Sep 18, 2009

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Here is the flower girl dress for Steve's niece.  She will look so cute in it!  It's from www.mygirldress.com

                                                  Flower Girl Ringbearer MOB photo 1

I got our flower girl this tote bag from seller beachchik on etsy.

                                  Flower Girl Totes

I'm going to fill it with a cinderella doll, a stuffed animal, a flower girl book, and a book about animals. 

I'm thinking maybe one of these suits for the ring bearer.  Maybe in chocolate brown?  It's also from the same website. 

                                               Flower Girl Ringbearer MOB photo 2

My mom found this dress at Dillard's.  How cute is she?!  (I hope she doesn't mind me posting this pic)  :)

                                            Flower Girl Ringbearer MOB photo 3

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I couldn't get my bridesmaids to a number lower than 7.  There are at least 4 other friends I wish I could include, but I feel like 8 or more bridesmaids is kind of pushing it.  :)  I do feel very blessed to have so many close girl friends in my life.  My 2 sisters will be maids of honor, and the remaining 5 bridesmaids will consist of Steve's wonderful sister, my 2 best friends from college, my best friend from high school, and my best friend in Norman, who's like a sister to me.  I think all of Steve's groomsmen are in the Air Force, possibly with the exception of 1.  All the AF boys will be wearing their blue uniforms. 

The Bridal Boutique offered me a 20% discount on bridesmaids dresses, so I chose different styles from the Bari Jay line and I'm letting them choose the style they like best, that they think they might wear again.  They'll all be a short length and they'll all be "misty blue" with "mink" accents.  They will not be wearing those birds nests on their heads...

   Bridesmaids Dresses photo 1       Bridesmaids Dresses photo 2       Bridesmaids Dresses photo 3

                            Bridesmaids Dresses photo 4    Bridesmaids Dresses photo 5

                                           The color of all the dresses will look like this

                                                 Bridesmaids Dresses photo 6

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I recieved many florist brochures at the bridal fairs but I really wanted to keep with my trend of hiring special, creative, unique people that I really get along with.  My sister recommended I contact one of her good friends, Katie Huskerson.  Katie has a business called "Birdie".  I guess the best way to describe it would be to just tell you to go to her website.  :)


She does a lot with flowers and vintage/antique pieces.  She has amazing style and she's the sweetest person you'll ever know.  We met up at a coffee shop and spent a couple of hours chatting about ideas.  My bridesmaids (there are 7!) are wearing light blue chiffon dresses in the style of their choice.  Some of the dresses have a chocolate brown accent belt or sash or brooch.  My wedding colors have kind of evolved into light blue, chocolate brown, peach, sage green, and ivory.  Here is the inspiration for our bouquets.  (This image was found on google)

                                             Flowers photo 1

Katie is going to do this bouquet for me, but with some gardenias mixed in. It consists of gardenias, peach roses and chocolate cosmos.  Gardenias are my favorite flower and I will probably also wear one in my hair.  The bridesmaids will have smaller versions of this, minus the gardenias, but with cream hydrangeas mixed in.  Katie is doing my bouquet, my 7 bridesmaids, all the corsages, boutonnieres, petals for the flower girl, petals for our exit, and centerpieces for the reception for no more than $800!  She is my hero!  I asked her to just surprise me on the table centerpieces.  I trust her completely.  She has amazing taste and style and she knows what I like and what my style is, and I feel like nothing I could conceptualize would compare to her ideas.   


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As far as photography goes, I had NO idea what to do.  I knew the style I liked but I had no idea how to go about finding someone.  A friend of Darolyn's (bridesmaid) is a photographer and I thought it might be cool if I could hire her.  She's really nice and I would enjoy working with her, plus I love her style!  She told me she's not comfortable doing weddings yet, but recommended a couple other photographers with similar styles.  I put the names away and kind of forgot about them.  My mom and I went to 2 bridal shows and I was overwhelmed with how many photography brochures I received.  They all looked good but they either weren't what I was looking for, or they were too expensive.  (I wanted to keep the photography under $2500)  I then got a call from Darolyn telling me she had looked at one of her friend's recommendations and that she thought I would really like her portfolio.  So I went to her website (Tammy ODell) and fell in love with her pictures.  I arranged a meeting in Norman.  (She lives in a small town south of Norman but was willing to drive to meet me.)  Steve and I not only loved her style and her prices, we loved her personality!  I think the package we ended up choosing is right around $2000.  I can't wait to see the pictures!  Go check her out--she's AMAZING, especially with outdoor shots. 


For videography I thought I might just skip it.  I figured we could always set up our camera on a tripod or something. But at one of the Bridal Fairs I came across an amazing company--Glorious Day Films.  It's run by a wonderful husband and wife team and they're so unique.  They shoot with old super 8 film, and the final product is a vintage-looking montage of wedding highlights with beautiful music in the background.  The basic package we chose is costing just under $1,000--a price I was shocked at because it seems so inexpensive for all the work they do.  (We did get a discount for being friends with them on facebook.)  :)  Take a look--it's breathtaking.



