May 31, 2009

ULC Limos
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I recently booked this vendor and was EXTREMELY disappointed - BUYER BEWARE!!! The guy that I met, Cruz was totally nice and accommodating. I had driven out to see where the limos were being held because I wanted to see exactly what I would be getting because so many vendors have websites and say they have the best and nicest limos and I actually went to see another limo company and their limo had rust on it, they had 1 Escalade that held 30 passengers and the rims were 4 different ones. After seeing that and my husband being a mechanic and totally going nuts about how bad that was, we made sure we were getting a nice limo that was clean and had matching rims, no damage, and no rust. After going to meet with Cruz, I felt safe and happy. He told me that the smaller regular stretch limo that I was originally getting, he would upgrade me to a 300 and the Hummer would be the American Idol white with the double row in the back and he would give me a free hour. On the way back, I was just doing pick ups for the parents and the bridal party - this was why I had 4 orders. The couple of weeks prior I had not heard from them and didn't think anything until the day or 2 before when I was getting texts saying they were trying to reach me and couldn't - hello... If they could text me, why didn't they call me? Whatever... Not a big deal but then I called and gave them my final addresses of where the Church was, pictures were, and times to pick up all one or 2 days before. They were kind of hard to get a hold of in the months before and they have an answering service which really isn't too good and giving them messages and/or they just aren't good at calling back... PROBLEM 1: On the day of the event, the Hummer was on time, the 300 was 20 minutes late (which was actually okay because we were about 1 1/2 hours running late. But where we were in Garden Grove, the gentleman (not so much) would not pull in to the complex and insisted to my bridal party I walk down an long alley to get to him which was the beginning of the horror with the limo - my bridal party told him that we had plenty of weddings and he would fit and he just needs to pull in - he eventually did. PROBLEM 2: We get into the limo, and there is no second row!!! Why did I need it? Well we had a child in the limo and was concerned about his safety so we wanted him in a car seat so the backseat for the bride and groom was not feesible. Instead, I sat on the floor, my husband sat next to his sister (maid of honor), my best man sat on the floor next to me, an usher sat on the ice container part... Yea so because they decided to give us the smaller limo at the last minute, my husband fought with his sister and they winded up riding in a parents car from the Church to the hall because of the whole mix up... What a bad thing to have happen on your wedding day. PROBLEM 3: Then while we were running late (not the limo's fault), the lady driving the 300 told us that we should go somewhere else in Laguna Beach that would be better to take pictures so we weren't late for Church. I told her to tell our male driver where to go. Did he go there? NO... He said that he didn't want to change anything in the addresses which he could have to accomodate us. It wasn't out of the way, actually closer for him, cheaper on gas but he was mean. Then after we got to the picture location in Laguna Beach (after the driver had already picked up at Westminster and Garden Grove), we took the quickest pictures EVER... I mean 30 minutes with a party of 18 okay... PROBLEM 4: The driver, as the men were getting into the car said - NO SMOKING IN THE LIMO - Duh we have a child in the limo!!! Do you think even if we were allowed that we would do something that harmmful to a child that's barely 2? NO. They put out the cigarettes and got into the limo and we began our long and uncomfortable journey to GLENDALE (1 hour away) while I sat on the floor, I come to find out later when I called to complain that the driver said that we were smoking in the limo - yea I don't smoke and there was NO SMOKING in there. There was a child in there!!!! PROBLEM 5: While we were on our way from Laguna Beach to Glendale the guys in my limo were telling the driving what route to take and highways to avoid so we got there faster and he was pretending to ignore us. The guys were being rude (my bridal party) cause he was ignoring us, which was wrong but they were trying to help and he didn't have to be mean! PROBLEM 6: We asked the driver if this was going to be the same one to come pick us up on the way back and he said YES. We left slippers in there and I left 2 bottles of Zifindel (the small $10 bottles) and we went into our reception. That stuff is still missing cause the same limo does not come back and the driver said we left nothing in there. Yea... Real nice ULC - Oh DISCLAIMER - They are not responsible for items left in their limos. PROBLEM 7: The limo returns... Different limo, different driver, and our stuff is gone. Apparently I find out when I called to complain that the men in my bridal party were being rude to the driver, which they were, WRONG I KNOW. They kept telling him he was "The Transporter" cause he looked like it in his suit, bald head, and sunglasses and he told ULC he feared his life so he didn't want to come back and pick us up. He didn't need to fear his life but my bridal party was rude to him for all of the reasons above. PROBLEM 8: On the ride back in the 300, it was fine and even the lady that dropped off in the 300 was fine but she stated that we were over 30 minutes more than we had requested and that they would charge us even though she was 20 minutes late. I later called when I spoke to Cruz and he credited us this amount because he was able to check the GPS on the car and see it was in fact 