Jun 26, 2010

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I have a little BIG problem resisting anything sparkly.  Here's a few lovelies that I picked up since the decor at the reception is entirely up to me:

These awesome sparkly tea lights from Pier one...I'm sure as soon as you light them, you won't be able to tell how sparkly they are, but they were just too blingy to pass up!  Will put a couple of these on each table around the centerpieces.

Random Blingy things photo 1

Got these sparkly pillar candles at Michaels- some 5" tall and some 8" tall.  These won't be used as part of the centerpieces, but will be on various "main" tables like cake table, maybe head table...

Random Blingy things photo 2


I got this sort of diamond confetti also at Pier One.  I would like to either a) sprinkle these on the table to compliment the centerpieces, or 2) fill trays of them and stick the escort cards in them.  I'm looking for an inspiration photo of this...


Random Blingy things photo 3






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Luckily, my sister works at Beauty Brands, so she is bringing a team of stylists to do hair the day of the wedding!  Note: the stylist didn't pin the french twist very tight since she did a couple of different styles on my hair, so this is a rough idea of how it will be on the big day...Here are some pics from the trial:

Hair Make Up Trial photo 1 Hair Make Up Trial photo 2Hair Make Up Trial photo 3Hair Make Up Trial photo 4


And from my make-up trial!

Hair Make Up Trial photo 5Hair Make Up Trial photo 6Hair Make Up Trial photo 7

The lips are REALLY bright in the first two pics (right after I got the trial done), but you can see in the last pic which is about 8 hours later that the eyes still look good.  I really liked Candace, and her prices were super reasonable!

UPDATE:  Candace is unable to do our make-up the day of the wedding, but has passed along the name of a colleague of hers, Jen Thurston, and she will be taking over the day of.  Can't wait to see how it turns out!

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Hair Inspiration:

Sleek, classic, hair is extremely fine and does NOT curl, so I want something that will add volume, and a style that will hold, so I'm not worrying about curls falling out throughout the evening.  I'm not planning to wear a veil, but I am going to wear a flower in my hair.

Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 1Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 2Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 3Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 4Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 5Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 6Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 7Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 8Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 9Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 10


Make-up Inspiration:

Grey is one of my colors, and I LOVE purple eyeshadow, so I'd love to do a soft, smokey purple eyes with flushed cheeks and subtle lip color.

  Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 11Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 12Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 13Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 14Hair Makeup Inspirations photo 15

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Escort Cards

Card Box

I know this is nowhere near as polished looking as some other DIY cardboxes, but I think it's cute! :)

DIY Projects photo 1DIY Projects photo 2DIY Projects photo 3

Guestbook Table Sign

Donation Acknowledgement Sign



I ordered pocketfolds from Cards &, and will order printable cardstock and envelopes from them as well once I decide on which colors to use.

A couple of rough first attempts- first, my "workstation", aka, the floor of my dining room, lol:

DIY Projects photo 4


1.1.10- First attempt (before I figured out how to download fonts!):

DIY Projects photo 5DIY Projects photo 6DIY Projects photo 7


2nd Attempt with new font and very subtle graphic in background:

DIY Projects photo 8DIY Projects photo 9


DIY Projects photo 10DIY Projects photo 11


DIY Projects photo 12

Invite wording:

Your love and friendship have helped us become who we are today.

Together with our parents, we

Maria XX XX


Frank XX XX

Invite you to share our celebration

of love and commitment as we marry

Saturday, the twenty-sixth of June

Two thousand and ten

At half past four


City, State


Reception Card (front):                                                      Accomodation Card (back)

DIY Projects photo 13DIY Projects photo 14

RSVP Postcard:

DIY Projects photo 15


Guest Name(s):


__Will dine, dance, and celebrate!

   ___Number of guests attending

__Will only be there in spirit

For your convenience, you may also RSVP online:

Your RSVP is kindly requsted by May 28th, 2010


Planning to mail these out the middle of April!

Blackpocketfold envelopes:; pearl white, silver, and gray metallic cardstock from; various rhinestones/glitter ribbon from Michaels.


Bathroom Baskets

OOT bags

Sand Ceremony Components

I purchased the frame from Amazon:

Put a picture of us inside one of the glass panels, covered this section, and picked up black and white-ish sparkly sand from Michaels!  I love that we'll be able to display this memento from our sand ceremony!

DIY Projects photo 16 DIY Projects photo 17

Table Numbers/Centerpieces:

11.1.09  My first attempt- Centerpieces!  I love how they turned out and they are pretty easy to make!

DIY Projects photo 18DIY Projects photo 19DIY Projects photo 20DIY Projects photo 21



Update: I decided to try clear rocks/stones in the base of the CP instead of the black rocks and have decided I like it much better:

DIY Projects photo 22DIY Projects photo 23


I'm planning to put my table numbers right up in the centerpieces too, so more updates after those are finished!  Here they are from Crafty Eddy (unfinished):

DIY Projects photo 24


And here's some photos of the finished product!

DIY Projects photo 25DIY Projects photo 26DIY Projects photo 27DIY Projects photo 28DIY Projects photo 29

Woohoo...done with those!

Last Call/Cab signs

Something like this...

DIY Projects photo 30

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I love classic elements like black and grey, yet want to incorporate a fun splash of colors here and there to keep things light and reflect on the outdoor ceremony we'll have.  I'm thinking classic, a little modern, and a lot of fun (with a ridiculous amount of bling- of course!)

*If I've used your photos, please send me a message and I will be sure to credit them right away*


Inspiration photo 1

Inspiration photo 2

Inspiration photo 3

Inspiration photo 4Inspiration photo 5Inspiration photo 6Inspiration photo 7

 Inspiration photo 8

Inspiration photo 9

Inspiration photo 10Inspiration photo 11Inspiration photo 12Inspiration photo 13Inspiration photo 14

Cake: Sparkles060509

Inspiration photo 15


I want to do my table numbers in the style of Caligirl9's cake topper:

Inspiration photo 16

Or YaryandAlex's:

Inspiration photo 17

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We got our engagment photos taken on August 29, 2009 in downtown Chicago.  I loved how they turned out!

Photos by Heather Gregory of Shutter Happy Studios-

Engagement Photos photo 1Engagement Photos photo 2Engagement Photos photo 3Engagement Photos photo 4Engagement Photos photo 5Engagement Photos photo 6Engagement Photos photo 7Engagement Photos photo 8Engagement Photos photo 9