May 09, 2009

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Wedding slideshow by our photographer Joanne Lee

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So the wedding came and went. I remember how nervous I was the night before. I went back to my parents house and I tried to sleep by midnight but both my parents were cooking up a storm! I don't think they went to bed until well past 1am and we were all suppose to wake up by 5am the next morning. Got up at 5:15am the next day and started hair/makeup promptly by 6am.

The whole day was a complete blur and I am very surprised at how smoothly everything went. We were on time for everything! All immediate family showed up early to the ceremony to take family pictures, ceremony started on time at 3:30pm and reception started around 6:30pm. I think I proved most people wrong about the whole stigma that all Asian weddings run late. Mine certainly didn't. Ha!

Of course there were some hiccups along the way:

1. Everyone dispersed after the ceremony and I didn't really get to take pictures with my family or bridal party afterwards.

2. The cake. OMFG my cake did not turn out anything like what I discussed with my baker. Another entry will be dedicated to this if/after my situation gets resolved.

3. I felt like I didn't take many pictures with guests at all during the reception. Hopefully my photographer got a lot of pictures.

LOL both my husband and I got so drunk by the end of the night that we both passed out in our suite after the wedding. I actually threw up in my husband's dad car! Yikes! All in all it was a fun night. I really didn't eat much but I didn't feel hungry at all. It was a lot of "ok what's next" and boom-boom-boom. I'm glad it went well, everyone said they had a great time, so I am happy and I finally get my life back. Whew. What a crazy year and a half it's been. I wouldn't do it again even if you paid me!


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My how the days have just flown by. I meant to update my "32 days" posting but never got around to it. Oh well the title is pretty much self explanatory. The whole planning process has been such an emotionally tumultuous roller coaster. I am so glad it will be over next week. My coworker jokes "what are you going to do with all your free time after the wedding is over?" Sleep! Study! Get my life back =P

I don't wish wedding planning on anyone! What an awful awful experience so far. Never want to relive it again. However, I do love talking wedding with other folks...just hate talking about my own. *shudder*

I'm pretty nervous/freaked out right now. Nervous that I'll be someone's "wife" in 5 short days. I know my relationship with my fiance will not change much and we are committed to growing old together but I'm still nervous. I will have to think twice about my spending and reevaluate big decisions because it's "we" everything now.

I hope my friends won't treat me differently. Sure i'll be married but i'll still be the same Terry. I hope they won't exclude me from girls night out or other outings.

As nervous as I am, as frustrating as this whole process has been, I'm excited to see it all come together the day of. In light of some recent events/issues (no i'm not pregnant), I've come to realize that after Saturday my life will not just be about me anymore. And that I will have my own family, a husband to take care of (and him to take care of me), to cherish, and to support. I realize now that he needs me as much as I need him and that he can't always be the strong one. Smetimes I will have to fill those shoes and be his shield, his confidant, his protector.

This Saturday, I will be zen.  Let it all go and let people direct me. I really do hope that it will be a fun and memorable day. No expectations though!

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Casual engagement shoot with our wedding photographer - the ever so talented Joanne Lee. She is absolutely amazing and we love her! Words cannot describe how talented she is. So far she is worth every penny we're spending. Joanne is super sweet and she really took care of us. I can't wait for her to shoot our wedding.

Check us out here:

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I'm getting married in less than 2 months. My fiance and I dated for 6.5 years before he popped the question. Needless to say this has been a long awaited engagement. I love that after all these years there is still so much to learn about each other. He is my best friend, my confidant, my heart, my cutie pie, my snuggle buddy. Not many couples can survive a long distance relationship during college and I'm proud to say that not only did we survive but we supported each other the whole way through. I was extremely homesick during college and without my fiance to encourage me through 4 years of being 250 miles away from my family, I would have surely dropped out after my first quarter and moved home.

We are getting married in Fremont, California, in a historic farm with a gorgeous gazebo and lots of green. I even rented a horse & carriage so that I can have my Cinderella moment. After the ceremony we are having a traditional Chinese 8 course banquet. A compromise to my Chinese-American background.

The whole planning process has been extremely stressful and painful (emotionally & physically). I'm sure most brides can agree that their Fiance is less than helpful. Mine was pretty much non-existent. The messed up thing is that HE wanted a big wedding. I would have been happy running away somewhere to elope or just sign my name at City Hall. So I am sucking it up and trying to survive the last leg of this race to get to my finish line - my wedding day.

Project wedding is such an amazing site. I am excited to find some great ideas and perhaps just to blog/gripe about my whole planning process. Hopefully after this I will never have to plan another wedding ever again!

Good luck to all you engaged-wedding-planning-couples out there. You are in for a helluva ride!