Jun 20, 2010

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  Agave Road - Katy, TX

And the Location is photo 1Inspiration, Board


Inspiration, Board


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The Future Mrs D photo 1Makeup

My FI and I met  at a nightclub of all places,I had just moved back to Houston from a stint in Dallas, and was only going out to get out the house,  my friend kept trying to tell me about his friend,(who she knew) I was like ok yeah sooo who's the other one, he's kinda cute. Since we were attending the same party, everyone danced together and we eventually danced to a song, and then went on our merry way. I'm thinking after we danced he was going to ask for my number, he didnt, thought there was a connection, maybe not? !Hmph. After the club closed, I was like oh well and was on my way out the club,and he grabbed my arm,yes! We talked in the parking lot for two hours. The next day he called, and we met the day after at a local gym for a basketball game and we have been inseperable every since. who wudathunkit, on a random night out I would meet my FH, the most loving, genuine, down to earth guy u cud ever meet, and most importantly he loves me for me, no if's and or buts!!


Hello everyone, love the site and the fact that so many are willing to share such wonderful ideas, there are so many wonderful photos, if i happen to use one of yours, just let me know, so that i can credit your wonderful inspiration!!!