Jul 25, 2009

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I am so excited for our wedding July 25th, 2009 in Torrance CA. We met in college in 2000 and made it official in 2003. We have been engaged since 2007. This has been a long time coming and I will be running down the aisle. Our wedding will not be the oridinary traditional wedding.

                                              I am looking forward to this celebration!!


                                    Summer Love E Session photo 1

Summer Love E Session photo 2    Summer Love E Session photo 3

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                                      My lovely hair flower courtesy of YJdesign on Etsy!!


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Please feel free to take a look at our vendor's..









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For hair I am thinking slight pompadour ponytail with side bang and my wonderful hair piece, or pompadour with side bangs and hair down and wavy. I love the natural make-up look with a smokey eye and natural lips with a hint of pink.


       Let s get Purttyy Hair Make Up photo 1            Let s get Purttyy Hair Make Up photo 2



                 Let s get Purttyy Hair Make Up photo 3  Let s get Purttyy Hair Make Up photo 4


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                                                          Reception Songs

When choosing our Ceremony and Reception Songs we often chose songs that were loved ones favorites as well as ours. We have to first dance songs, my fiance is a lover of funk and old school and loves Funkadelic/Parliment. We decided to do something different for our first dance, we are going to start off with our favorite Brian McKnight song and then the DJ is gonna cut the music with a scratch like the music went off. And then we get down to the Parliment!!!!

Bridal Party Introduction Song:

                Justin Timberlake: Summer Love

Bride & Groom Introduction Song:

                Kanye West & Pharell--Number One

First Dance Song:

                Brian McKnight--Love of My Life

                Parliment/Funkadelic--Knee Deep

Parent Dance Song:

               Intruders--I'll Always Love My Mama

Cake Cutting Song:

                 Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown--We Got something In Common

Money Dollar Dance/Honeymoon Dance Song:


                 Puff Daddy--All About The Benjamins

Bouquet Toss Song:

                 Beyonce--Naughty Girl & Single Ladies

Garter Toss/Removal Song:

                 Removal Song: S.O.S.--Take Your Time Do It Right

                 Toss: Usher--Bad Girl

Last Dance Song:



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                                                Beattie/Pellum Wedding Ceremony Sheet

                                                                                  July 2009

Bride & Groom: Shamaya R. Beattie and Ricky Pellum Jr.

DJ Service Agent Name: DJ ExL

Contact for the day of wedding: Petals and Linen Wedding Coordination

Wedding and Reception Venue:

South End Racquet and Health Club


Outdoor Wedding: In case of incumbent weather move to South End Banquet hall.

Entertainment: Musical selections to be played on P.A. system.

Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm

Musical Prelude: Five songs to be played as prelude when guests are arriving and being seated.

Prelude Music Start Time: 4:30pm

            Chrisette Michelle--Golden

            Musiq Soulchild--Love

            Anita Baker--Angel

            Luther Vandross--Can I Take You Out Tonight

            Chocolate High--India Arie & Musiq Soulchild

Processional Songs: To be played when the immediate family is being seated.

            Adele--Feel My Love

            Stevie Wonder--Ribbon In The Sky

Entrance of Minister & Groom: Song to be played when Minister and Ricky enter.

            Ahmir--The Wedding Song

Bridal Party Processional: Song to be played when the Bridal Party makes the entrance.

            Luther Vandross & Beyonce--So Amazing

Bridal Entrance Song: Song to be played when I make my Grand Entrance.

            Amel Larrieux--Make Me Whole

Pouring of Unity Sand: Song to be played for Unity Sand Ceremony.

            Natalie Cole--Inseparable

Recessional Music/Introduction of Mr. & Ms.: To be played when we are introduced as husband and wife.

            McFadden & Whitehead--Ain't No Stopping Us Now

Postlude: Song to be played as guests exit the wedding ceremony.

            Frankie Beverly & Maze--Happy Feelings