Jun 29, 2008

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I met Leon during the time of my life where I dated a lot of guys. 18-years old, just out of the nest and shopping around... I had a close friend and we went to different parties on a regular basis, hanging out with the musician/artist types.

At this one party I was milling about when I saw him sitting on the living room floor. Dark hair, kind eyes, holding a beautiful guitar. We made eye contact and then I sat on the couch near him, waiting. He came and sat beside me and we started chatting... He asks me what I'm into. I tell him I'm studying to become a Sign Language Interpreter expecting him to need an explanation (kind of a unusual field I'm in so I'm used to that). "Oh really" he says, "My mom's a Sign Language Interpreter." I looked into his eyes and felt something....

A minute later Leon's friend calls over to us sitting on the couch and asked, "Hey Leon, is that your new lady?" We laugh and brush it off. "Seriously" he continues, "You guys have energy like you're a couple!"

And we did. That was almost 3 years ago and I am still in love. We've been through a lot in 3 years, his parent's divorce, my sister's cancer and have become stronger. I've learned so much from him and sometimes it feels like we are one person....

5 months 'til I marry him!

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So far things are going pretty well in this department... Our wedding will be pretty small, about 40 guests and will be an afternoon affair (mostly to allow out-of-town guests time to get to the wedding and so that our littlest guests won't get too cranky!)

Already Done:
Wedding gown ($700 sample gown, lace, diamond white)
MOH Dress (dove gray V neck from JCrew)
Flower girl dresses (peach fabric, my mom is sewing them)
Ceremony Location booked (Filberg Park)
Justice of the Peace chosen
Attendants chosen (MOH & Best Man, thats all)
Reception location (Tomato Tomato Restaurant)
Hotel for night before and night of wedding
Flights to Toronto (honeymooning in Georgian Bay
Photographer (managed to get $500 off! Yay!)
Wedding bands selected
Ceremony music (classical guitar)

To Do:
Wedding programs (DIY)
Flowers! (trying to find a good deal!)
Reception music (My fiance is a musician so he's in charge)
Write own vows
Menu finalized
Bookings for mani and hair styling
Record our first dance song (We're musical!)

Whew! Lots to still be done. I'm sure I forgot some things.... LOL

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Leon took me rock climbing on a weekend getaway this past August. As it got later we decided that we would do one more climb before retiring to our hotel for the night. Since Leon is a much better climber he went up the wall first and set up the ropes for me. As I was climbing I was getting pretty frustrated because it was super challenging and Leon was being extra supportive. When I finally reached the top I knew why, he had placed the ring at the top of the climb. As soon as I saw it I burst into tears! Good thing I was harnessed in or I might have fallen off!! He told me to bring the ring down and then he got down on one knee at the base of the cliff and proposed.... What a special day!