Oct 27, 2007

( 3.0 / 5.0 )
Jefferson Street Mansion (JSM) Just Gorgeous. My #1 spot and I got it..... If you are even considering this place. Hopefully you are getting married a year from now. Every weekend is booked. Crazy but I defiantly know why now. If you want to pretend you live back in the day and were totally rich. Here you go for one day this is your house. The guest can walk around and feel as if they are in a historical museum. Reed the owner went above and beyond to make this place PERFECT. From the Beers on Tap to the Curtain tie backs. Everything is how it should be and is always from the highest quality of standards. I had the best time and I can't stop hearing about how much fun everyone else did her as well. It is true, the people make the party but with this backdrop even the boringest people couldn't say they had a bad night if they tried. It was the day any little princess dreams of. One word of caution. Read your contract over and over again. No matter how nice people can be the contract in the end is all it comes down to. Just be careful I did make a few mistakes that cost me over budget. But in the end it didn't make a difference. The time was worth a million dollars once the night was over. I am totally above and beyond satisfied with the decisions I had made in going with reserving this Mansion for our wedding. I trust my gut instinct you will want to kick yourself if you don't reserve this place for your wedding NOW. It's all over for me and no way would I have wanted to get married anywhere else still. Please take a tour, you hardly need to decorate yourself it's so detailed. I fell in love with it just on line and in person it is honestly breath taking. The staff is very friendly and are there to make your night what you want it so let them in to who you are and make it YOUR wedding. Have FUN!!!!!! And don't worry I drove them crazy with a million and two questions, e-mails, requests, concerns, recommendations and never once did they make me feel like I needed to stop. Very responsive and helpful.Tour:
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner