Jun 20, 2010

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This has nothing to do with my wedding, just thought was  BEAUTIFUUULL photo!!

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 Pink, DressBrideBride

I'm a big fan, and saw a pic on there of a couple doing the infamous President Obama, and Michelle wedding pic, I love it, and hope we get a chance to duplicate it!!

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I found bridesmaids shoes before I found the dresses...Oh what will they wear photo 1  I also got these for myself as well?! There are Zigi Soho in color Berry!!!

I heart these BM dresses

Bridesmaids, Silver 

                                       Pic courtesy of greenweddingshoes.comBridesmaids, Yellow

                              The look Im going for except, charcoal gray dresses, with the magenta heel!!


                                                      12/30/09..The winner is:: Alfre Angelo

Bridesmaids, Silver

                    My dresses in action!

Red, Bridesmaids



               Now to find accessories...

Oh what will they wear photo 2

          These are actually really cute on!

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   Ceremony, Black                     

                                                  We are definitely jumping the broom.   

Update: 7/8/10 - we actually ended up NOT jumping the broom, I didnt have a clear plan as to how it would even get down the aisle, somehow i thought it would just magically appear I guess! One of my nephews who i didnt include in the wedding party could have easily did this,I  just didnt think through the process! Then my DOC didnt know what it was, just decoration, again, let your DOC know EVERY detail!!

           The ceremony will take place in front of this fireplace, if weather permits, this would ne my ideal look.


                                            Photo courtesy of HollyHoyt Photograpy.

                    Thanks to princessmiapuff, I will be the proud owner of flower pomanders for my aisle!!...


White, Ceremony, Black, Flower, And, Rose, Chair, Petals, An elegant occasion, Padded


The Ceremony photo 1 

                                       These are so cute, I will add my magenta ribbon!!





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 The Makeup::         Makeup  Hair by Lisa Polite

Oh How Will I Look photo 1Chrisette MicheleOh How Will I Look photo 2

Christette Michelle's makeup is always on point, she is so my makeup inspiration.


 yellow nerds: model: Renee 

            Photo courtesy of SacredImagePhotography.

                               I kinda want to be daring on the makeup, love this look.


                       Love Jada Pinkett's look from kelli8810's bio, this look i s so me!!

Oh How Will I Look photo 3

My 1st Makeup Trial - will have her go deeper on the eyes, and there will be lashes for that extra umph!

Oh How Will I Look photo 4 Oh How Will I Look photo 5

 AND ON MY HEAD WILL BE?? I've always wanted to wear a traditional veil, but now Im re-thinking..White, Veils 

                                                 Photo Courtesy of

Update:11/05/09: the more I see brides with long veils, the more I go back and forth about it. I guess I will just have to wait til my dress comes in, and see which one I like best.



HairHair, UpdoOh How Will I Look photo 6


 Love this look as well...


                          TEXAS Humidity..must have an updo.....gotta find the RIGHT style though

Update: 1/14/10 - I did a pre-wedding chop!!! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!! New Year, New me!!





 Oh How Will I Look photo 7


  THE EARRINGS?             Got these from the lovely PW bride Reay_dw, THANKS!!

Oh How Will I Look photo 8

The Wristwear?

My WISHLIST bracelet"  = Dana Saylor -found a close look alike on Ebay- seller lafancybeads...hmmm

         Update 03/23/10 - PW'er Johnsgirl is making me a bracelet..WOOHOO!! MAN, I LOVE PW!!..


Hair, Comb

                                     "My Wishful Hair Accessory" by Regina B $225


Found this hair comb on ebay!!!!! Close enough for me, and at a fraction of the cost! After two auctions, its finally mine...YAAAY!!


Jewelry, Silver 


 Update: After all the work I put in to purchase the comb. I cant wear it, since i cut my hair...( will have to put  it up for sale, but  oh how I lOVE it so)..SOLD


                     Now to find a flower or be continued - FOUND

Oh How Will I Look photo 9

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DSCF0089 DSCF0081 DSCF0094



Update 08/01/2009:: I will be a Maggie Bride,  ..forgot my camera the day I tried it, so wont be able to see it again till January or February, when it comes in...booo

Update 1/14/2010: I got the call, I got the call!!! My dress is in!!

I'm not doing bridal portraits, originally, I thought it was a must do, but now thats ite time, just not feeling it, so I wont have to go in to do my first fitting til May...booo again..I can't wait to see her!!

Update:1/27/2010: I went to the bridal store, i couldnt wait to try on my dress  plus I wanted to know what i would need for the 1st  fitting, and guess what, it fit like a glove, therefore Icant gain a pound, oh my, these next couple of months are  gonna be tough!! I cant post me in the dress because the FI, is always right on my shoulder when Im on PW..but its the Maggie Sottero Fiorella!

Update: FIRST Fitting....coming soon!

Here are some pics from my first fitting we are having a bustle problem, doesnt look right!

 In Search of THE ONE photo 1 In Search of THE ONE photo 2 In Search of THE ONE photo 3