Jul 11, 2009

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Wow I can't believe we've been engaged for 29 weeks already!!!!!! Time is going by so fast!!!

So anyways....right now I'm supposed to be in the states picking up my wedding dress....and I'm not....why?? because I'm sick......again!!!!!!!!!!! I have this super nasty cold......sucks....and it's my spring break too!!! I'll see how I feel at the end of the week and I'll go then I suppose.

I've basically been working on my wedding invitation portfolio. On my 3rd design already!!!!!! AND my Gocco has arrived!!!!!! Tried it out once but I'm going to have to wait again until I have a better reason to use it so I don't waste the materials.

I really should start on the programs but what's the point.....still need to finalize everything that's on there so I'll wait....

Still waiting for our engagement pics from last week's shoot!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Only 116 more days to gooooooooooo CRAZYYYY in about 2 weeks we'll be counting down in double digits!! AHHH
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Hmm not too much happening in terms of our wedding plans....but my paper arrived today!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOO happy with this line of paper! I've made 2 cards for my portfolio already! Here's a sneak peak for what's coming.............

-Tiffany collection (Tiffany themed)
-Cookies and cream collection (Brown, pink and cream coloured)
-Winter wonderland collection (White, silver and blue coloured)
-Destinations collection (Ideal for beach weddings...yellow, green, orange, blue coloured)
-Midnight masqurade collection (Black, gold, silver, deep blue, deep purple, deep green coloured)
-Aisan flare collection (what else?? RED AND GOLD!)
-Pearls and lace collection (White and pastel with pearls and laces as accents...very pretty and romantic)
-Autumn leaves collection (For fall weddings...red, yellow, brown, green, orange coloured)

I'm sooooooooo excited to finish my portfolio and get my website up and start doing business!! I still need a name HAHA

I'm done my samples for the Tiffany collection and half done the Cookies and cream collection!! It's so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait til I get my GOCCO!!

So with the sample packs for my invitation business I also got our papers for our programs! Someone from Weddingbee emailed me the template for Mrs. Champagne's wedding program. So all I gotta do is change the names and colours and VOILA! I'm going to attempt the vellum too!

Oh by the way....I'm now 'go2bee' on Weddingbee...not daisywu HAHAHAH that was NOT a good name for the discussion boards...........

Anywayssssssssssssssssssss.......less than 18 weeks to go!! OMG OMG OMG

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WOOT WOOT...we are not in the 10's with counting down!! 19.5 weeks to go!!!

So a lot has happened this week...not ALL to do with planning our wedding but WEDDINGS....

I am now officially addicted to www.weddingbee.com. It's awesome! Given me so much inspiration!!! I also purchased a GOCCO machine!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eil23wHO9f8 If you don't know what it is watch this....it's so awesome! It's discontinued as of this past summer but the supplies are still going to be manufactured for the next 5 years...so stock up while I can.

I'm going to start my own wedding invitation business!! Don't have a name yet but I've got a supplier for paper and I've ordered the swatches for them! I plan to launch a website with galleries and start taking on clients this August!! So excited!! I love weddings!!!! I'm so glad I can get a chance to get into the industry!! My goal is to one day work from home (so I can stay with my kids of course!) and maybe......just MAYBE open a small shop? That's a long time from now though HAHA I do however plan to expand to wedding planning/decorations later on too...but for now I'll do invitations since it's the most creative of them all!

So for OUR wedding.......Ed and I finally got a chance to go to Black & Lee's. We've picked out the tuxes!! So boys...............go to any Black & Lee ASAP and get fitted please!! You need to go soon because it's also grad season in a few months and tuxes might be all rented out by then...so to ensure we get what we want in your size go soon. Just tell them the wedding date 'JULY 11, 2009' and either one of our last names 'Gosionglim' or 'Wu'. They have your names so just tell them which one you are.

Next up is serious planning for the bridal shower/stagette/stag. These will be happening in about 3 months!!!!!!!!!!

I will be sending out an email to the guys to remind them about the fittings and also one to the girls about bridal shower/stagette stuff. YAY!

