Sep 12, 2009

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I've always loved solving the creative problems (well, not problems really so much as...opportunities) for weddings, so my family has graciously let me help with their weddings, my sister, my cousin, and my grandfather, here's some things I got to do for them:

Foray Into Other Weddings photo 1Foray Into Other Weddings photo 2

My cousin Jason got married in September of '08 and my sister, Laura, also got married that year in July, so for Christmas I made ornaments by printing these two out back to back and slid inside a clear globe ornament a la ship-in-a-bottle so when you spun the ornament, one couple was on one side, and the other on the opposite!

Foray Into Other Weddings photo 3   Foray Into Other Weddings photo 4

My Grandfather recently got remarried over the summer and I was happy I could help out by doing their invitations for them. Top fold invite, the design was based on Lilacs, his new bride's favorite flower and the colors for the wedding.

Foray Into Other Weddings photo 5 

Ok, the colors look kind of wonky on this, but it's the cover for my sister's Wedding Program I designed. Inside we had a kind of playbill introducing the wedding party with pictures and obviously the stuff that tells you what the heck is going on and in what order ;)

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Well, I have no really good excuses for why it took so long to post these, but here's the full link to all 800ish pictures from the wedding:

And just a few samples of some of them for us visual creatures:

Pro Pics photo 1Pro Pics photo 2
Pro Pics photo 3   Pro Pics photo 4

Pro Pics photo 5Pro Pics photo 6Pro Pics photo 7Pro Pics photo 8Pro Pics photo 9Pro Pics photo 10Pro Pics photo 11Pro Pics photo 12Pro Pics photo 13Pro Pics photo 14

Pro Pics photo 15Pro Pics photo 16

Pro Pics photo 17Pro Pics photo 18
Pro Pics photo 19Pro Pics photo 20

Pro Pics photo 21Pro Pics photo 22

Pro Pics photo 23Pro Pics photo 24

Pro Pics photo 25Pro Pics photo 26

Pro Pics photo 27Pro Pics photo 28

There are way to many to post in one thing, but trust me - if you're anything like me and love stalking other people's weddings - you will thoroughly enjoy going through all 800 pics - not just the "best of" the reception dancing pictures crack me up, we had SUCH a great time, I couldn't wish for more, and I got my Prince Charming out of it too! Love you ladies, thanks for all your love, laughs and support through the adventure we call wedding planning! :D

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Well, there aren't any Annie Leibovitz's photographs in here, but they're the best I have right now (NOW I understand the waiting game for the pro pics, boo, hiss and snarls to patience, I need visuals!!!), so no more delay the NEW STUFF:

More Visual STIMULATION photo 1
Give it up for Mr. and Mrs. Klein!!!!
::ooooohhhhss ahhhs and various other appropriate fireworks reactions::

More Visual STIMULATION photo 2More Visual STIMULATION photo 3More Visual STIMULATION photo 4More Visual STIMULATION photo 5
Our first dance, we have pics from all angles, because frankly all we did was sway in a circle junior high style - anyone notice how your favorite song can seem SO long when you're the only two dancing? BUT it was so special, and right as the song started I had an "omg" moment where I went, "Holy bananas, we're dancing to our first song...RIGHT NOW!" and everything settled into a fantastic night :D

More Visual STIMULATION photo 6More Visual STIMULATION photo 7

This is me and my Dad aka The Silver Fox dancing to "My Girl" by the Temptations, love my daddy, but he can't keep the beat, we were all over the place lol (also a gratuitous hair shot - all 97 bobby pins)

More Visual STIMULATION photo 8More Visual STIMULATION photo 9More Visual STIMULATION photo 10 The cutting of the cake - which takes more coordination than one might expect - but like Campbell's, it was MMMmmmmm Good!
I love the last picture, because that's me sending the "If You Want To Get Some Tonight You Better Not Get That Cake Near My Face" look and he looks Frosting Thoughtful lol

More Visual STIMULATION photo 11
Here's my lovely BMs,  I'm pretty sure they're hanging onto me to stay upright at this point, but they still look flawless!

More Visual STIMULATION photo 12     More Visual STIMULATION photo 13
I like to call these Before and After- Before, when the jacket was still on and After, later in the night all sweaty from dancing and the jacket was tossed, and I'm taking blushing bride to a whole new level, and I love my sister in the background of the second one, I think she was channeling Macaulay Culkin.

More Visual STIMULATION photo 14

And to top it off, my parents, who made my fairy tale day possible, said they had the time of their is good :D

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Well. To say that it was the best day of my life is the biggest understatement I can imagine, it's like saying, yeah...there's a couple grains of sand on the beach, it was...well, the only word that seems adequate is

Once Upon a Time photo 1

I suppose I'll have to do a full recap at some point, but I've just moved all my wordly goods and my entire life to PA with my husband (AHHH!! :D ) and it's been a pretty bizarre, but happily-ever-after-worthy adventure post-wedding, and we had a remarkable honeymoon in Costa Rica (guess there's another post), but here's what we've all been waiting for anyway, you can't fool me, we're all visual beings...

N O N   P R O   P I C S ! !

Here's just a sampling of my favorite moments captured day of:

Once Upon a Time photo 2
Here's my Uncle/Godfather/Officiant and my BM Julie who were walking down to sing their duet, "So This is Love," from Cinderella which brought tears to everyone's eyes, it was beautiful!!!

Once Upon a Time photo 3

Here's my dashingly handsome groom, and our amazingly on time, good natured, and supportive groomsmen

Once Upon a Time photo 4

And my happy, beautiful, and loving bridesmaids, and my sister, my MOH

Once Upon a Time photo 5

Here's my new inlaws - how cute!!

Once Upon a Time photo 6

My brother in law with the death grip keeping my Mom upright, we wanted to sew some ShamWows on his shoulders to sop up her eye puddles, but she held it together, she was so very happy for us :D

Can you feel the anticipation, I hope it was this way for everyone too, here comes the BRIDE!!

Once Upon a Time photo 7Once Upon a Time photo 8Once Upon a Time photo 9Once Upon a Time photo 10

My dad was so sweet, I barely cried (SHOCKER!!! I thought I'd flood Death Valley from the east coast) and he was all weepy and happy!

Once Upon a Time photo 11Once Upon a Time photo 12

Here's some quiet moments during the ceremony, my Uncle, the officiant was HILARIOUS weaving the story of how we met and became engaged with quotes from the Princess Bride :) Everyone said it was the most unique and enjoyable ceremony they've heard, good job Uncle Kevin! We didn't even notice it was raining, we were in our own little bubble of love and happiness (yeah I know I know sap sap sappy!)

Once Upon a Time photo 13Once Upon a Time photo 14

Awwwwwwww the kiss!!!

Once Upon a Time photo 15Once Upon a Time photo 16Once Upon a Time photo 17

HUSBAND AND WIFE - and the beginning of a fairytale life and night!

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Alright Ladies...Here she is...she's popped up in some posts here and there, but NOW it fits and looks Faaaaaabulous! And the next time I put her on...I'll be getting married!!! :D


Fit for a Princess Or a LoveBird D photo 1Fit for a Princess Or a LoveBird D photo 2
Fit for a Princess Or a LoveBird D photo 3

And with the bustle:

Fit for a Princess Or a LoveBird D photo 4Fit for a Princess Or a LoveBird D photo 5


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Well, I tried the DIY route again, and I think I got it finally!:

The Make Up Saga Continued photo 1The Make Up Saga Continued photo 2The Make Up Saga Continued photo 3

and my interpretation of the sexy smile, but I think it looks like I have to's something I'm working on:

The Make Up Saga Continued photo 4 hahaha oh that's special