Sep 18, 2009

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(The dress being the first)  :) If this is your cake, please let me know and I'll give you credit.  This cake is our inspiration.  Ours will be 4 tiers, and we will be using my parents' cake topper.  (Light blue bells).  The flavors are going to be white chocolate, cheesecake, raspberry cream, and italian cream.  Steve's groom's cake is going to be a picture of his Taylor guitar with a palm tree border.  His cake will be a smoores flavor!

The 2nd most important thing CAKE photo 1

I'm not sure whose cake this is--if it's yours please let me know and I'll be happy to credit you!


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I started making the invitations this past Sunday, May 31st.  A friend of mine made me a card for our engagement dinner and that card turned into the invitation inspiration.  DIY Invitations photo 1

My friend Heather uses the Stampin' Up products, and since she is a demonstrator she gets a 20% discount.  Thanks to her generosity, we are making 130 invitations, 130 thank you notes, and we have 260 envelopes, plus all the supplies, for less than $200!  We've changed the brown ribbon to antique lace and slightly changed the blue color and the color of the ink/stamp.   DIY Invitations photo 2

DIY Invitations photo 3<----Heather and my mom

DIY Invitations photo 4<----me and Heather

DIY Invitations photo 5

DIY Invitations photo 6

 Session #3 was this weekend.  We finished the fronts and now we have to print the inside.  Here are more pics!  I think the invites turned out so adorable!  (I know I'm a little partial though)  :)DIY Invitations photo 7DIY Invitations photo 8

 DIY Invitations photo 9DIY Invitations photo 10DIY Invitations photo 11


I finally finished stuffing envelopes, addressing envelopes, and stamping envelopes late last night (July 30).  I'm mailing them today, July 31!!!

DIY Invitations photo 12DIY Invitations photo 13DIY Invitations photo 14DIY Invitations photo 15

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I'd like to put pictures of all my bridesmaids up here but since I have 7 it might be a while before I can collect all of them.  :) 

Jessica (my middle sister)The Wedding Party photo 1

Jennifer (my youngest sister)The Wedding Party photo 2

Beth (best friend from college)The Wedding Party photo 3

Yujean (best friend from high school)The Wedding Party photo 4

Stephanie (FSIL) The Wedding Party photo 5

Loren (best friend from college) The Wedding Party photo 6

And here is our ADORABLE Flower Girl, Katlyn!  (Steve's niece/Stephanie's daughter)The Wedding Party photo 7

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I went to my hair stylist for a cut and highlight and had her do a quick trial on me too, without the veil.  All in all, it was what I wanted except just a little TOO much body at the crown and a little too messy.  But I really like how it looks natural and wavy instead of tight curling iron curls.  I'm still trying to figure out if I want to have hair around my face or not and also where the veil will go--underneath the clip or above it.  Here are the pics.  (I also don't think I want to be quite this blonde for the wedding..it just doesn't feel very me...maybe I'll get used to it.)  Pardon the strange facial expressions--there was no one to take pictures for me so I had to do some creative self-portraits.  You can see my little cat Gabby was watching closely.  :)

Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 1Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 2Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 3Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 4Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 5Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 6Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 7


Now I'm considering having my hair all down, with a subtle braid in the front.  I like the first picture as far as style and volume, and the second is the braid inspiration.

Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 8Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 9Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 10

***2nd Hair Trial***

After this one I'm changing hair stylists.  :)  I showed her some of the above inspiration pics and this is what I left with.  (I also asked to keep my blonde color but just to infuse a LITTLE bit of brown and I left as a brunette with a few blonde streaks!)

Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 11Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 12Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 13

OK Third time's a charm...I finally found a girl I like!  She'll be doing this up-do and my make-up the day of the wedding!!!

   Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 14 Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 15 

                                       Hair Trial and Inspiration photo 16


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This has been another challenge.  At first I wasn't going to wear a veil at all.  Then Steve's grandmother (his Omi--the one who gave his family the ring I now wear) found out I wasn't going to be wearing one in order to save money (the one I thought I wanted was like $200!).  She begged me to let her buy me one because "every bride HAS to have a veil".  :)  I refused the money and said I didn't mind.  Then, as Steve and I were leaving her house, she opened the passenger side door and threw an envelope on my lap and slammed the door.  :)  It contained $200 in cash and a note that said "Please let me pay for your veil, Janie.  Someday you can tell your daughter your Omi bought it for you".  How could I say no?! 

