Aug 21, 2010

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Getting engaged was one of the best feelings ever...however wedding planning has its up and downs. The next on my list was finding my "centerpiece"...the DRESS! The first store I went to was beautiful, but I was quick to learn that wedding dresses run about 1-2 sizes smaller than your actual size (like brides really want to feel bigger than they really are) and most of their samples were a little snug...Also, Im the type of person that needs to try it on and have the full effect before I can determine whether I'd purchase it or not...and most certainly with my wedding dress since its not just any dress...its THE ive been pretty discouraged.

I went to Bay Area Bridal last December, and it was like the third or fourth store that I went to. At first I was a little hesitant because I didnt think I would be able to fit their samples and the section of dresses in my size, didn't look too appealing. My consulatant was still on lunch, so I was looking around for ideas. The first girl came up to me and asked me if i knew what I was looking for, so she could pull some dresses. So I explained what I had in mind. About a minute later, a second asscociate asked me the same question, so I went through the whole speil again. I never saw them after that though.

A few minutes after the second girl, another lady came up to me and introduced herself as Jessica, my consulatant...She apologized for having me wait and asked me the same question. I was a little irritated at that point having to explaining myself for the third time, but it proved to be worth it because Jessica was great!

Her first pick had some of the qualities that I wanted, but she told me to tell her what I liked and didnt like, and we could go from there. I didnt really have a clear picture of what I wanted, but I did see a sample dress that I liked...and of course didnt fit me. But she grabbed a dress in my size from the same designer, with a similar shape, so I could get an idea about the fit. It was pretty stunning, but I wanted to try on some more. The next proved even better. It really shaped me well, and all of the details were perfect.

I had a hard time deciding between the two, but Jessica offered a lot of great input, and in the end, with the help of her and my girls, I said "YES TO THE DRESS!" I really wasn't expecting to have found a dress, but it flattered my figure, the details were perfect and it was about half what I intended to spend. Also, because they were having a trunk show the next weekend for that designer, and the dresses already arrived, they offered another 15% off!

My five stars totally go to Jessica. She was so great to work with. We had some questions about the variences of sizes, but she already pulled some dresses for us compare the differences. She's a great listener, totally knew her stuff, and was always one step ahead of the game. Also, everytime I went back for a fitting, she remembered me and came over to say hi. THANK YOU JESSICA for making this as painless as possible and helping me find "the ONE"!!!!
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nLighten Images
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We found Rob through a friend of ours and could not be happier with our decision. Rob, and his wife/assitant May, are the greatest! Very professional, fun and easy going. They totally made us feel at ease.

We brought our dog Cocoa to our engagement session, and May was so great with her. She totally made Cocoa feel at ease, and we got some great shots.

For the wedding, we were on a pretty tight schedule, and went through numerous schedule changes, but Rob just rolled with it and made it happen for us. He's also very some points I didn't even notice him and his team shooting pictures.

Rob is a great great guy to work with. He's open and honest, and stays true to his beliefs/visions. A true artist, and a great photographer. I can't wait to see the wedding photos, and I definitely recommend everyone to check him out. Maybe he'll be the perfect match for you too!
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Sift Cupcake + Dessert Bar
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We hired Sift for our wedding cupcakes. They have 3 locations: Cotati, Santa Rosa and Napa. Our wedding was in Napa, but we went to the Cotati location for the tasting.

Jordan, the wedding coordinator, was super friendly and made us feel so welcome. We werent too keen on some of the flavors, but there were two that really stood out. "Black Cherry Jungle" (black forest) and "Knock Your Sox Off" (boston cream). Great choices, since they were an absolute hit at our wedding...though, the boston cream was the ultimate favorite.

Cupcakes are becoming the new cake. You can have a large variety, the're easier to eat, relatively inexpensive AND you dont really need to decorate them, since they were already cutely decorated=) (way to save a little)
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My hubby and I were married at Silverado Resort and Spa, in Napa on 8/21/10. It was such a great experience, and everything came out FANTABULOUS!!! If you want five star all the way, you need to check out Silverado. True, it's a little pricey, but in the end, it was ALL WORTH IT!

First off, the entrance alone, makes for a grand impact on you and your guests. The resort is gorgeous, and the Grove is the perfect place for an outdoor wedding. Also, if you get the chance, check out their spa. It was pure heaven!

The food was also a hit. We all know how wedding food can be, but my guests raved about their meal selections, especially the crabcakes and coconut shrimp.

My guests were VERY impressed by Silverado's service. They're pretty well staffed and so accomodating. Not one request proved to be too large for them. They were truly amazing, and it really enhanced my guests' experience.

Lastly, a BIG THANKS to Kimberlie Husted, the wedding coordinator for Silverado. Kimberlie was SO AWESOME!!! She's totally got all of her stuff together. She's organized, prompt and resourceful. She totally went out of her way to try and accomodate us and our guests.

Silverado truly made me feel like a princess for my wedding weekend. Not only did they go above and beyond for my hubby and I, but for our family and guests as well. They were so impressed by this place, everybody can hardly wait for their next trip back!
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My fiance and I are planning for a large wedding (350+), and the original site I was looking at was a bit too small. So we decided to look around a little more and we found the Palm Event Center. This place has an amazing driveway that makes a great impact when entering. I set my tour up with Mackenzie, and Monique, who was pretty nice, gave us a tour. The building that held the reception was pretty big and could handle our party,no problem. There are two options for the ceremony...outside (pretty bright and nice) or in the estate room (a little on the dark side for my preference, and i wasn't too fond of all of the barrels). I probably would've given this place four stars for the overall look. HOwever, I have to knock off two stars for the correspondence. We were happy with the venue and were really considering booking the place. The next day, I wrote back to thank Monique and Mackenzie for the tour and included a few questions about venue. Since I didnt get a response, I thought maybe they didnt get the email, so I tried again, and one more time a couple of weeks later. Not once did I hear back from either of them. Maybe they didnt get all three of my emails, maybe they were busy...nonetheless, having this be one of the most important days of my life, I didn't want to chance having a co-ordinaator that couldn't correspond or follow-up. If they couldn't even correspond when I was just touring the venue, I can only imagine what might happen if I actually booked the place. I guess I should be happy about it because we would've settled on the Palm Event Center, instead of the gorgeous venue Im booking in Napa. Wasn't meant to be.
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