Sep 19, 2009

Tre Bella, Inc
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
COST: $175 - bridal bouquet $80 - bridesmaids bouquets $24 - each assorted flower centerpieces in mason jars $120 - beautifully arranged flowers for cake table and sign in table $15 - boutonnieres $40 - mother's corsages FLOWERS: Stephanotis, cymbidium orchids, freesia, hydrangeas (for wedding party flowers) Roses, dahlias, tulips, salidego, mums, delphinium (for reception flowers) So I tried to break down the cost of each thing because I know it is helpful to sort of cost compare like-to-like things. But I have to say this vendor is hands-down amazing. I gave almost no direction at all. I basically told Rachael: I disliked greenery. I wanted trailing ribbons on the bouquets. I wanted them to fit in with the "southern picnic" vibe our wedding had. And these are the colors I want: yellow, white and hints of blue. What they gave more than exceeded my expectations!! Before the wedding, so many people told me that no one ever notices flowers, so it doesn't matter what's there but I received so many compliments on them from our guests. Everyone said they were just beautiful and just so ME. The florist did a great job of reading my personality and making everything fit perfectly with the feel of the wedding. When I saw our flowers and our centerpieces, I was blown away. I would not have changed anything about them. With the bouquets, you could tell everything was carefully arranged. The bouquets were symmetrical and the flowers looked well spaced out, like someone had thought about where everything should go rather than just pushing things willy-nilly. They also did a great job of combining elements together, so that nothing was exactly the same but they all looked like they went together. It was all beautifully, tastefully, wonderfully done. Many people have asked who our florist was and I have recommended them far and wide to everyone. I will continue to do so because I think their work is outstanding. I cannot say enough nice things about them. PS. The one thing I would say is, as an out-of-town bride, it was sometimes hard to get in touch with them. It didn't really bother me but it might bother some people who expect faster communication.
Services used: Flowers