The problem I've had with veils is finding a style that goes with the dress.  I love veils with a thick lace edge, but they just don't look good with my dress.  There's too much detail on the dress and the veil kind of overwhelms it.  I think the dress needs to be the focal point, not the veil.  (In my case.)  So then I tried some birdcage veils.  I LOVE birdcage veils but I really think they go best with short short hair or updos, neither of which I will have.  So now I think I've decided on a simple ivory veil that matches the bottom of the dress.  It has a blusher, which Steve specifically requested.  He really wants to see me walk down the aisle with a veil covering my face.  lol.  He said he is excited to lift the veil over my head to have our first kiss.  Below are some pictures of the hit and misses.  Now the dilemna is figuring out how to have my hair with the veil.  I know I want it half up, and wavy, but how do you do that and still have the blusher?  Any suggestions?

Veils photo 1Veils photo 2Veils photo 3

These are some of the losers.  :)

And the winner is...

Veils photo 4Veils photo 5Veils photo 6Veils photo 7

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Here are some accessories, most of which have been found at www.etsy.com, aka the best website in the entire world. 


                                    Accessories and Details photo 1

These are handmade ballet shoes by Elephant and Chickpea on etsy.  I've been searching everywhere for shoes, and have been unsuccessful.  I just wanted something comfortable, flat, yet dainty and pretty.  I'm so excited to order these!

***update*** these weren't going to be available soon enough so I've switched it up and ordered these instead, in light blue.  They're from the seller De Bonis Orquera.  I absolutely adore them!  They're precious, dainty, and most important...comfortable! 

                         Accessories and Details photo 2       Accessories and Details photo 3                       

                                                Accessories and Details photo 4

                                                                       FLOWER GIRL BASKETS

                                        Accessories and Details photo 5

               I'm trying to decide between flower girl baskets.  I found this one on etsy and really like it.

                                            Accessories and Details photo 6

                                           Or this one which is by Emici Bridal on etsy.com

                                                 Accessories and Details photo 7

                                                           This is also Emici Bridal


      I ended up buying an antique metal basket at an antique store.  Here's a picture taken at the wedding.

                                        Accessories and Details photo 8


                                        Accessories and Details photo 9

                                        I got these earrings from Wired Vintage on etsy.com 



                                        Accessories and Details photo 10

                          I love this!  It's my wedding colors.  It's by the Garter Lady on etsy.com 

                                       I ended up going with this garter from the Garter Lady

                                        Accessories and Details photo 11

                                                                                   GUEST BOOK

                                        Accessories and Details photo 12

I am SO excited about this!  KC Scrapper from etsy.com made ours to order.  Since Steve and I are both musicians we chose this one.  It's antique sheet music, and on ours, she used brown lace and light blue and peach accents and personalized it.  It was only $25 plus shipping!  I love it!  Everyone I've worked with on etsy is wonderful.



                                         Accessories and Details photo 13

This is what I'm most excited about.  I got this from the seller "Portobello" on etsy.com.  She swapped the pearls so they would be more cream colored and vintage-looking.  When I wore this to the bridal boutique when I tried on my dress all the sales girls commented on how it was the best wedding necklace they'd ever seen.  Bailey even told a Maggie Sottero representative about it and he was interested in finding something similar for marketing purposes.  Isn't it lovely?!


The day of my wedding Steve had his best man deliver a gift.  It was a beautiful diamond necklace.  The diamond was the original diamond from his Omi's ring.  He had it removed and put a bigger one on for my engagement ring.  So I ended up wearing her original diamond around my neck on my wedding day.  It was so special to me.  You can sort of see it in the below picture.

                                          Accessories and Details photo 14

                                                                            RING BEARER PILLOW

                                         Accessories and Details photo 15

                   This is the pillow I'd like to order for the ring bearer.  It's Elmo and Ike on etsy.com

                                              Accessories and Details photo 16

                                           I really like this one too, from Emici Bridal on etsy.


I decided it would be more special to me if my mom made the ring bearer pillow.  Pics to come.  Since we're having an Air Force wedding we decided to go with a pillow made from this fabric:

                                                  Accessories and Details photo 17

                                                     Accessories and Details photo 18


                                         Accessories and Details photo 19

I LOVE this bracelet!  It's by Mikan Designs on etsy.com and you can see it on Beatie's bio.  It's so beautiful--I'm just trying to decide if I want to spend the money on it...

***update*** I purchased it on 8-20 at a small discounted rate!  This seller is the best!