Oct 24, 2009

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Inspiration at work...I found this cake..and since my decorator said whatever..I think I like this one.  I will be using a kinda modern, intertwined dolphin cake topper..Yeah..Things are coming together..isn't it nice?


The Cake photo 1

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I am so incredibly behind on the save the date cards..My fiance keeps insisting he gets a haircut, 2 weeks later, it's still not done.  So anyhow, this is what I've drafted, I just need to get the photo taken for the "photo booth" effect.  They will go in red envelopes.  It's not a really a concern that I get these out at the suggested 6 month mark because we really have no one coming from out of town except my brother and 2 cousins.


Save The Date photo 1

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Sudden Inspiration photo 1

Working for a winery, I thought it appropriate to incorporate them in there somehow..and so you have the table numbers.

The "bowl" on the right is a substitution for the traditional guest book..people will write their best wishes/thoughts and place inside the envelope.  Then..when I have time ;), I'll paste them into a master book.

I like the simplicity of just placing the menu inside the folded, pocket napkin.

We wanted to incorporate the dolphin proposal into the wedding, but didn't want it to be overkill...I present to you the dolphin place card holder...this will be at a table right before guests go outside for the reception..I love this idea..::pat on back::

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So I have had the most problems in this area..I just wasn't into the whole wedding planning thing, and my biggest mistake was not booking a venue the minute I stepped off the plane from Orlando, but, you live, you learn..and it's never going to help me again because I don't plan on marrying again, but I can pass the advise onto others: BOOK THE VENUE 1ST 1ST 1ST!

Anyhoo, moving on, a venue that I've wanted dearly has just opened up availability for October 24th, and also, with major projects at my jon coming up in the September months, I think that it's best that the wedding be in October, because, afterall, I need a job to make sure that we make money after we've spent it all on this wedding.

Oak Farm Vineyards:

Cocktail Hour here

Reception Venue photo 1



Reception Venue photo 2

Reception Venue photo 3

Source: Red Carpet Studios

Reception Venue photo 4

The reception would be held in this turn of the century (last century duh!) barn..it's really beautiful!

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I'm a little all over the place with the planning because of my 2 jobs so I'm just trying to stay organized, but I have a million thoughts in my head.  I have found the inspiration for my invitations and will begin ordering some samples so I can draft up my version, updates to come.

Wedding Planning Take 1 photo 1


Wedding Planning Take 1 photo 2
Wedding Planning Take 1 photo 3
Wedding Planning Take 1 photo 4

I've already decided I'm going to go with Damask table runners because I need something to break up the harsh red that my fiance insisted on (what a gangsta).  I'm going to go with the Onyx version of the fabric which has the design in black with an off-white background.  This version of the damask is much nicer than other's I've seen.  I'll more than likely purchase the fabric myself and sew them, I can't fathom paying an additional $10 per table runner to have someone else do it for me.

The Final Cut:

Wedding Planning Take 1 photo 5Wedding Planning Take 1 photo 6

Wedding Planning Take 1 photo 7Wedding Planning Take 1 photo 8

Wedding Planning Take 1 photo 9

The centerpieces have been the most difficult part for me to figure out until I found exactly what I was looking for at Martha Stewart Weddings.com and from a fellow Projectwedding user dapotato: red carnation centerpieces..I've gone through a ton of different options, but after putting a mock centerpiece together, I decided that carnations are going to be the most economical, and simple to put together.  I think they're quite lovely when bunched together also.

Wedding Planning Take 1 photo 10Wedding Planning Take 1 photo 11

The bridesmaid dresses have been an absolute nightmare to choose because of the fact that one of four will be 8 1/2 months pregers =).  This is what they'd like to go with, and at this point, I really don't care.

This is the regular bridesmaid dress, I will customize my sister's dress (maid-of-honor) with a white gold & diamond broach that I'm still looking for..any ideas?

Wedding Planning Take 1 photo 12

The color is actually a much more vibrant red that what translates using the color "coding" system online.

I was going to have another dress for my pregnant bridesmaid (my Matron OH) but they actually make this EXACT dress in a maternity option =)


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My Life My Wedding photo 1My Life My Wedding photo 2My Life My Wedding photo 3My Life My Wedding photo 4My Life My Wedding photo 5My Life My Wedding photo 6My Life My Wedding photo 7

These engagement photos were taken by Jerry Frazier Photography of Long Beach, CA.  We had actually won a free WEDDING package from him, but since he's going out of business, this was what we ended up getting..it was a fun day, but I can't wait to take my "REAL" engagement shots in SAN FRANCISCO..OMG, So excited!

