direction of our house. I was like "Babe, you're going the wrong way" to which he replied "we have another stop to make" that point my heart started to beat a lil faster.  We pulled into the parking lot of this bar we like to hang out at and got out of the car.  In the parking lot he kinda just stood there, hugging me and giving me super long, sweet kisses.  I pulled away a little and asked him what was up and he just said nothing and hugged me really tightly.  Finally he looks right at me and says "You know I love you right?"  I said "of course I do" and he said "well the reason I took you out tonight was because I wanted to ask you something".  He then got down on his knee and asked if I would marry him!! Of course I started crying and said yes!!  We went inside the bar and there he revealed to me that he wanted to propose in the restaurant but it was too busy and crowded to do it there and thats why we ended up in the bar parking lot.  I couldn't have asked for anything different because he is my quiet, low key, reserved guy and thats exactly the proposal we had!! :)

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We first met on October 15th, 2005 at my cousin's wedding in Las Vegas.  I thought he was TOTALLY handsome (hello, he is a Marine and was in his dress blues!!) but our meeting was fleeting and after the wedding he went back up to the hotel room to hang out since he was less than two weeks away from turning 21...what a bummer!  At the end of the month my cousin had a reception here at home for the family who couldn't come to Vegas. Of course we flirted a little bit and talked a little bit but we were both busy hangin out and socialzing with lots of people.  Later in the evening I got pretty cold and he offered me his jacket.  When he was getting ready to leave I tried to give it back and he wouldn't take it from me.  I was like..."you're all the way down in Oceanside, how am I gonna get it to you?"  He basically said not to worry about it and he would get it back:)  He didn't ask for my number or anything so I tracked him down on myspace (ya kinda silly I know) and we ended up talking on instant messenger where he asked me out on our first date!! :) The rest is history!