Jun 14, 2008

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Because I have a little background in photography, I had a difficult time finding a photographer that suited my taste. My husband and I found Pizzuti Studios Photography at a bridal expo, and immediately were drawn to their professional display, their clean crisp prints and the honesty of their images. We met with them, and were delighted with their personalities and no-pressure approach. It was apparent that they are photographers because they love to be photographers, and that they enjoy being a part of the happiest days of peoples lives. Looking at their images, and knowing about photography, I was amazed at their skill to capture the 'realness' of the day and their talent in taking photos that require very little editing... in fact, I had to ASK if they edit their photos. Ashley and Rich were wonderful to work with. They were sensitive to our needs and worked with me throughout my whole planning process. They work in a stress-free way that was a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of planning. They put in a lot of effort to make sure they knew our unusual venue: they went to the venue and learned about the area before the wedding so that they had great ideas and knew what environment they were working with. They also took the time to learn about the little details that my mother and i had worked hard to create, ensuring that they had the meaningful photos we wanted. Our photographers listened to us and learned about the things that were important to us, and took pictures that proved it. They spent time to make sure that they had images of us with the important people we had mentioned, and worked to capture the uniqueness of of our wedding. They learned the names of the people involved in the wedding party and were quick to help with the little things that needed to be done last minute. Ashley photographed the girls getting ready, while Rich photographed the guys, and they fit right in. For me, Ashley turned into part of the wedding party. She helped me through a little panic attack, and helped adjust my dress. She was more than just someone taking pictures, she became a part of the process and the support that I needed. My guests were very pleased with Pizzuti. I've heard nothing but positive feedback from our family and friends. The guests liked that the photographers took pictures on request, and some of the guests asked me to keep them on for extra time in order to take additional family portraits. Of course they were flexible and happily stayed until we had all of the guests requests taken care of. The guests found their website easy to navigate, and the images were up for viewing as soon as we got back from our honeymoon! The only problem that I've had with Pizzuti is that I love all of the pictures so much I've found it difficult to narrow them down!I recommend Pizzuti Studios to anyone who is looking for great quality photography with the ease of personal service. I look forward to working with Rich and Ashley again as we begin our family.
Services used: Photography