Mar 09, 2009

Los Angeles Flower District
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I love Los Angeles Wholesale Flower District it is so cool - the smell is amazing! You need to know there's more to it than the places on Wall Street. The Wall Street market (LA Flower Mart)website goes by the name of the LA Flower District and the site gives you the impression they are the only game in town. They charge an entrance fee and charge for parking. The vendors we talked to there were not very interested in doing business with DIY brides. My girlfriend was so insulted by one guy - because we were not florists - we left. Good thing...discovered there are blocks more places. Josie at Best Flowers in The California Flower Mall at 825 San Pedro Street was where we bought flowers for 11 centerpieces,cake table, reception table, aisle and alter flowers, my bouquet, 4 brides, 4 Moms (I know we're dysfunctional but everyone is friendly ) 4 grandmas, 4 boutonnieres and rehearsal dinner flowers. CFM let us use their hospitality lounge to get off our feet and get our thoughts together and there was no admission fee. No other place in the six-eight block LA Wholesale Flower District charges admission fee except the Wall street market. CFM is brand new,they have free parking and love DIYers - my sister is a yard sale barracuda and she haggled a great price. Sigi at Chatsworth Flowers quoted me $2800. I spent $390 including the centerpiece vases, ribbons, floral supplies, greenery. My girl friend and 2 sisters made it all so beautiful. It was tense getting the flowers refrigerated for one night - find someone with an big extra frig to help.
Services used: Flowers