Dec 18, 2010

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Love this! So simple, yet effective and oh-so-vintage

Love the mirror vases - reflect light so nicely! Decor Ideas photo 1

Love the hanging table settingsHave just bought a vintage birdcage off ebay, can't wait to turn it into a card cage!!!

So cute!! Love this.


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Cake Inspirations photo 1This is my absolute best!!!! NEED IT. Cake Inspirations photo 2

Cake Inspirations photo 3


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Inspirations Classic Vintage photo 1Inspirations Classic Vintage photo 2

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This was the most romantic night ever!

We were in Prague, Czech Repubic, on Christmas Day 2008. We had gone on (a very strange and quite creepy) tour of Kutna Hora- a town just outside of Prague.

Being as creeped out as we were, we had booked a dinner cruise down the Vlatva River for that evening - to have a look at the sights and the lights from a different angle.

We went down to the river a little earlier to check where we had to board, and decided to take a walk up and down the river. As we stopped and looked at the castle across the way (we had been there the day before) Duncan said "Sit down I want to give you your Christmas present" 

So I sat. Not expecting anything!

As I turned around to look at him he pulled out a beautiful ring in a velvet box, got on his knee and said...

"Hayley, will you marry me?"

Then I cried for half an hour (surprise) and eventually said yes... The start of our beautiful life together!

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Everybody who knows us will know that although we are completely different, it's a serious case of opposites attract!

According to Hayley, she first saw Duncan on the first day of first year in the Journalism class at Rhodes University and said to herself "That one will be mine!"

Duncan, however, needed a bit of prompting and only 3 years (and a couple of free beer tickets) later did he finally make his moves!

From there we were pretty inseparable, moving into our first house together in 2005 (in Pretoria for the worst year ever!!!) and having survived that we know we can survive anything!

From there it was onto the love and joyousness of 5 Collins street with all our Rhodes Journalism friends - the greatest girls ever! Poor Dunx was a bit of an odd one out - but surely develped his "feminine side" by being the only guy in a house of 5 girls!

Now we are in our own home, and after a host of colourful characters staying with us, we are finally alone - and excited to start the rest of our lives together!