Sep 06, 2008

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Of all things Josh and I met in a Juvenile Detention Facility.  We hit it off the first chance we got to hang out together.  We went out for a good friends birthday and the two of us talked for hours.  We had more and more in common as we got to know each other.  Maybe there is not love at first sight but maybe love at first talk.  It was the one time that all of our friends actually said we really do make a perfect pair.  Knowing that our friends got along it made our bond that much stronger.  Even though we are very different in many was we are just as similar in others.  We both love to cook and it was just inevitable that Josh ask me to marry him at a restaurant.  I decided to surprise Josh for his birthday.  His mother called me to see if I wanted to get him to drive down to Dubuque IA to have dinner and later cake with my mother and father and his mother and father for his birthday.  All week I set it up so he would be surprised that my family was driving down from Wisconsin to celebrate his birthday.  The day of I was getting excited about the surprise.  While I was getting ready to go he came upstairs to call me a brat for surprising his for his birthday.  I laughed and said, I don't know what you are talking about it was all your mom.  We went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Dubuque.  I was so excited because my parents had never been there so I was explaining all the delicious food to get.  I never even noticed what was going on around me (ADD).  Then we got a plate full of fortune cookies...I thought how odd since usually they are the prepackaged kind.  I told Josh to go first but being a man he refused and told me to go first.  So I read mine out loud...you will soon be asked to partake on a long and beautiful journey...my comment was oh I got a good one...then Josh asked me...Does that mean anything to you....I turned hot and just said, what?!?!...then he got on one knee, handed me a small red take out box with a ring inside....He then asked me if I would marry him...I was so surprised that all I could do was shake my head yes.  Then came the planning of the best Frank Sinatra style wedding we could ever think of..........