May 02, 2009

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My parents are like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, together forever but never married. Maybe my wedding inspired them, but they decided to take the plunge and asked for my help.

They are getting married April 16, 2010. I am so excited for them!!


LOCATION: Walt Disney World at the Wedding Pavilion.
Playing Wedding Planner for my parents photo 1

And then the party at the Grand Floridian.
Playing Wedding Planner for my parents photo 2

When I asked them what they wanted I got this back: Lounge/club feeling -- and I was thinking they'd say garden...waaay off.

So I using these images as my inspiration for colors and decor (thanks KelzBelz)
Playing Wedding Planner for my parents photo 3Playing Wedding Planner for my parents photo 4Playing Wedding Planner for my parents photo 5Playing Wedding Planner for my parents photo 6

Playing Wedding Planner for my parents photo 7Playing Wedding Planner for my parents photo 8Playing Wedding Planner for my parents photo 9Playing Wedding Planner for my parents photo 10Playing Wedding Planner for my parents photo 11Playing Wedding Planner for my parents photo 12Playing Wedding Planner for my parents photo 13

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As featured in the Knot....

Wedding May 2 2009 photo 1Wedding May 2 2009 photo 2Wedding May 2 2009 photo 3Wedding May 2 2009 photo 4

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More Details photo 1More Details photo 2More Details photo 3More Details photo 4More Details photo 5More Details photo 6More Details photo 7More Details photo 8More Details photo 9More Details photo 10More Details photo 11More Details photo 12More Details photo 13More Details photo 14More Details photo 15More Details photo 16More Details photo 17More Details photo 18More Details photo 19More Details photo 20More Details photo 21More Details photo 22More Details photo 23More Details photo 24More Details photo 25More Details photo 26More Details photo 27

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Reception photo 1Reception photo 2Reception photo 3Reception photo 4Reception photo 5Reception photo 6Reception photo 7Reception photo 8Reception photo 9Reception photo 10Reception photo 11Reception photo 12Reception photo 13Reception photo 14Reception photo 15Reception photo 16Reception photo 17Reception photo 18Reception photo 19Reception photo 20Reception photo 21Reception photo 22Reception photo 23Reception photo 24Reception photo 25Reception photo 26Reception photo 27Reception photo 28Reception photo 29Reception photo 30Reception photo 31Reception photo 32Reception photo 33Reception photo 34Reception photo 35Reception photo 36Reception photo 37Reception photo 38Reception photo 39Reception photo 40Reception photo 41Reception photo 42Reception photo 43Reception photo 44Reception photo 45Reception photo 46Reception photo 47Reception photo 48

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Ketubah Signing
Ceremony photo 1Ceremony photo 2Ceremony photo 3Ceremony photo 4Ceremony photo 5Ceremony photo 6Ceremony photo 7Ceremony photo 8Ceremony photo 9Ceremony photo 10Ceremony photo 11Ceremony photo 12Ceremony photo 13Ceremony photo 14Ceremony photo 15

Ceremony photo 16Ceremony photo 17Ceremony photo 18Ceremony photo 19Ceremony photo 20Ceremony photo 21
Ceremony photo 22Ceremony photo 23Ceremony photo 24Ceremony photo 25Ceremony photo 26Ceremony photo 27Ceremony photo 28Ceremony photo 29Ceremony photo 30Ceremony photo 31Ceremony photo 32Ceremony photo 33Ceremony photo 34Ceremony photo 35Ceremony photo 36Ceremony photo 37Ceremony photo 38Ceremony photo 39Ceremony photo 40Ceremony photo 41Ceremony photo 42Ceremony photo 43Ceremony photo 44Ceremony photo 45

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Bride and Groom

Portraits and Formals photo 1Portraits and Formals photo 2Portraits and Formals photo 3Portraits and Formals photo 4
Portraits and Formals photo 5Portraits and Formals photo 6Portraits and Formals photo 7
Portraits and Formals photo 8Portraits and Formals photo 9Portraits and Formals photo 10Portraits and Formals photo 11Portraits and Formals photo 12Portraits and Formals photo 13
Portraits and Formals photo 14Portraits and Formals photo 15Portraits and Formals photo 16
Portraits and Formals photo 17Portraits and Formals photo 18Portraits and Formals photo 19Portraits and Formals photo 20Portraits and Formals photo 21Portraits and Formals photo 22Portraits and Formals photo 23Portraits and Formals photo 24Portraits and Formals photo 25Portraits and Formals photo 26Portraits and Formals photo 27

Bridal Party
Portraits and Formals photo 28Portraits and Formals photo 29Portraits and Formals photo 30Portraits and Formals photo 31Portraits and Formals photo 32
Portraits and Formals photo 33Portraits and Formals photo 34Portraits and Formals photo 35
Portraits and Formals photo 36Portraits and Formals photo 37Portraits and Formals photo 38
Portraits and Formals photo 39Portraits and Formals photo 40Portraits and Formals photo 41Portraits and Formals photo 42Portraits and Formals photo 43

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