May 23, 2009

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                                        First Comes photo 1

It began with a love for music.... since the beginning of time--or at least from the beginning of each of our lives.  I played random household items with my siblings as a kid annoying my family with abnoxious singing and pecking songs on pianos.  He picked up a guitar and I think knew right away what to do with it--other than how to hold it since he does that backwards, being a lefty.

            First Comes photo 2First Comes photo 3First Comes photo 4

It was our love for music that brought us together.  He played trombone in highschool band and I played flute in highschool band.  These schools of course were 2 hours away, but paths met when we both were auditioning for all-region band.  I was 15 at the time and had only had one significant boyfriend in my life.  Some friends I was with (all boys) met me outside my audition room when I finished and told me they had met someone I would think was "hott".  They said he looked like "Omar" from the Mars Volta (a band we all liked a lot at the time).  I went to grab some dinner in the cafeteria and heard someone singing and PLAYING (not just holding or playing terribly, but really playing) guitar.  I had to go listen.  I requested a song by the same band and sang along while he played and sang.  I went back to my friends and asked if that was him and it was.  He in fact, did not look like "Omar", but like the singer, Cedric (because of his hair), but it didn't matter because I DID find him attractive just as they predicted.  Well, of course I didn't make all-region band; I got my music 3 days before tryouts, but one of my friends and my new crush did make all-region where they roomed together and went on to room together for all-state also.  About 6 months later I got a call from someone.  It was my friend, Jameson who asked if I wanted to talk to his friend or something like that and was like, "who is this?"  I kept hearing "Alias" and was like "who the heck would name someone Alias, what's your real name?"  After a while, I finally understood he was saying "Elliott" and told me he was with my friend, Jameson.  He told me he would be in town for the weekend.  Jameson told him there was a girl who had the "hotts" for him and so the next day they came to my house because of course Elliott had to meet again the girl who he now knew had the "hotts" for him.  He looked totally different than before with long straight hair, but still good-lookin'.  And so we began to "talk" from that day on.   I was 16 years old (but starting my senior year at high school) at this point, he was 18.  We began dating at the end of that summer in 2006.

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Garter Throw and Bouquet Toss photo 1Garter Throw and Bouquet Toss photo 2Garter Throw and Bouquet Toss photo 3

                                  Garter Throw and Bouquet Toss photo 4

                                              Garter Throw and Bouquet Toss photo 5


                    Garter Throw and Bouquet Toss photo 6       Garter Throw and Bouquet Toss photo 7

                    Garter Throw and Bouquet Toss photo 8       Garter Throw and Bouquet Toss photo 9

Garter Throw and Bouquet Toss photo 10Garter Throw and Bouquet Toss photo 11

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After 3 days in England, we hopped on a plane and flew to Budapest, Hungary where we stayed for 4 nights.  Surprisingly, we loved it even more than Windsor.  We stayed in a perfect location right in the middle of a pedestrian square with St. Stephen's Basilica the main view when we walked out our hotel door.  We did some sight seeing, but never toured parliament since we were having so much fun just relaxing and enjoying the city.  We ate out and ate well.  We will never regret our visit to this amazingly beautiful city.


This was our street and the view of the Basilica from the door to our hotel.

HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 1 HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 2


The Hotel

HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 3HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 4HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 5HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 6




 HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 7HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 8


                 Heroes Square                                                      The Opera House

HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 9HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 10


                                                 The Bridge from the "Buda" side

HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 11HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 12


View from the top

HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 13HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 14


                 Fisherman's Bastion

 HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 15HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 16



HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 17HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 18


Eating out in Budapest...

HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 19HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 20HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 21HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 22HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 23HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 24HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 25HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 26

In Pizza Hut

HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 27HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 28HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 29HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 30HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 31HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 32


St. Stephens Basilica  - we went to a concert here one night

HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 33HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 34HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 35HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 36HONEYMOON featuring Budapest Hungary photo 37

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So we got married on May 23 and 3 weeks later on the 13 of June we left for London.  We stayed in a cute historic hotel in Slough, England, which is an industrial suburb of London.  Slough in itself is not the prettiest place, but was only a short walk to the train station and 5 minutes on the train to Windsor--and our hotel was a very nice and quaint place to stay.  Slough is also where the British "The Office" was created.  We loved Windsor so much.  It was small, walkable, dainty, and everything was a sight to see!  We toured the castle too.. so neat, but no pictures allowed inside the building.

HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 1HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 2


HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 3HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 4HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 5HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 6HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 7HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 8HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 9HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 10HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 11HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 12HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 13HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 14HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 15HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 16HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 17HONEYMOON featuring Windsor England photo 18

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Family Fotos photo 1Family Fotos photo 2Family Fotos photo 3Family Fotos photo 4Family Fotos photo 5Family Fotos photo 6

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Starting time:  2:00pm on May 23, 2009

Wedding Party walked in to "Now my feet won't touch the Ground" - a folky sounding tune by Coldplay.

The ringbearer began his walk down the aisle during "Only Hope" - by Switchfoot ... the flower girl followed, carrying her teapot shaped basket.. and then THE BRIDE... me. 

As far as music goes I wanted a live musician, but I didn't know any cello players and the thought of "Only Hope" without a cello was crushing me so we just played tracks.

My Grandpa, who married my parents also, led the ceremony as the officiant.


Here Comes the Ceremony photo 1Here Comes the Ceremony photo 2Here Comes the Ceremony photo 3Here Comes the Ceremony photo 4Here Comes the Ceremony photo 5Here Comes the Ceremony photo 6Here Comes the Ceremony photo 7Here Comes the Ceremony photo 8Here Comes the Ceremony photo 9Here Comes the Ceremony photo 10Here Comes the Ceremony photo 11