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So let me start off by saying that I really didn't think I would be the kind of girl that just "knows" when she's found "the dress".  You read all about the girls who walk out in their dress and they cry and their moms cry and strangers cry...I knew that wasn't me.  And it wasn't.  But I did "know" when I found the dress.  When Darolyn and I walked into the Bridal Boutique (I should mention that it was a Sunday and the store is closed on Sundays but they opened it just for me.  They are so accommodating!) I told Bailey I liked dresses with a vintage feel, lace, not too poufy and big, and that I needed it to be under $1,000.  Bailey was busy pulling dresses for me to try when I saw a BEAUTIFUL dress peeking out.  I saw gorgeous gold lace cascading over champagne tulle.  I showed it to Bailey and said "there's no WAY this is under 1,000 right?".  It turns out, it was $790!  So I tried on all the dresses Bailey pulled, and then it was time for this gorgeous gold/champagne dress that turned out to be a Maggie Sottero.  As I took it off the hanger I told Darolyn I thought I probably wouldn't want to try on anything after this one...it was SO beautiful.  I put it on and felt amazing.  Bailey laced me up in the back and I walked out in the main room in front of the big mirrors and Darolyn told me it was "the one".  She said "that dress will make people cry".  :)  I didn't want to take it off.  I knew it was the one!  Bailey told me it would take a month or two to order, and since my wedding wasn't for another 7 months, I decided to wait.  I knew I wanted to lose a few pounds and wanted to be fitted when I was closer to the size I would be at the wedding.  In between then and May (when I ordered the dress) I went back to the store 3 different times, once with my mom and my sister Jennifer, once with my sister Jessica, and once with my friend Yujean.  I had to keep trying it on!  :)  When I was finally fitted I had lost about 10 pounds.  The size 10 was too big and my measurements put me in between a 6 and an 8.  Bailey ordered the 8 to be on the safe side.  Since the dress has a corset back alterations shouldn't be necessary.  Take a look at the pictures!  The below pictures were taken the very first day in the store.  I'll post some newer ones with the veil later.  Enjoy!

                  THE DRESS photo 1    THE DRESS photo 2

                  THE DRESS photo 3    THE DRESS photo 4

                                             THE DRESS photo 5


08-13-09 I went to pick up MY dress at the store!  My size, never been worn before!  Got the Maggie Sottero Certificate of Authenticity and everything!  Here are some pics of my actual dress

                 THE DRESS photo 6   THE DRESS photo 7

                 THE DRESS photo 8   THE DRESS photo 9

                                            THE DRESS photo 10

Here are some pics from my 08-19 appointment to get the dress fitted and bustled.  Even though the dress needs to be taken in in order for the corset to look like it's supposed to, I didn't want to risk anything going wrong with the beading on the dress.  I'll just have to deal with the corset being tightened almost to the point where the sides touch.  Oh well.  :)

                 THE DRESS photo 11    THE DRESS photo 12

                 THE DRESS photo 13    THE DRESS photo 14

                                            THE DRESS photo 15

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I knew I couldn't pick out my dress until I knew where I was getting married.  If we had ended up with some little chapel, a really fancy dress might have seemed inappropriate.  Once we booked The Dominion House I began my shopping.  All I really knew going into this experience was that I didn't want the traditional white strapless dress you see so many people wearing.  I knew I LIKED strapless, I just needed it to be vastly different from all the other dresses I've seen.  (I'm a violinist and have played in so many weddings...I've seen hundreds of dresses.)  My first stop was Alfred Angelo.  Not a fun experience.  My mom and I were kind of overwhelmed because the saleslady was not very friendly and it was SO busy there.  I told her what I liked and one of the things I mentioned was that I didn't want too much beading.  She had me look through the catalogue and I was struggling to even find one dress that I sort of liked.  I finally found one that wasn't so bad and I showed her and she said "OK. For someone who doesn't like beading, you sure picked a dress with a ton of beading".  Nothing I tried on really jumped out at me.  Needless to say, I did not re-visit that store, despite the numerous messages they left me on my cell phone wanting to schedule follow-up appointments. 

My next stop was David's Bridal. My David's Bridal experience was MUCH nicer than the one at Alfred Angelo.  My bridal consultant was so sweet and helpful despite the fact she was helping 2 other brides simultaneously. My mom and I had a lot of fun here.  She took these photos.  It was funny because at one point she said "that dress looks SO good on you".  Then she took a picture and then viewed it on my camera and said "huh.  I guess the camera really does add 10 pounds."  :)  I found 1 or 2 dresses that I really liked and thought could be "the one".  They were between $600-$800.  I figured I would just look around at 1 or 2 more places before I made a decision.  Below is the picture of the dress I liked the best at David's Bridal.  It was WAY too big so I had to hold it up.  (By the way, almost all of the dresses I tried on anywhere were either HUGE or tiny...weird.)

                                              Dress Shopping photo 1

                               Here is a dress that I sort of liked, but there was no love.  :)

                                              Dress Shopping photo 2

What ended up being my last stop was The Bridal Boutique in Norman, OK.  My mom wasn't able to make this trip so I had one of my bridesmaids, Darolyn, come with me.  I can not say enough about this store and its employees.  Bailey was my consultant and she is fabulous!  It's a really nice boutique and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find anything in my price range.  She assured me there were a lot of beautiful dresses for under $1,000.  (That was my maximum).  She was right!  I was astonished how many gorgeous, high-quality designer dresses there were, most of which were priced the same or less than dresses at David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo!  The difference in quality was tremendous.  Bailey never forced anything on me, she didn't smother me, but she was always nearby to help.  I love Bailey!  Below are some pictures of some dresses I tried on that didn't work out.  You can probably see how nice these dresses are, even though they don't all fit.  At this store, everything ran small.  I was fitting into a size 10, whereas I was a 6 at the other stores.  Oh well.

                                              Dress Shopping photo 3

I thought this might be the one.  I loved the little flowers at the bottom.  I thought it would be perfect for a garden wedding.  And check out the back!

                                              Dress Shopping photo 4

                                   Here are some other nice ones that didn't make the cut. 

                    Dress Shopping photo 5 Dress Shopping photo 6                       

                    Dress Shopping photo 7 Dress Shopping photo 8

                    Dress Shopping photo 9 Dress Shopping photo 10

                    Dress Shopping photo 11 Dress Shopping photo 12

                                I think I'll need to do a separate entry for "the dress".  :)