Sep 21, 2009

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I lost a bit of weight before the big day and didn't fill out my dress right...but everything else was superb.

Best Decisions: Staying at a relaxing Spa (Cavallo Point Lodge) during and after the wedding made everything so much less stressful! Getting a great caterer was also a good one, people always seem to remember the food most.

Worst Decisions: Buying my dress so early on - after having a baby and still going through bodily changes. Not paying attention to what my hair was doing during the ceremony/reception or checking in the mirror enough. Being too distracted and hiding in the bridal chamber instead of mingling! Not being organized enough to get day of coordination ONLY. I needed way more than that with a baby and grad school on my plate!


Still waiting for the professional photos to come in, which I hope to share with you all for (potential) inspiration.