I am in the works of planning my wedding for October 24, 2009 in Stockton, CA.  We will be celebrating the marriage at St. Luke's Catholic Church (our parish) in Stockton, CA and then having an semi-casual reception somehwere in the area..haha..there's few places we have in mind =)

My Life My Wedding photo 8

I'm very excited to finally be getting married, it means a lot to me, but I've found that with this comes a lot of challenges.  I'm extremely creative, but find that being creative is much easier to do when I'm doing the projects for someone else.  I'm also very indecisive, and that has proved to cause a lot of problems in planning this wedding.  I am very organized when it comes to planning so that has proved to help a lot when I feel I need to make changes to something I've already "decided" on. 

David is kinda your typical guy when it comes to planning the wedding.  He does have his tasks that he's responsible for...that he despises, but they're fun, so I don't know what he's complaining about.  He has to choose the DJ, and the wedding cake flavor and design.  He also is responsible for wrangling up the groomsmen and getting them in for fittings.  I really don't think I'm asking for too much here, but hey, I think I'm preaching the the choir. 

David and I are high school sweathearts (Sr. year we started dating) and we'll be together for almost 7 years a couple months after the wedding.  It has not always been the picture of romance between the two of us, mainly because we have personalities that are DEAD ON the same, but we've maintained the relationship similar to that of a marriage: 'till death do us part..we're in this for the long haul. 

Our wedding colors are red and black...

The Proposal:

David, my boyfriend of almost 6 years, has never been the type for organized planning, but regardless of this fact, it was a quality I loved him for; so I was completely astonished when he began arranging a trip to Orlando for the summer.  Being on the opposite side of the country, this was a huge deal, so even though it was March and plans were for June, I immediately began purchasing and packing items.  My instincts always told me that it would be a huge ordeal when he did propose, but I never suspected it would be this colossal.
Our first full day there was at Discovery Cove, which is a dolphin interaction park.  I was so energized and smiley that David couldn’t even look at me without flashing a smile.  When we arrived, I was in heaven, the gardens were lush, and it wasn’t crowded at all; best of all, everything was inclusive, including the food.  We checked in and we were scheduled for a 9:45 a.m. dolphin interaction, which I was a little turned off by because I knew I’d need more time after breakfast to relax before getting into the water, but I eagerly agreed to the time and entered the park.  Once it was time to get in the water I almost screamed because I was so ecstatic.  We were with about 30 other people in the water along with other dolphins, our dolphin’s name was Dixie and she was so sweet.  We kissed her, rode on her back, and when it was time for her to go, she even waved “bye” to us with her tail, I was so sad to have to leave, but I began to trek out of the water. I was almost out of the lagoon when one of the trainers told me that one of our pictures didn’t turn out and the photographers would need to retake them with David and I.  The only thing I was thinking at this point was that I had a great opportunity to buy more time to spend with Dixie without everyone else in the lagoon, but soon the picture was taken and it was now finally time to leave.  The trainer then asked me, “Dixie’s been working hard and I wanted to know if you’d like to play with her with her toy?”  I’m pretty sure my face said it all because soon she told me to direct Dixie over to another trainer on the other side of the lagoon, before I knew it Dixie was swimming back to me with a white toy in her mouth, as I followed the bright white toy under water I kept thinking I didn’t want this to end, and as she surfaced I noticed writing on the buoy “Will you marry me Jennifer?” I then began to cry.  David came behind me and repeated what I had just read, and I turned towards him holding my hand over my mouth and nodded “yes”.  He was so calm that whole morning that I didn’t suspect anything other than a beautiful day doing something I had dreamed of my entire life, this was amazing, but it wasn’t over yet.  

Although the moment seemed perfect to me, there was no ring, so David walked me over to a private beach and there it was, a beautiful princess cut engagement ring in a treasure box with flowers.  As David pulled the ring out, the crying started again, he told me how important I have been to him the past few years, and how I made things possible for him that he never dreamed of, I was overwhelmed at this point, but there was still more.  The staff walked us over to a leafy wall and opened a hidden door, inside was a private cabana with roses, truffles, champagne, custom flutes and picture frames for all the beautiful pictures that the photographers had just taken, this was truly the most heartfelt and spectacular moment I could NEVER have imagined.

My Life My Wedding photo 9My Life My Wedding photo 10My Life My Wedding photo 11