Jul 11, 2009

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oops I meant to do my note yesterday but got caught up doing other stuff sooooo here's my weekly update!

We have officially decided who our photographer will be!!! We are signing the contract with him in 2 day! His name is Dan Fontaine and he is based in Richmond which is perfect for us since our wedding is there. He has done MULTIPLE weddings at our venue and also at the spot where we want out bridal party pictures after the ceremony! Here's his website! http://www.danfontaine.com/

I went wedding dress shopping with my entire bridal party (girls side that is) and we spent HOURS trying to figure out which one is the best one. I brought in the picture from the magazine of the dress I wanted from like 3 years ago!! They had the dress for me to try on but it was a size 16 HAHA I'm a size 2 =) But despite the big size difference everyone thought the dress was perfect for me. UNTIL we went across the street to another store at which point I tried on another dress. This one was BEAUTIFUL!!! So I had to wait and not order a dress in yet because I was totally stumped as to what to do!!! I think I'm pretty sure I know which one I'm going to go with now so I'll have to go in again later this week to make my final decision!!!!!

We've arranged to have engagment pictures taken by our friend Raymond Chou this coming Saturday so lets hope it doesn't rain!! If it's pouring we'll have to postpone it =(

I was able to order more party favours from the store! I went about 2 weeks ago and found the perfect favours but they only had 120 (and I need 180) so I got them to order more in and they came today!!!!

We're still working hard on the guestlist!! It's not easy picking who the 180 people are going to be! We pretty much have to cut out people who we aren't that close to and extra people (like boy/girl friends of our friends that we don't know).

K that's my update this week!!! 41 more weeks to go!!!!!!!!
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so it's week 3 now!!! the wedding is less than 10 months away...CRAZINESSSSSS

so we're well on our way to finding our photographer BUT it's sooooooo hard!!! We've interviewed 4 so far and photographer #2 REALLY stood out...and photographer #3 is our second choice. We have one more photographer to meet tomorrow and then we'll be ready to decide. I can't believe people have to book their wedding day photographers so in advanced!!! CRAZY!!!

We've figured out our engagment picutre taking day!! Our friends Raymond Chou (www.raymondchou.ca) and Joshua Kho have been so gracious to take our engagment pictures for us as a gift =) We plan to have them done on the 27th but we'll have to see because it will depend on the weather. So pray for no rain on that day!

There has been a little small issue with the party favours! I bought 120 of them and of course i need 60 more. The girl at the store said they would get more in but I went the other day and a different girl told me they were seasonal items and that they won't get anymore in. Luckily the store manager was so nice that he offered to call the supplier to see if he can get some more just for me! So please pray that it will all work out!!!!

Centerpiece matierials are pretty much DONE...thanks to Micheal's Crafts having a sale this week on vases and floral arrangment accessories!!! I think each centerpiece will end up costing under $10 each!!!! All I need to do is order the flowers for them now. Speaking of flowers....after we book our photographer the next big thing to do is book a florist!!!!! We have 5 florist consultations in the first 2 weeks of October!!! Again...CRAZINESS!!

We've started looking into invitations but that totally opened a can of worms!! We have most of the guestlist done but it's kinda hard deciding who we HAVE to invite and who won't be too offended if they don't get an invitation. We can only invite 180 guests.....i know i know but we LOVED our venue so....what can we do?

Of course there are still plenty to do (dress shopping!!!!!!!!) but I just want to take some time now to say THANK YOU to my honey bunny Eddie poo =) He's been so involved in everything...going to EVERY consultation and taking initiative to call people. He's really showing me that he will be an awesome life partner!! I love you!!!!!
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k so now that we've been engaged for 2 weeks things are really starting to go crazy. Who knew that photographers get booked like 1.5 years in advanced!!! Last night Ed and I looked at a LOT of wedding photographers and ended up emailing about 15 of them. At least 5 have replied so far saying that they're already booked for our wedding day!!! Here is what we have done so far!!

-Booked Venue: Mayfair Lakes Golf Course in Richmond for July 11th 2009
-Bought party favors!!!!
-Made prototype of center-piece and started buying materials for it (SO not done buying materials for all 17 center-pieces!!).
-Scheduled consultations with 5 photographers for the next 2 weeks.
-Made an appointment to order my wedding dress!!
-Set a date to get engagement pictures taken (Sept 27th)!!
-Scheduled 2 consultations with wedding invitation companies in October.
-Scheduled 2 consultations with florists in October.
-Scheduled a consultation/booking day with a decoration/rental company.
-Decided who will be doing our cake (Gyneth!!)
-Decided to go to the Vancouver Wedding Show (November 1st).