20 minutes late which cancelled us needing to pay a late fee. PROBLEM 9: On the ride back in the Hummer, we left a present in the trunk without realizing it cause the men in my bridal party were drunk and when I called the next day for it, they had no gift. DISCLAIMER again - they are not responsible for items left in their limos. **THIS MEANS... If their drivers clean out or look in the limo (cause they don't clean it, they have a service that does it) and there are items of value or items they can re-use, they will STEAL it and TAKE it home and make use of it ** ;) Thanks Cruz PROBLEM 10: I called, while I was in the limo, on the way to my church to complain about our driver, the change in our itinerary when we were switching where we were taking pictures and was told that ULC would call me back... Did they? NO... After the wedding maybe? N0 - The day after maybe? NO... Not a call back after my frantic call on the actual wedding day!!!~! PROBLEM 11: When I returned from my honeymoon, I called ULC 4 times. 2 of those times, I left messages with their answering service. 1 times I left a message with Dispatch. 1 time I left a message with James to have Cruz call me back. On my 5th phone call, I finally got Cruz!!! I spoke with him and ran through each issue. Problem 1... No big deal... He basically told me that his driver's are experienced and know how and where they can get in and out of and that was incorrect because he thought he couldn't get in and was able to get in and did get in but that wasn't such a big problem. Problem 2... I told him how I had deliberately drove there to sit with him and see what the exact limo I was getting would look like and he told me to pull out my contract... It said I had 16 pass instead of 20!!!! I being at fault at this point saw that he had put 16 instead of 20 down on the contract. What a big mistake I made not seeing that on that day. I was so happy with the deal he gave me, seeing my limo and all that I hadn't looked at anything but the dollar and cents on the contract. BUT... Let's take a second here. I thought ULC and Cruz were honest and when I asked him if he remembered me coming there and we exchanged jokes and if he remembered, he said YES but that a lot of people go there (when I went there, he said not a lot of people go there... but okay...). When you go there, there are barking dogs, cameras outside, and dog poo and rocks everywhere (DO NOT WEAR HEELS LADIES... I messed up mine)... It was gross but Cruz repeatedly apologized saying not many people come out there and one of the dogs was sick. Okay... No problem Cruz... But did you remember why I drove all the way out there 40 minutes to see my limo --- YES I DO BUT... When dispatch saw 16 people, they sent the smaller limo without the double row... Well Cruz... Aren't all the White Hummers the same size - Yes they are! UMMMMMMMMMMMM NOOOOOOOOOOO They aren't. If you check their website, they have different sizes for the Hummers and the one I originally ordered and wanted and paid for wasn't the one I got. Point is - Even if I had 16 passengers, I ordered the one I saw with the double row because of the car seat and I got the old BAIT AND SWITCH. That was horrible. When I told him I sat on the floor, he was sorry but said there was nothing he could do - OOOOOOPS.... Problem 3... Cruz asked me why I didn't call him about the limo issues the day of and let him know about the change and I told him I did and he never called me back and he said oh... sorry... Okay what else happened.... Problem 4 & 5... Classic he said... she said... Cruz told me that the driver said we were smoking in the car. We weren't. I am an ex smoker and hate the smell of smoke. There were 15, 16, and an 18 year old in the car on top of a baby!! The baby is barely 2... NEVER would that have happened. Cruz said okay. I also had people illegally sitting in their car which I have pictures of. The limo driver told us it was illegal and we told him to drive and were running late and he brought the wrong limo and it was too late now. ILLEGAL SITTING IN THE LIMO CRUZ... Did he care... No... If there was an accident, they would have been screwed! Problem 6&7... The driver was suppossed to come back and Cruz told me he feared his life and that is why he didn't come back. I told Cruz that some of the men in my bridal party were calling him names and yelling stuff at him because of all the stuff he did during the day to ruin things for us and he told me that was why he didn't come back and he would find out about our missing stuff - He called me back shortly after to tell me the slippers and alcohol were not there... BIG SURPRISE... Then he told me that they were not responsible for items left in the limo. Problem 8... Resolved cause Cruz credited us $40 because he was able to check the GPS on the car and see it was in fact 20 minutes late and we used 30 minutes that we ran late so it worked itself out. Problem 9...He told me it wasn't in the lost and found and again, they are not responsible for items left in their limos. **AGAIN... THIS MEANS... If their drivers clean out or look in the limo (cause they don't clean it, they have a service that does it) and there are items of value or items they can re-use, they will STEAL it and TAKE it home and make use of it - This behavior is accepted...** ;) Thanks Cruz Problem 10... Cruz said sorry about not calling me back the day of and didn't know I called. Problem 11...I finally got a hold of Cruz and after crying and asking him to be honest with me and see what they had done, he said Sorry. Well thanks ULC for ruining a big part of my day and crediting me $40. The amount we were owed since you were late and not there the full time. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY. NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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