Jun 20, 2010

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 Our package includes a round cake with scrolling detail, soooo that narrows down my cake choices quite abit now to find inspiration...


                                              Original Photo Courtesy of

Inspiration:Cake, Pink


                               Also will add a gorgeous cake topper.. I purchased from Ghana_Bride!!

The Cake photo 1


                                                          Actual: Will see in June



            Update 11/09:: I met with the bakery, and I will have a 4 tier cake, with ribbon and 2 brooches!

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We are having the groomsmen buy their suits instead of renting. I feel they would get more bang for there buck, and have a nice suit to wear after the wedding is over.

Update 10/01/09: I ALLOWED FI to go to the store alone with his boys, he comes back with a totally different suit, and different color, more of a charcoal gray, WTH?? We tried on/ agreed on the suit below 2-3 times, he states that there werent enough suits, they have been sold..ok, dude.

So now instead of the light gray that you see below, and in my colors scheme above, we are now doing the CHARCOAL..ok, I'll work with it, he actually found a really nice alternative, best believe I was peeved at first sight, Im ok with it now.

 DSCF0188 How will HE look photo 1

**Found these on But they WILL NOT do the raised leg shot. (I dont think)

How will HE look photo 2

Update 7/8/10 - Since the wedding is over, I can reflect back and say that I'm actually glad that my husband picked the charcoal gray instead, the girls in silver dresses, and them in the light gray, I dont think would have had the same effect with the magenta, the colors were perfect together. Thanks babe!!


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My Inner bride photo 1Can't wait to see how close my look will match this!! 

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The Colors photo 1WeddingThe Colors photo 2Wedding

Saw a wedding on, and fell in love, gotta have these colors. magenta and Gray, here we come!!

Inspiration Pics created by PW bride - Kassi_o

The Colors photo 3Weddings And The City Kristin Vining

 Purple, Inspiration, Board .The Colors photo 4

The wedding party above is what blew me away, its when i decided I must use these colors!

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 Wedding, Dress, Jim hjelm, Lace, TrainWedding, Dress, Strapless, Mermaid, Train, Kenneth pool, TrumpetDress, Wedding, By, My, Pronovias .Dresses I Love photo 1Dresses I Love photo 2Wedding, Dress, Jim hjelm, StraplessWedding, DressWedding, DressDress, Bubble, Hem