Oct 24, 2009

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I've been putting this off for absolutely no no no reason, and then I finally realized that I had all the sources I needed here on PW..so a-clicking I went and found the following:



Hair and Make Up photo 1
I'm not as skinny as Rosum..but..the hair came kinda close .. I'm going to make sure the curls are more seperated for the wedding though..make up was good =)

Hair and Make Up photo 2Hair and Make Up photo 3Hair and Make Up photo 4Hair and Make Up photo 5


Hair and Make Up photo 6Hair and Make Up photo 7Hair and Make Up photo 8

Hair and Make Up photo 9Hair and Make Up photo 10Hair and Make Up photo 11Hair and Make Up photo 12

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Bridesmaids Gifts photo 1

Damask Wristlet..not my exact print, but an adorable girft to give my girls at the 4 mo. mark! Opentip.com $16.88

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I'm going to be going with a Mantilla Veil..yeah, I can't believe I made this difficult decision.  Below is a picture of Katheryn McPhee (from American Idol)..she had a Cathedral lenth mantilla veil with a blusher (drop)..I won't be going quite that long..maybe fingertip or waltz?

Additional Details photo 1Additional Details photo 2
Additional Details photo 3

Shoes by Grazia - Ava..$180.00

I love this bouquet from Kristeen! Photo by Trista Lerit.

Flower Girl Dress and Shoes

Additional Details photo 4Additional Details photo 5

This dress is from FlowerGirlDress2U and is $54.99.  The dress that my niece is wearing is ivory, the flash made it washed out.


Additional Details photo 6

in white carnations =)


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There are a few thing that I need to do for this wedding..I just have to do them I tell you!!

1) Custom Hanger Cover - This one I'm pretty Confident I can do myself, thanks hulaprncs18!

DIY Projects photo 1

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So after a lot of internet browsing..and a lot of debating, we found the right photo booth company.  They're currently doing a 15% off deal right now..yeah, I love saving money.  The company is Wild Rose Photo Booth.

Photo Booth Yeah photo 1

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Book Church

Pay for Church ($350)

Book Reception Site

Put Deposit down on Reception ($1000)

Get Event Insurance $175.00



Get Unity Candle Holder

Chicken Wire for Oasis Balls

Prep Balls for day of (that just sounds lovely)




Pay for Catholic Engaged Encounter ($150) June 19-21

Schedule Mani/Pedi



Buy Wedding Dress

Pick up wedding dress - June 5th

Choose Bridesmaid Dresses

Choose shoe type for Bridesmaid Dresses

Choose Flower Girl Dress

Choose tuxedo’s or purchased suits

Choose MOB dress


Shout at the top of my lungs!

Announce Engagement in Paper

Take Engagement Session May 2nd – Long Beach, CA

Schedule 2nd Engagement Session



Choose what items I will be renting for reception

--Salad/Dessert Plates: 190

-Forks (2): 190

-Champagne Flute: 190



Lets Party

Find a DJ

Book DJ

Put Deposit on Event Rental Co. ($500)

Find CHEAPER Linens

Put Deposit on Linens

Find a photographer

Put Deposit Down on Photographer ($600)

Shop around and Find a Photobooth vendor (budget $750) - Wild Rose Photobooth

Put Retainer down on photobooth ($300) - June 5th



Buy Damask Fabric

Sew Table Runners

Sew Ring Pillow

Design Monogram

Pick up 2 cases of Redwood Creek for Table Numbers and place stickers from Xyron machine

Design trial invitation

Design stamp

Order Stamps

Order supplies for Invitation

Choose wedding favors

Flowers - Place order at SF Fresh Flower Market for:


Reception and Ceremony Pews
625 Burgundy (25 bunches)
625 Red Carnations (25 bunches)
250 White Carnations (10 Bunches)

5 bunches White Garden Roses
1 Bunch Step. Orchids
1 Bunch stargazers

Altar Arrangement
3 Bunches of white Hydrangeas
Another White Flower - Lilies

Oasis balls 20

28 White "bowls" or urns

3 tall clear vases

Styrofoam Balls

Purchase Ribbon for balls to hang on pews

Design ceremony programs

Wedding Dress Hanger Cover

Design photoshare cards


Let’s eat

Choose Menu options BBQ..Woo hoo - way to keep it "farm-like"

Schedule Baker  Meeting in June to design cake and taste! =)

Get Cake Cutter/Server Set


Day of

Book Hair Stylist

Book M-U-A



Buy Bridesmaid Damask Wristlets

Buy Garter

Research B-pics and schedule a date

Lose 5 pounds

Lose 10 pounds

Lose 15 pounds

Provide MOH and BM with guestlist for bridal shower

Book Honeymoon..WOOT WOOT!

Buy Garter

Finish Card Box