131 days to go!!!!
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Sooo much to write about this week!!

I had my first dress fitting on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grace and Laura went with me and we had a blast!! I also picked up my wedding shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so nice to finally wear the dress and have it FIT...it just needs to be hemmed up a couple of inches and taken in a tiny bit on the sides...and have a bustle put in HAHA I'll be going down in 3 weeks!! Hopefully it will be perfect and I can finally bring it home!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I can post pictures but of course Ed will see and that won't be too fun.

I'm starting to feel a little stressed now.....just thinking about all the last minute details that I'll have to deal with in a couple of months is giving me a headache!!! Here are just some things....

-engagement shoot this sunday
-finalize guestlist
-book limo
-give out invitations
-finalize bridal shower details
-finalize flowers
-finalize wedding decorations
-finalize menu and drinks
-make drink tickets
-figure out transition between ceremony and reception for guests
-get my dress
-buy accessories for wedding day (jewlery/headpeice)
-hair trials
-finalize hair and makeup for bridesmaids
-set up rehearsal
-marriage classes
-apply for marriage certificate
-finalize a/v and sound
-print programs
-finish party favours/seating tags
-plan family lunch for the day after the wedding
-buy a bed (we already got the mattress)
-find a place for us to rent
-move in and get a LITTLE settled before the wedding
-plan honeymoon itinerary
-plan what to pack for honeymoon

And that's JUST what I can think of off the top of my head....anyone care to remind me of something I'm missing?? Anyone wanna offer help?? HAHAHAHAHAHA So excited yet so nervous!!!!!!!!!!! Less than 20 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 138 day

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So Ed and I celebrated our last Valentines Day together before we got married. It was really nice because we spent a lot of time talking about how things would be so different next year. For once we'd finally get to leave from the same house to go for dinner HAHHA And we get to go home together at the end of it too!! No more of that picking up and dropping off stuff!!! Although he can always just stand outside and ring the doorbell and pretend he's picking me up if he wanted to HAHA

We are just starting to get busy with wedding plans again!! We need to pick out our tuxes still and get the limo rented!!!

This coming week is one of the MOST exciting ones ever!!! I should be getting my first dress fitting this Friday!!! And I'm picking up my shoes too!!!! And I get to take pictures too...even though the dress won't fit properly yet and of course I won't be posting the pics cuz I want Ed to be surprised when he sees me walking down the asile!!

We are getting close to sending out our invitations...in less than 2 months! So this means we need to completely finalize guest lists!!!

That's it for now...144 days to go!!! That's 20.5 weeks!!!
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So we got our wedding bands.....did I mention that last week????????? Yes we have them now!!!! We keep trying them on HAHAHH Ed wants to wear his already.....I'm like...ummmmmm no.... HAHA

And of course bridesmaid dresses are all set....we just have to wait for them to come in!!!

Coming up in the next few weeks...

-picking out the tux rentals.......Ed and I will probably go sometime this week to see what they have....we were told back in Dec that they'd be getting new stuff in for 09' around Feb so lets hope they're IN....that way we can pick them out and the guys can start going in for fittings as soon as March 1st!

-my dress fitting!!! It's on the 20th......I'm also going to pick up my shoes that day!!! soooooooo excited....dearest Gracie poo and Miss. Fatty Kwok will be joining me!!!

-Engagement pics with our photographer....kinda nervous about it....it's supposed to be March 1st sometime in the afternoon....it will be our last pictures (professional ones) before our wedding....so kinda weird....

-we need to set up a time with Mayfair Lakes to go over menus and figure out the drink stuff.....but probably not until May...we'll seeeeee

-we're gonna be handing out invitations in March (Chinese ones that are sent overseas) and April (English and Chinese ones here...) so that means we need to finalize guestlists really soon....kinda scary..............................

-girls we've set the dates for bridal shower and stagette!!! Bridal Shower will be on June 27 and Stagette will be on July 10....the night before the big day!!! I'll let you girls know in a few months what's happening.....kinda got it figured out already..