I can't wait to have all these things booked and done with. It's so much work just DECIDING who to book for certain things!!!!! With other things it's just MAKING TIME to go meet up with companies to book things. It's a lot of work but IT'S BEEN SOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!! I can't believe I'm actually finally planning my wedding!!! I should have went into the wedding business (make invitations or photography or SOMETHING) cuz it's so much fun and the money is REALLY there!!!! Still can't believe things are booked so well in advanced!!!!! No wonder most people are engaged for more than a year!
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so it's been a week since I've become an engaged woman and I just wanted to journal what's been happening in my life because so much has already happened!! I feel like God has been SO good lately to me. Not only did I get engaged but I also get to start working full-time!! School/work has always been something I've NEVER had to stress out about so I'm forever grateful for that. I cannot imagine being one of those people who are constantly super stressed with where their life is heading in terms of their career. I've just always known. The relationship area of life is where I've struggled. I've ALWAYS wanted to just find Mr.Right and settle down and get married and forever I could NOT understand why God was taking so long to give me something I wanted so badly (I mean, I think wanting a husband and wanting to be a mother are good things to want right? So why is it that God is so slow in that department? Obvisouly He wanted me to learn something (and i KNOW God knows that the only way I ever really take anything to heart is if really bad things happen in my life...I'm stubborn like that HEHE). It may seem like that now that I'm engaged I should be totally relieved and happy that God has finally pulled through. On one hand YES. God has fulfilled His promise to me (that if I'm persisitant and continue to ask Him for something I truly want....and believe me I've BEEN asking...God will grant it. The only catch to that was that I needed to NOT want what I want but to want what God wants. I believe that God wants what we want sometimes too. Otherwise I don't think we will have wills and passion towards anything. I think that for me God knew I wanted something really bad and took advantage of it by using it to become closer to me. I know that He was always saying 'Daisy come to ME and I will give you everything you've ever dreamed of and MORE...I love you and I want good things for you...And because I love you so much I will stop at nothing to make you love me back too'. To me I've always felt that God should just make me happy and I will love Him more. It's kind of like...DUH. I was always saying 'God I DO love you deep inside and You now that....otherwise You probably wouldn't even bother. So why don't you just give me what I want and then I will be happy and know that You love me..and in return I will love you back natrually'. It made complete sense. But I don't think that's how God intended it to be. I mean He could just make us all happy campers and give us everything we want and we'd be happy and in return we'd be happy to love Him back. I know that God wants me to love Him MORE than that. He wants me to love Him even when bad things happen. Even when He doesn't give me any good stuff in life. And it is HARD to do. Why should anyone waste time on someone who isn't bringing a positive vibe into your life right?

As I prepare myself for marriage, I'm starting to really think about what real love requires. It is not JUST about being happy together. Sure you have happy moments but that's not reality and we all know it. We learn nothing if life was perfect and we do not grow as a person. I think about the vows I will be saying next summer 'For better or for worse'. What does that really mean? I hear a lot of people say things like 'Well if your husband/wife cheats on you...of course you divorce them'. Again this makes total and complete logical sense. But somehow I find that people only focus on the bad guy when things go wrong. YES he/she cheated and that's WRONG. BUT....what about the things that YOU are doing? YOU vowed to be there through thick and think and for better or for worse...til DEATH do you part.....not til CHEATING do you part....or not til FIANCIAL DIFFICULTIES do you part....or whatever the problem seems to be. It's scary sometimes for me to think about it but what will I do when something horrible happens in my marriage and it was NOT my fault (like a husband cheating or gambling all the money away or something). What will I do in those situations? Will I be someone who says...I love you and I made a promise to you that no matter what happens I will be there. I think about Hosea and how he treated his wife. Most women thing about that and go 'I hope my man will be like that for me'. But I think...'I hope I will be like that for my man'. I think loving your spouse is like loving God. God doesn't always give you good stuff...sometimes he gives you REALLY bad stuff to deal with in life. But should I stop loving Him or love Him less? My initial reaction probably will be to do so. But I think God has taught me that love is not about just making each other happy and being happy together all the time (you can blame disney for the way I think about love). Over the years I've had my ups and definitly downs with God...and He's stuck by me. I've generally been a good girl but I've done my share of bad things. It's funny how I never really think about why God would want to stay around and that whenever bad things happen in my life I start thinking about why I should stay around God. I believe that God has NEVER even given it a single thought about leaving me. I cannot say the same. But I'm still here with Him and I guess that's all that counts. Love just has a way with me.

Right now God is sooooooooo good to me. I know life is not always going to be this smooth. Problems will come and go. When I look back on my 'days of wanting a husband/family' I now see what God was doing. He was preparing me for MORE love. I was totally ready for the good stuff but God knew that I was not 100% ready for the bad stuff that comes with life. I think I've learned to see bad situations as simply just bad issues. I want to be someone who does not let bad things in my life affect my relationship with God and those around me. Just because things are going bad it does not mean that God is mad at me or does not love me. I wish I trusted Him more back in the days when I was constantly frustrated. I think I just have to remember from now on not to doubt Him as much as I did before and I'm SOOO glad that God has given me proof that I can trust Him. But still I think He has more in store for me. I know He will continue to work in me and I hope that one day I can love Him more unconditionally. I want to love Him the way that He loves me.