Sep 19, 2009

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I'm not a huge fan of cake ... but I AM a huge fan of madeleines!  I love them!  So we found a French bakery to make these for us:

Madeleines photo 1

I'm hungry just looking at them. For awhile, I thought about compromising people's demand for tradition and cake with this:

Madeleines photo 2

But then got really tired of calling up bakeries in the area only to have everyone say, "Well, we don't make madeleines, so you'd have to put them on yourself."  I just KNOW I would have found a way to ruin it.  :)

So I gave up, embraced my original vision and decided to arrange them on cake platters like so:

Madeleines photo 3

I'm still toying with the idea of putting a tiny cake on the top for Martin and I to cut into.  Currently, I'm leaning to no and having no cake cutting at all, though I wonder if I'll miss it.  The caterer is serving raspberry sorbet in martini glasses and he's going to use the cookies as a garnish.  I thought the idea was great!

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I don't know why, but for some reason, I am totally in love with the table linens I have picked.  It's a tiny, random detail to love, to be sure, but so it goes.

For our outdoor cocktail tables, I'm doing a lemon yellow with a swiss dot sheer overlay:

Dresses For Tables photo 1

We're arranging our tables in 3 long rows of 8" rectangular tables, with one head table.  The head table and the middle row will be this beautiful yellow diamond damask:

Dresses For Tables photo 2


The other tables are a pewter shantung.  And then our accent tables are covered in a white damask:

Dresses For Tables photo 3

I am pretty thrilled with these.  :)

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I knew from the beginning I wanted the groom and groomsmen to wear suits rather than tuxes.  I also dislike when you see wedding photos of the wedding party and can't tell who the groom is.  Our wedding colors are yellow, gray and blue, so I asked Martin to pick his color combination for his and his groomsmens suits:  black / medium gray, black / light gray or dark gray / light gray.  He already had a dark gray suit and wanted to use the wedding as an excuse to buy a new suit, so he opted to wear black and his groomsmen to wear medium gray.

Here it is, LIKE A BOSS:

Sexy Guys to Match Sexy Girls photo 1Sexy Guys to Match Sexy Girls photo 2

We told the groomsmen any suit in this shade of dark gray.  Two months until the wedding and I don't think anyone has bought it yet.  Slackers.  :)

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My bridesmaids are my best friend and two of my closest girlfriends.  They have been so great!  We are all scattered across the country, but they went with me to La Jolla, CA during Memorial Weekend for a Girl's Weekend / Bachelorette Party.  I had a great time relaxing on the beach, eating yummy food and laughing with my girlfriends. 

Another reason they've been so wonderful is, THEY HAVE LET ME PICK YELLOW for my bridesmaids dresses.  They're all very fair-complected, so yellow wasn't the best color for them but they knew it has been my favorite color for years and years.  I tried for a long time to force other colors into my color scheme to accomodate their skin tones, but they told me to give it up and just pick yellow.  THEY ARE THE BEST.

I asked them to pick any Jenny Yoo dress in dandelion and that they could wear any shoes they wanted if they felt it matched their dress.  Here's what they picked:


Bridesmaids photo 1Bridesmaids photo 2Bridesmaids photo 3

And here is kind of what the yellow looks like, though not so orange.  None of the dresses on Jenny Yoo's page were ACTUALLY yellow.  It's like they didn't think yellow was as popular a bridesmaids color as, say, pink or blue.  :)

Bridesmaids photo 4

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So I just posted about how I was having doubts about my dress ... then thought maybe I should post the actual dress.  :)  My inspiration comes slow, but in spurts! 

Also, I tried on a veil in the store but I've since decided to go without.

Mine is a Vera Wang.  When I tried it on, I just knew.

Starting Off Slow The Dress photo 1

And now, SHOES:

Starting Off Slow The Dress photo 2

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My name is Melanie.  I grew up in North Carolina and I love the color yellow, sweet tea and biscuits, cooking in my free time and uncompetitive running.

I'm engaged to be married in September 2009, to my college sweetheart, Martin. Martin grew up in Sweden and is into cycling, computer programming and eating all the sweets in the house to "save me from myself."  :)

We met our first week at school, but didn't start dating until sophomore year.  I think a part of me always knew he was someone special.  Six years later, with a cross-country move and a transition from college to career under our belts, we finally feel ready to start the next chapter of our lives together.