Jul 25, 2009

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Her wedding night ...

This is what I wore...He loved it!

Details The bride didn t wear white photo 1

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Details Details lol photo 1bm flowers

Details Details lol photo 2draping

Details Details lol photo 3favors-had cookies inside..A for Archie!

Details Details lol photo 4We had two types of centerpieces,..of course the photographer only gets the cheap one lol!!


Details Details lol photo 5moo cards with our engagment photos tented into them..The back said Thank you-Sherie and Tezale Archie 7/25/2009

Details Details lol photo 6um..yeah we had

Details Details lol photo 7 yummy..didnt get the top tier which was a lovely white cake with beading.

Details Details lol photo 8

Details Details lol photo 9Lovely white petals (not enough) down the isle and the beautiful draping..beautiful day!

Details Details lol photo 10 Sand ceremony

Details Details lol photo 11the kiss..

Details Details lol photo 12the introduction

Details Details lol photo 13first dance

Details Details lol photo 14cake cutting..there was no smashing of the cake btw!


 Details Details lol photo 15satin chair covers and draping..don't mind my husband..he's a little tied


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We had our wedding and reception at the same venue.


It was lovely

Details Venue photo 1

Details Venue photo 2

Details Venue photo 3

Details Venue photo 4

Details Venue photo 5



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I have four beautiful sisters...Details WE ARE FAMILY photo 13 that were in the bridal party


Details WE ARE FAMILY photo 2and one that was a hostess..


Details WE ARE FAMILY photo 3

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Details THE Procession photo 1DH and my uncle the officiant

Details THE Procession photo 2his mom, his cousin, my mom

Details THE Procession photo 3

Details THE Procession photo 4

Details THE Procession photo 5

Details THE Procession photo 6


Details THE Procession photo 7

Details THE Procession photo 8

Details THE Procession photo 9

Details THE Procession photo 10

Details THE Procession photo 11One of my fav shots!!


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We wanted to do a unity ceremony of some sort, and being that we were outside, the candle ceremony wouldn't work.

The Unity Sand Ceremony is one of the most popular elements in today's weddings.  Often taking the place of the traditional unity candle ceremony.  The Sand Ceremony is much better suited to outdoor and beach settings! 

Like the unity candle, the sand is used to symbolize the uniting of the bride and groom. Their separate lives are symbolized by two vials of sand (usually different colors). After the exchange of rings, the officiant explains the meaning of the Unity Ceremony. The Bride and Groom then come together, and pour into one vial, the two individual vials of sand. Their flowing together symbolizes the joining of the couple as they share their first experience of unity as husband and wife. The newly formed union is represented by the intertwined pattern of sand created by the couple. This symbol is then a keepsake of your wedding day.

I researched this ceremony and loved the idea!


Details Sand Ceremony photo 1He poured green, and I purple, our wedding colors.

Details Sand Ceremony photo 2

Details Sand Ceremony photo 3He was laughing because people were hooting and yelling "mix it up good"!!!


Details Sand Ceremony photo 4