May 15, 2010

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After giving birth to five wonderful sons I was delighted and blessed to have a daughter. She's smart, pretty, sassy and dedicated.  She works full time, is a full time college student, volunteer, good friend and now busily planning a wedding.

I was very involved in my son's wedding and it was a wonderful experience.  My daugher in law worked for me the summer before their wedding and we spent many hours planning (when we should have been working). It really helped us bond.  On the other hand, he picked the perfect girl so that wasn't hard.

Lynneea is marrying a remarkable young man. They met in kindergarten.  (but didn't date for 16 years ) My husband was on the Halloween party committee with his Mom. He suggested making cupcakes and having the kids decorate them as jack o laterns.  The question came up..who will make them?  My husband said "I'll bring them".  The wives said "Are you sure your wife won't be mad?"  My husbands reply" I don't let her in the kitchen".  Anyway, that is how Lynneeas FMIL met my husband.  How funny!

Our family is big, loud and very loving...my boys still kiss and hug their Dad.  His family is small and laid back so we are working hard at not overwhelming them. They are so kind and love Lynneea.