Dec 05, 2009

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I'm selling my Monique L'hullier dress.  My size is btwn 2 and 4.  Let me know if you're interested. I'll work with you.

For Sale photo 1  For Sale photo 2 

For Sale photo 3  For Sale photo 4

For Sale photo 5

Hairpiece, got it for $50 for etsy, I'll sell it for $30.

For Sale photo 6

This is me wearing it

For Sale photo 7  For Sale photo 8

Selling my Chinese Evening Gown. I got it custom made, so it's very unique, traditional, yet modern. Had it made for $300, but I'll give you the best deal.

For Sale photo 9   For Sale photo 10

For Sale photo 11  For Sale photo 12

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Big Day photo 1

Big Day photo 2

Big Day photo 3


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Photos by Candace B.

Post Wedding Pics Teasers photo 1

Post Wedding Pics Teasers photo 2

Post Wedding Pics Teasers photo 3


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Love them! They're so comfortable....

The Shoes photo 1

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Our big day came and went so fast.  But I can still visualize all the images, all the special moments in my head. It was wonderful. Nothing was interrupted considering we had a "marathon" wedding: 15 hrs long, activities one after another, non stop.  Can you imagine? But everything went by very well, thank god!  The girls and I woke up at 5 a.m. exhaused (had 1 hr of sleep), but happy because it didn't rain.  Yay! That was my only hope. No rain! Fortunately, that morning was warm and sunny.  That alone made my day already. My make-up artist came and transformed me in a way that I have never seen myself like that before. I felt pretty.  And that was that! I couldn't be happier.

Hubby and I talked about it the next day, nonstop.  We were both very happy with the outcome.  Finally, after so many months planning, stressing out, fighting, arguing, we finally made it!