Nov 08, 2008

39 East Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
To me, a good wedding photographer is creative, competent, sensitive, friendly, and professional. Kuang possessed all those qualities and more which makes him one of the best wedding photographers I've come across in Singapore. He made it a point to know my husband's and my expectations as well as personalities, which are so important especially since weddings can be highly emotional and not to mention, stressful. On my big day, Kuang and his assistant were so good I didn't even notice they were around me all the time! Kuang was unobtrusive, yet very sensitive to what was going round. As the bride, I'm not always aware of what's going on with my guests. Kuang fills that gap by capturing those important moments which would have otherwise been lost. And, I just have to add, I absolutely adored the photos that he took on film. When I told him that I love, love, love pictures that have that raw-ness of colour that sometimes digital can't achieve, Kuang immediately switched to film and started shooting. It was a risk (a lot of photographers rely on digital cos they can just shoot like a million frames and then pick the best picture when they go back to their studio), but I trusted Kuang's skills. Every shot had to be deliberate yet spontaneous. And you know what, the pictures that I received at the end of the day proved that my trust was not misplaced. I wholeheartedly recommend Kuang. It is such a pity he has moved out of Singapore. But it's good news to you folks living in the U.S.! I will be more than glad to share photos with anyone who wishes to know more.
Services used: Photography